Channel Conley: 3 M12 Draft #1

Channel Conley: 3 M12 Draft #1

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  2. Thanks for the video Conley, it was fairly entertaining, but good god you make soooooo many mislicks and misplays in every single draft. Whatever though.

  3. Overall a fun draft but it was pretty clear you were tired.

    In R2G2 Why didn’t you use the turn to frog to remove protection from creatures from his Stormfront Pegasus which would have made you win the game much quicker. With layering while it would still leave it as a 2/2 creature it would also lose the ability of protection from creatures.

    Also in R3G2 Why didn’t you kill the 3/1 flier with the onyx mage trigger. Then just attack for 6 and play the outcast to kill a cutthroat. getting in the 2 damage to your opponent and leaving a pair of 2/4’s on the board just seems much worse.

  4. Super loose play all around, but still entertaining to watch. Also more matt nass commentary!

  5. I agree that more team drafts with Nass would be hilarious. Let the Confest roflstomps keep rolling!

  6. Man, Zombie Goliath is just insane. A 4-for-1 for just 5 mana that is easily splashable? How could they ever print that.

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  8. It’s too bad the first round opponent never drew his ageless entities or his wells of lost dreams.

  9. Thanks a lot for this draft, you always make nice and interesting decks and I don’t care for occassional misplays, as it’s a lot of fun to watch.

  10. prerelease = donkament. still no excuse to let these landmines drag your play down to their level. tighten up!

  11. Wow at Conley not knowing how layering works. Turn to Frog removes the protection from creatures conley.

  12. Why didn’t you consider slamming the Flameblast Dragon over Doom Blade pack 3? You could have abandoned Blue at that point and played the Warstorm Surge and Flameblast. You would even have gotten a very late incinerate as well.
    There’s a lot to say for the blue route as well, but a word on the possibility of red would have been nice.

  13. only bring matt nass on if you plan on drafting a gimmick deck, otherwise he is annoying and just gives bad advice.

  14. Having seen the games now I’m guessing the guy in Round 1 was planning to get the Mind Unbound’s to build the awesome Mind Unbound-Elixir-Zombie Infestation deck. Good hatedrafts apparently 😉

  15. M1G1 when he played trollhide on his brindle boar and you said
    “Aaaannd he’s going to be upset”

    I lost it.

    Good times.

  16. @DDBen

    Turn to Frog makes the creature lose all abilities but the protection from the enchantment still has effect.

  17. This is about the 7th time with the current update to Flash that this player has caused me to just crash 10 seconds in. Please repost to youtube or something, I’ve never had as much trouble with a video player as I’ve had with the one on your site.

  18. M3G1 Your blue black opponent discards personal sanctuary. I am confused. Not only were there no signs of white sources, what is the point of playing that card outside of manabarbs?

  19. So tired of the player crashing all the time. I won’t mind as much if I didn’t then have to deal with the commercials again and again….

  20. Matt Nass is like your Humphrey =) FEED MATT NASS!

    Also, that first opponent might have had a Jace’s Archivist, which would make the Zombie Infestation / Elixir combo pretty good (but still way too convoluted). And of course, you had to steal his mind unbounds.

  21. +1 for issues with the player lately. Crashes on me at least once per day of content. (resolution consistently better than 640 would be nice too)

    Thanks for the drafts, though! I was really rooting for the mind unbound gimmick. Stupid bombs.

  22. I love your drafts, and especially those with the matt nass tag team 🙂

    This one was a disappointment though. Watched all the drafting part, only to find out you had pretty much zero opposition in the games.

    I’d rather not see drafts like this posted. Nobody wants to watch total noobs being steamrolled, pretty boring.

  23. Re: Spirit Mantle and Turn to Frog:

    If an ability says a creature “has” (or “gets” or “gains”) an ability, it is granting that CREATURE the ability.

    If something grants an ability and something else removes abilities, timestamp or derdetermines whether the object has that ability. Since you are TTF’ing after Spirit Mantle is attached, the Pegasus becomes a 2/2 blue frog and loses both flying and protection from creatures.

  24. @shadmed

    Incorrect with layering all effects are applied in the order they were played. So because the enchantment is on the creature before you apply the turn to frog it will lose all abilities after the protection from creatures is applied.

    However because the +1/+1 is not a ability it will still apply after the turn to frog so it will leave the creature as a 2/2 frog with no abilities.

  25. I probably never had more fun watching a draft than watching match 1 game 2. It was just so hilarious. 😀

  26. Come on Conley, M3G3 you shoot him to get bloodthirst to shoot his guy down to attack with your demon. That’s so much worse than shooting his flier down with your mage, attacking to get bloodthirst, and then shooting a 2/4 down with the vampires. Why play so bad?

  27. Good grief, some of the comments on here. Just ridiculous. For those of you who don’t appreciate Conley for what he does and brings to the table, just go away. Go watch someone constantly saying “And then we have this . . .” 47 times in a draft. That is clearly pure excitement and entertainment. Or better yet, go watch someone whine and complain about mana or unfair draws by their opponent. Unreal.

    I think these videos are great, and I appreciate the content.

  28. Match 3 Game 1, Why are we not taking divination with distress?
    Match 3 Game 2, Why are we not turn to frog cutthroat to save outcast and kill both cutthroats and have outcast survive?

  29. During lifelink.deck game 1:”Yeah I don’t think this guy’s deck is that up to… yep. He got there.” Lawl

  30. Glad to see some content without Nass. I understand that some like it, but I can’t really stand the trollfest. Gimmick drafting is fun, but that guy just somehow annoys me =(.
    Anyway, nice content. And it’s free. Woo.

  31. I also vote to see the other train wreck draft, the one where he lost round 1 and bailed on the swiss

  32. Your R1 opponent to his friends: “Totally sucks, dude just got me with his bombs. Bombs are ridiculous. What can you do.”

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