Channel Conley: 3 INN Draft #8

Channel Conley: 3 INN Draft #8

Hello everyone and welcome to the Innistrad archetype drafts. These drafts are meant to be an exploration of some of the many archetypes that can be had in Innistrad. In order to showcase some of the various decks crafted, occasional forcing or scaled picks had to be made, which may not reflect on the draft environment as a whole, but shows some of the value in the specific archetypes available. Some of the archetypes were arrived at on accident, but still show a decent example of what is desired in such a deck, while other drafts were blatant forces made in an attempt to spotlight an archetype. As a result, some of the draft quality and thus results may suffer (I am not sure I have ever had so many first round losses before!), but I still think the draft portion and discussions therein do a good job of putting visuals to the ideas presented in this article I recently wrote:

Breaking Through: UnLimited Archetypes

I hope you find these informative, but above all else, entertaining! Thanks for watching and enjoy!

Conley Woods


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