Changes Coming to the MOCS in 2020

In what is becoming an annual ritual, the nature of Magic Online competitive play is changing. In a lengthy article penned by Senior Product Manager Chris Kiritz, the paths of qualifying for both the Players Tour and the MOCS – now the Magic Online Championship Showcase – was laid out.

The MOCS as we have known it no longer exists. Rather than an ongoing series that qualifies players for an end of year Magic Online Championship, the system has been rebranded into the Championship Showcase that will have three 17 week seasons, each culminating with an 8 player, in person tournament that awards the winner an invite the corresponding Players Tour Final and $20,000.

The journey to the new MOCS begins with Qualifier Points – both Format Points and PTQ Tokens are being phased out. Instead Leagues, Challenges, and Preliminary Tournaments will reward Qualifier Points (QPs). These QPs can be used to enter Premier Play options. 40 QPs will be needed to join any Premier Play event.

These Premier Play events include approximately 25 Players Tour Qualifers per 17 week period, comprised of Standard, Legacy, Modern, Pioneer, Pauper, and Limited. Vintage events, while offering QPs, does not currently have enough players (according to the article) to support PTQs, although this may change in the future. QPs also will be used as entry for Showcase Challenges – three per non-Vintage Constructed format per season – where the Top 8 each invites to that format’s Showcase Qualifier. The winners of each Showcase Qualifier, as well as the winners of two Showcase Opens, will qualify for the Championship Showcase. The winner of each Showcase Challenge will also qualify for a Players Tour Regional, and the invite is offered to the winner and finalist of each Showcase Open. The six Qualifier winners, as well as the two Open champions have a chance to play at the Championship Showcase.

Magic Online 2020 Premier Play (source)

The article has more details, including the approximate start and end date of the seasons and a more detailed prize breakdown. Regardless it is clear that Magic Online is part of Magic’s competitive future.

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