Build It! Near-Death Experience Brew Off

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Barren Glory Brew Off to make our new community deckbuilding series a great success!

I hope that everyone who submitted decks and read through the comments learned something useful from it. I drew inspiration from many of the submissions.

This week we’re continuing with the series with a new build-around card—your submission could win a feature in next week’s article along with $25 in ChannelFireball store credit.

Winning by a Single Life Point

There’s nothing like a game of Magic that comes down to the last life point. Precariously perched on the precipice, your heart pounds as you figure out how to come back and win.

1 life point leaves you vulnerable to ANYTHING—a hit from any creature, burn from any spell, even your own fetchlands could kill you. With shaking hands, you cast your game-winning spell—your opponent still with a few cards in hand, your fingers crossed. It may come down to a topdeck.

This is the final turn. One of you wins, one of you loses.

THIS is the spirit of competition. I’ve found out that many players don’t care to lose OR win in a landslide—they prefer a close match down to the wire.

So this week we build a deck with the intent of producing that close-game experience every single game.

Near-Death Experience

Near-Death Experience is a risky win condition—you need to untap with your final life point, vulnerable to anything.

But that’s all you need to win the game on the back of this 5-mana enchantment. Can you build a deck that does this reliably?

Brew Off Submission Guidelines

In order to be considered for 1st place the submission should follow a few guidelines, which should be easy enough:

  • Modern Format
  • Build a deck that uses Near-Death Experience as the win condition
  • No outside links
  • Deck description is less than 250 words—extra points for brevity
  • Deck is submitted cost sorted from low to high

A deck should be in this format:

16 Swamp
4 Mutavault
4 Swarmyard
4 Aether Vial
4 Thoughtseize
4 Doom Blade
4 Pack Rat
20 Relentless Rats

This way it is easy for the reader to skim the deck and understand the deck’s plan:

“OK, turn 1 swamp, Aether Vial or Thoughtseize; turn 2 Doom Blade or Pack Rat; turn 3 start Relentless Rats. Makes sense.”

Decks submitted in this format—4 Aether Vial 20 Relentless Rats 4 Mutavault 4 Doom Blade 4 Swarmyard 4 Thoughtseize 4 Pack Rat 16 Swamp—are hard to read.

An unorganized submission takes more of the reader’s time to understand what the deck is doing. Considering how many deck submissions there are, let’s keep things organized so it’s all easy to go through.

Near-Death Experience Winner

I will pick my favorite as the winning submission, based on clarity of presentation, uniqueness, reliability, and perceived competitiveness.

There are a variety of factors going into this nuanced decision—look at last week’s article for hints on how to produce a winning submission.

Thanks to everyone who participates this time around, I’m excited to see what kind of crazy Near-Death Experience Brews you can cook up.

I’ll see your submission in the comments!


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