Build It! Barren Glory Brew Off

Today I’m excited to announce a brand new deckbuilding series where you have a chance to win wealth and fame as a powerful wizard by submitting to the community your own unique brew!

I’ve gotten a lot from Magic in my 20 years deckbuilding and I’m looking for as many ways as possible to give back.

I want to help people build their brain power by improving their deckbuilding processes and that’s what this series is all about.

Each week we are going to start with a build-around card or combination of cards and your challenge is to submit your own version and explain what makes it special in the comments.

Barren Glory Brew-Off

Barren Glory is one of the hardest cards to make work, but there’s nothing quite like winning with The Cheese Stands Alone.

Your challenge is to figure out how to make this work to actually win some games.

How would you build a Barren Glory Deck? What colors would you use? What mana would you use? How would you get it out fast enough or survive long enough to untap with it and win? How would you empty your hand and dump your board? How would you do it consistently?

Barren Glory Deck Format

• This week’s format is Modern.

To be considered, the submitted deck should be cost sorted from low to high with line breaks between cards, like so:

Modern Barren Glory Deck Format

x Land Card
x Land Card
x Spell Card
x Spell Card
x Spell Card
x Etc.
x Etc.
x Barren Glory

A brief explanation is encouraged but should be kept short—250 words maximum. A brief explanation of what makes your version unique is recommended.

A winner will be selected based on what I personally find to be the best presented, most coherent, most competitive, most unique, most consistent Barren Glory game plan.

The winning builder will receive $25 ChannelFireball store credit*, a feature in next week’s article, and I’ll even record a video series if it looks fun!

Decks should be submitted to the comments by Thursday 12:00 p.m. PST.

Though there can only be 1 winner, I hope that by participating in this series your deckbuilding process improves which helps improve your mental processes in general.

So, how would you build Modern Barren Glory?

See you in the comments!



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