Budget Brew: The Big Pig (43.5 tix)

Attacking for way too much damage way too early is often a sign of broken things. Whether or not it’s consistent enough is a different story. While today’s deck doesn’t quite cross the “WOW THIS DECK IS BROKEN!” threshold, it definitely crosses the “WOW THIS TURN WAS BROKEN!” threshold. All you need is The Big Pig:

While this card isn’t Craterhoof Behemoth (it seems the Eldrazi foolishly weakened it during the corruption) it does pull off a pretty impressive comparison. The upside of emerge lets you build around Decimator differently than you would Craterhoof, and the key is to go wide enough and fast enough while taking advantage of the emerge. That’s today’s list:

The Big Pig

Card Choices

Decimator of the Provinces

Everything about the deck is designed with this card in mind. You want tons of tiny creatures that go wide on the board and build up to a quick Decimator attacking for tons. The deck is capable of truly explosive draws thanks to The Big Pig. The dream is turn-1 Loam Dryad, turn 2 attack for 1 and play Sylvan Advocate, turn 3 hit for 2 off Advocate, drop Cryptolith Rite and cast Weaponcraft Enthusiast, turn 4 tap Enthusiast and Scion, emerge off the Enthusiast, and attack for 17 which is lethal! Turn-4 kills in standard are pretty sweet. More realistically the Pig will arrive on turn 5, but you can see just how explosive this deck is thanks to the giant mythic.

Cryptolith Rite

This is your engine card to help build to your giant turns. Its main goal is to help ramp to Decimator and lets you both tap your creature for mana and emerge off it. Similarly, your Scions can tap for mana then sac for an additional boost, and Rite just combines nicely with the various pieces of the deck including Sylvan Advocate’s vigilance.

Why only 3 then? For a while there were 4 copies, but it’s a particularly bad card to draw 2 of because it doesn’t do anything in multiples and most decks aren’t packing answers to the card, so having a backup isn’t particularly important.

Weaponcraft Enthusiast/Scion Summoner/Catacomb Sifter/Eyeless Watcher/Brood Monitor

This is the bread and butter of the deck. These creatures help bridge toward your Decimators while going wide at the same time. They all look fairly innocuous, but play a major role in the smoothing your draws. They also help your backup plan of Westvale Abbey. The Abbeys are an absolutely crucial plan for beating decks with lots of flyers or ways to gum up the ground. They’re a bit risky against U/W because of Reflector Mage, but can come out of nowhere and present lethal damage. G/B has a particularly tough time with Ormendahl as well and it helps you grind past annoying cards like Ishkanah when you don’t have a Pig.

Zendikar Resurgent

This was actually a big part of a slightly different deck that inspired this build. Props to jaspervdvaart from the stream for his Mono-Green Resurgent Decimator deck. I ended up adding the black 3-drop creatures that help build up to the Decimator, which eventually lead to the current version. Resurgent still gets a slot here and lets you essentially combo off. It’s pretty much a 7-mana card that wins you the game immediately after you untap. That doesn’t sound particularly impressive in Constructed, but often games get clogged down with tons of creatures in play and this breaks those games wide open. Because the deck has 33 creatures it’s incredibly easy to chain a bunch together, and scrys from Catacomb Sifter help a lot there as well.

Of course, Resurgent is still 7 mana and while I started with 3, I eventually cut down to just the 1 as it’s just too expensive to ever want to draw multiples. Think of it more like the 5th Decimator. I do like the one copy though and recommend keeping it in the deck if you try it out.

Distended Mindbender/Tireless Tracker/Duskwatch Recruiter

This is your anti-control package. I’m not in love with Mindbender main because you already have all the Decimators, and you can end up with some pretty clunky hands. That said, I pretty much never cut Decimators and going up to 7 emerge creatures post-board is fine especially when you have the time. In those matchups I like slowing down ever so slightly by boarding out my Loam Dryads, a Cryptolith Rite, and a Brood Monitor. Cryptolith Rite is still powerful, but less good against a deck with all removal. You want to maximize your topdecking potential and including a ton of haymakers lets you go toe-to-toe against a deck just trying to 2-for-1 you out of the game.

Voldaren Pariah/Eldritch Evolution/Arborback Stomper

This is your anti-aggro and U/W package. Depending on the deck you might not want all of these, though you’ll almost always want Pariahs, which are your best cards post-board versus both U/W and Pummeler decks. U/W punishes Eldritch Evolution particularly hard with Spell Queller, so I’m not a huge fan of it there, but it is quite good against the non-blue decks. Arborback helps you get back into games but it’s also surprisingly good at closing games. 5/4 trample is just a large creature, and this helps you punch past a lot of boards with small threats. Of course, when in those situations, you can always just Decimator and that’s the true joy of the deck.

Evolving the Deck

Because this is a synergy-driven deck, it’s particularly hard to change core card slots. The sideboard does give some flexibility if the Standard metagame changes soon though. Eldritch Evolution lets you play with different 5-mana haymakers depending on what you expect, but ultimately this is one of the least customizable budget brews I’ve written about. The good news is that I think it’s pretty well tuned and can definitely compete against the field. You simply have enough power to fight through opposing decks and the synergies add up to some truly absurd turns.

I’ve been having a total blast attacking for absurd amounts of damage and suggest you give this deck a try. Let me know how it goes if you do!


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