Bring to Light Brew Fest Results

With Battle for Zendikar spoilers in full swing I thought it would be a great idea to host a Brew Fest with some of the most exciting new cards so that we could get to work on the toughest problems early as a community.

The result has been awesome—lots of sweet, well crafted decks, many of them totally out there. Thanks to everyone who has participated, and as a casual reader, I hope you enjoy the cornucopia of wild decks today.

Bring to Light Brew Fest

Our target this week was Bring to Light in Modern. This is a unique card, providing a unique effect, demanding unique brews.

As we tackle the problem, I’m surprised how versatile this card is. It can spawn new decks, and it can make existing decks better. What we have is a toolbox-style tutor for spells and creatures in blue/green. This card demands more thought than any other card I’ve seen. Sounds crazy, but the potential use for it is that varied.

Time will tell, but I suspect Bring to Light will grow to become a staple. There are so many possible places it can take hold. After reviewing the options, I feel you will come to the same conclusion.


The first, and most convincing, possible use for Bring to Light is in existing blue/green Scapeshift decks. By adding a slight 4th color as a splash, we get up to 4 additional copies of Scapeshift.

The great thing about Bring to Light here is that it doesn’t have to be a Scapeshift—it can grab ramp, a sweeper, removal, card draw, or a finisher. Whatever you need, it does. I highly suspect that Bring to Light will take off in Scapeshift variants. It seems too perfect a fit.

Simon Wechsler

Bring to Balance

Moving to something more interesting, we find Bring to Light for Restore Balance. Cascade Restore Balance decks already exist, but Bring to Light opens up a new direction for the deck that allows for 1- and 2-mana plays. Having access to 1- and 2-mana plays is a good thing. This sketch is a promising start.

Timothy Johnson

Bring to End

Similarly, Bring to Light can be used with Living End. Living End is a great deck that doesn’t necessarily need to be improved, but this deck comes from a different angle with different strengths and limitations. The ability to use 1- and 2-mana spells opens up cards like Faithless Looting, Thought Scour, Satyr Wayfinder, and Grisly Salvage. It can become possible to dump 8-mana creatures into the graveyard.

A Bring to End deck can function a lot more like Living Death decks of ages past, and I’m excited to push this direction further.

Robert Cote

Bring to Light Ad Nauseum

Moving on to something goofier, we have Bring to Light as additional copies of Ad Nauseam. The 5-mana color requirements mean jumping through some hoops, and it can’t profitably find an Angel’s Grace or a Phyrexian Unlife, but it effectively costs 4 mana less than a Mystical Teachings for an Ad Nauseam. As a bonus, it can work with a small spell toolbox to give the deck some more answers.

Welkin Uttaro

Bring to Light Eggs

Similarly to Ad Nauseam, we can use Bring to Light to nab Faith’s Reward in an Eggs deck. While it’s only 1 mana cheaper than Open the Vaults, one mana can be a lot of difference for a combo deck. I’m not sure this is “better” than conventional options but it demands consideration from Eggs players.

Daniel T Colwell

Bring to Light Gifts Ungiven

Continuing the obvious trend of Bring to Light for combos, we have Bring to Light for Gifts Ungiven. This is a great shell for the card because the Gifts deck is already playing 4+ colors and has a toolbox to draw from. Bring to Light seems to fit in perfectly here with redundancy for the combo plan and redundancy for the goodstuff plan.

Walker Orr

(Mana base TBD.)

Bring to Light Goodstuff

Speaking of Bring to Light Goodstuff, that’s a great option as well. For 5 mana you can grab a Plow Under, a Dragonlord Ojutai, a Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, or whatever else you can use your imagination on. This card works great as combo redundancy, but it can work well just grabbing the best possible card as well.

Kevin Russell Castle

Bring to Light Kiki-Jiki

An offshoot of Bring to Light goodstuff is to finish with Kiki-Jiki. Yeah, that’s something we can find. So we can play Bring to Light to top off a Temur-Twin-style deck, or we can use it as a finisher in a Bring to Light Goodstuff deck. Either way works.

Logan Norris

Bring to Light Combo

And now for something completely different! While we have come up with a baffling variety of viable options, I am most interested in something uniquely Bring to Light—a totally new brew. Something head scratching.

So how about Bring to Light with Pyromancer Ascension? You effectively get 4 Bring to Lights out of one, and you can turn that into 42 cards drawn with Restore Balance. If you have Simian Spirit Guides and Manamorphose mana available, a few Dream Twists finish the opponent off.

This may be the least competitive of the lists in this article, but to me it’s the most interesting because it’s the most novel and hardest to understand.

Rowan Clare

Next Brew Fest

To me, this has been by far the most interesting Brew Fest yet, in terms of the amount of novelty. Bring to Light turns out to be so versatile and efficient that it opens up a dozen new paths and it will take dozens of us to go down those paths and bring those decks to light.

I am interested to hear what you have to say about these results, but I am also interested to hear what cards you are interested in for next Brew Fest. With a new set to play with, I think we should keep working on the most exciting Battle for Zendikar cards as a team. Let me know!

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