Brewing Selesnya Tokens with Guilds of Ravnica

Venerated Loxodon has a lot of potential, and as a Selesnya card, it’s tied to a token strategy.

A 4/4 that comes into play for just few mana is very appealing, especially if it’s used to pump your creatures too.

In order to make this card good, though, you need to look for token makers, and you need to hope that your opponent won’t be geared up with Goblin Chainwhirler.

Servo Exhibition would have been a nice 2-drop to create a busted start with Venerated Loxodon without branching into a second color, but unfortunately the Exhibition is rotating out, and you need to go look for a second color if you want some Raise the Alarm effects.

White still gives you Legion’s Landing and History of Benalia as very good token enablers, but adding green lets you consider Saproling Migration, Jungleborn Pioneer, and the new March of the Multitudes.

March isn’t cheap. In fact, in order to be good, you need a bunch of mana or a good board presence. Pumping the lifelink Soldier with Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants, Venerated Loxodon, or Benalish Marshal could create a huge swing, but I don’t think it’s a 4-of.

Speaking of Benalish Marshal, it has big potential and would be a great addition if you were mono-white. I don’t think you can afford to play 2- and 3-drops of other colors and still afford to play triple-white, so if you want to build a G/W Tokens list, you have to do it without the white Dominaria captain.

Another cool addition that Guilds to Ravnica brings to the Selesnya guild is Emmara, Soul of the Accord.

A 2-mana 2/2 isn’t exciting, especially if it doesn’t have any evasion attached. In order to exploit Emmara, you need to pump her with Venerated Loxodon or Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants so that she’s hard to trade with in combat. Then she will get out of hand quickly.

But the 2-drop I’m most excited about in this strategy is from Dominaria. It’s Shanna, Sisay’s Legacy, who has a lot of potential but didn’t shine at all during the previous Standard because of Goblin Chainwhirler. I can see her doing great things in the Selesnya world as she can get huge quickly in the right deck.

Guilds of Ravnica also brings us a brand new removal spell that is cheap and efficient: Conclave Tribunal.

Ixalan’s Binding is still in the format, and will be a great way to deal with Rekindling Phoenix and Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. It’s better in this deck since you can fill the curve with this at any point based on your board state.

Guilds of Ravnica also brings some cool Selesnya tools that don’t particularly get on with the token strategy but are overall solid creatures that can be used from the sideboard: Knight of Autumn and Centaur Mediator.

The first one is a better version of Reclamation Sage, with the versatility of being able to gain a bunch of life. The second is a good card only versus red strategies with burn spells, such as The Flame of Keld.

Finally, the mana base: Scattered Groves is leaving us, but Temple Garden is a very welcome addition that makes green-white a well fixed color combination.


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