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Hello and welcome back to Brew of the Week, in which I focus on sweet Standard brews that recently performed well at a premier event. Today, I’ll take a look at a green/white deck introduced by Hall of Famer Bram Snepvangers at Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir, where he posted a Standard record of 8-2. Subsequently, Pro Tour Champion Antonio Del Moral Leon took an updated version to a 13th place finish at Grand Prix Krakow. Here, take a look:

G/W Company, Antonio Del Moral Leon, 13th at Grand Prix Krakow

Compared to Snepvanger’s original, Del Moral Leon made the following changes:

Main Deck:






These changes give his main deck a leaner mana curve and his sideboard some new angles.

Game Plan and Card Choices

The deck features 4 Collected Company alongside 24 creatures with converted mana cost 3 or less. As I determined in my Magic Math article, this yields an expected number of 1.76 creatures per Collected Company.

The instant also helps play around Silumgar’s Scorn and Crux of Fate, and it backs two themes of the deck: +1/+1 counters and devotion. The +1/+1 counter theme is there to boost Avatar of the Resolute with Fleecemane Lion, Reverent Hunter, Den Protector, and Dromoka’s Command. The devotion theme improves Reverent Hunter and Aspect of Hydra. Either way, Collected Company helps find the pieces that you need.

Playtest Results and Observations

While testing for the Pro Tour, I tried various Collected Company decks. One was a white/green version without the devotion theme (I had cards like Warden of the First Tree, Brimaz, and Citadel Siege instead of Avatar of the Resolute, Reverent Hunter, and Aspect of Hydra). Another was a Mono-Green version without the white splash (I had additional Aspect of Hydra, Temur Charger, and Deathmist Raptor instead of Fleecemane Lion, Dromoka’s Command, and Valorous Stance). Both variants were decent, but neither was impressive enough, so I was excited to try out this WG build that essentially combined my two approaches.

I played several matches with this deck on Magic Online in a combination of 2-mans and 8-mans. Here are my results:

Bant Heroic WIN
RB Dragons LOSS
Mono-Red Aggro WIN
Esper Dragons WIN
Jeskai Tokens WIN
RG Dragons LOSS
Mono Green Aggro WIN
Abzan Aggro WIN
Abzan Control WIN
Mono-Red Aggro WIN

Overall, I went 8-2, and the deck ran smoothly. The white cards gave more interaction compared to a Mono-Green build, and the devotion and +1/+1 counter theme gave the deck a bit more synergy and power. I had trouble beating creatures like Soulfire Grand Master, Monastery Mentor, Stormbreath Dragon, Elspeth, and Hornet Nest, but that’s unavoidable if you don’t have access to Hero’s Downfall.

The creature count of 24 was okay for Collected Company. Yet, with a number of low-impact creatures such as Elvish Mystic and Den Protector, I don’t want less than that, and I rarely cut any of them while sideboarding.

The land count of 22 was acceptable, but barely. Elvish Mystic and even Den Protector returning Windswept Heath helped out, but there were still a few games where I was stuck on mana. I wouldn’t want to run more than six 4-drops with the current mana base.

Archetype of Courage was a bit of a question mark when I picked up the deck, but I understood its role after losing a game to Hornet Nest. First strike is a good way to get around the deathtouch bees.

Looking for Improvements

After playing with the deck for a bit, I have the following suggestions:

  • Dromoka’s Command is great and you definitely want to have 4 in your 75, but it’s a dead card against Esper Dragons, which is the deck to beat. So I’d like to move 2 copies to the sideboard.
  • I would like to try out Deathmist Raptor. It’s a recurring threat against Esper Dragons, finding multiple Raptors becomes possible with Collected Company, and it fits with Mastery of the Unseen in the sideboard. To make room, I can cut 2 Seeker of the Way and 1 Reverent Hunter. I’m not certain this is the way to go because those creatures were good enough and the Deathmist Raptor engine is rather slow, but it’s an angle worth exploring.
  • I wasn’t happy with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. There are few mana sinks and opportunities to take advantage of any extra mana, whereas it makes it more difficult to cast your 1-drops and 2-drops on time. I added a basic Plains and a basic Forest instead.
  • I want to have access to Gather Courage in the sideboard. It’s a sweet 0-mana counterspell against burn-heavy decks.

Here’s an updated list taking into account my suggestions:

I’ll be at Grand Prix São Paulo next weekend for text coverage, and I hope to see this deck in action there!

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