6 thoughts on “Brent Peterson discusses his top 32 qualifying Kithkin deck”

  1. Yup. Made the same “cut red” assessment myself a couple of weeks ago. Goldmane is almost always better than Vengeant in this deck. Goldmane – If you have men they get bigger if you don’t it dies. Vengeant – If you have men then… yeh, if you don’t it dies. Pretty easy to see which one’s going to be most bang for your buck in this deck. Problem I HAVE found with R/W or mono kithkin is the stalwart as you’re using him to punish bad draws or try to outbeat slower decks. The difficulty with that tho is you have to have another kithkin in your hand otherwise he’s a dead card. Imagine – 2 windbrisk, 1 plains, 1 spectral procession, 1 Ajani (either one) 1 path and 1 stalwart. Can you throw that back? No. What’s the stalwart doing? Nothing. Is he going to be relevant on turn 5 (when you’d play him)? No. But really, would you ever want to cut him just because sometimes he really does do quite well…

  2. That hand can play out so many ways depending on certain circumstances. Are you on the play or are you on the draw? Is this game 1 or game 2/3? If game 1 do you happen to know what you are playing against? I would be happy to give my opinion on all of these if you like just let me know.

    It is going to be fairly rare in a seven card hand, where you see a Stalwart and no other kithkin to power him out. Can it happen? Of course, but not enough to consider cutting him from the deck.

  3. I’ve found that it wasn’t rare at all to have a stalwart and no other kithkin. Now that’s all down to luck given that it shouldn’t happen too often BUT I must say that I’ve generally found myself unhappy with him more often that not. Again, don’t think you can cut him because he’s too useful but he is really frustrating (for me) a lot of the time.

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