Breaking Through – States in Review


The 2009 States have come to an end, and results seem to slowly be creeping in from all over North America. I managed to take the short trek down to Denver to compete in the Colorado side of States and am here to aptly tell you my story. But first, since I am sure everyone is dying for a decklist, voila!

New Year’s Ultimatum

I opted to move away from land destruction as a central theme because I expected a shift in the metagame towards more decks that would be less exposed by the loss of lands. Jund would still be popular, but the new version of Magical Christmas Land was still putting up good results against that deck. Siege-Gang Commander was a huge addition that, along with sweeper and more removal, made aggressive decks quite the easy matchup despite the land destruction version having a rough time against them.

The limited testing I got in with the deck was overwhelmingly positive. I ended up tweaking a few card slots, but nearly everything fit into place nicely. With Blue in the deck, topdeck situations were so much better as you had the potential to draw multiple cards and dig yourself out of holes that the land death deck could not accomplish very well. Siege-Gang Commander proved to be a missing and valuable piece, as he often acts like a Caldera Hellion against aggro, and a legitimate threat against control, even offering burn against Fog.

The decks I felt I should still need to watch out for were Mono-Red burn, Turbo-Fog, and decks with a lot of pinpoint hand disruption, like some W/B build with Duress and Sculler. Mono-Red would not be a bad matchup, but could certainly draw a hand that I couldn’t beat. Because of this, the Sylvan Bounties in the board were almost exclusively for that matchup, as well as Barely Boros.

Despite presenting a Turbo-Fog list in one of my articles a while back, and it performing fairly well at Worlds, I could not anticipate the amount of Fog that would be present at Colorado States. There were over 140 players in the room, and I have to guess that easily 30 of them were on some type of Fog. I personally had to face the slowest deck in the format 3 different times. I went into the day feeling pretty good about my matchup here, as I was bringing in a lot of good cards and had a solid game 1, assuming I could properly play around the few counterspells they had main.

My first match against Fog proved my suspicions true, as I was able to quickly 2-0 the deck. Alongside the maindeck Cruels, Siege-Gangs, Earthquakes, and various other burn spells, I get to bring in 3 Swerve for their counterspells and Time Warps, 2-3 Quest for Ancient Secrets to reset their clock, and 2 Sorin Markov, to present an un-Flashfreezable threat that just wins once it has resolved. This plan worked perfectly the first time. Unfortunately, I had to face off against a second Fog player, and one who sat next to me during my last Fog match no less. Raine is a very good player and recognized my boarding strategy from the first go around, taking out things like Time Warp for our game 2 to stop Swerve from being a blowout. A really bad draw that gave me turn 2 Cobra but nothing else until turn 8 cost me game 1, but luckily, he never saw Quest and I was able to utilize them to win game 2. We went to time, which was 10 minutes past everyone else’s thanks to a mid-round deck check and we ended up drawing.

At the time this seemed acceptable, but the biggest downside was that we were by far the only match playing and everyone in the room had huddled around. One of these spectators happened to be my 7th round opponent who was also on Fog. Here, the weakness of my now very visible board plan came through. After winning game 1 on the back of 4 counterspells in 4 consecutive turns while he sat on 5, my opponent opened game 2 with a Pithing Needle on Sorin. Obviously he had not seen Sorin from our match yet, but the transparency of that earlier round was proving fatal. The following turn my opponent ran out a Relic of Progenitus, despite it being essentially dead against me, because he had seen Quests earlier as well. On top of all of this, he also successfully boarded out his Time Warps, making Swerve less than amazing. These things all combined, he managed to take the match 2-0 pretty easily.

Despite this being a sideboarding strategy scenario, the entire situation did shine some light on one of the benefits of going rogue. When an opponent is aware of your game plan, either pre- or post-board, they are more readily able to make adjustments to their own game plan as a preemptive maneuver around your own. Sometimes this is mostly irrelevant due to your game plan both being vastly superior and/or not easily sideboarded against, which happens to be the case with Jund. But usually, if a player really wants to beat some archetype, they can equip themselves with the ability to do so.

Once you have gone rogue however, opponents now have no set game plan against you, much less a boarding strategy. It is true that concealing your strategy for a lengthy period of time is difficult sometimes, but usually the people who find out wont even play you, or they don’t find out until the Top 8 decklists are shared, at which point your deck has done its job and now you need to focus more on outplaying people.

I don’t mean to hark on the subject of going rogue over and over, but I constantly get questions from readers asking about my deck choices etc, and I felt this little anecdote was a good one to demonstrate some of the principles of rogue design.

Aside from the loss and draw against Fog, I felt the deck performed very well against basically everything. Other matchups were Mono-Red, Boros Bushwhacker, Jund, Mono White midrange, and Grixis Control. All of those matchups felt in my favor with my loss coming against Bushwhacker, but that fault can hardly be blamed on the deck. I managed to miss a trigger on my Khalni Heart Expedition that seemed irrelevant at the time, only to topdeck Harrow and fall 2 mana shy of casting Cruel Ultimatum as well as one Red mana shy of casting either of the Caldera Hellions in my hand as the game ground on. All I could do was stare at my 5 mana and stop myself from being stupid in the future. Of course that sent the match to a game 3, where a double mulligan and poor draw gave me what I deserved for punting the previous game.

One interesting thing that developed at Colorado States was that despite the room being so Fog heavy, the Top 8 consisted of eight fairly aggressive archetypes that should all theoretically have a bad game against Fog. Jund, Boros, Vampires, GWB Junk, and Naya Lightsaber were all on display. In the end, Jund ended up taking the trophy, as appears to have been the case many places across the country.

While Worlds and States both proved that Jund can be beat, they also proved that it does a lot more beating than being beat. This means that although the format has plenty of options available, the best deck is still clearly Jund, and by a far margin. Luckily, Standard is basically on hiatus until Pro Tour San Diego where Worldwake will hopefully shake a few things up and make the format exciting again.

In the meantime however, we have some Extended to keep us occupied. I feel like this Extended format is a lot deeper than Worlds would have us believe after Austin set the stage for the format. I have been getting a TON of requests to show off the Extended build that BDM talked about in the tournament center so I will go ahead and do that. BUT there is a catch, and that is that I will not be talking about the list due to the potential I have found in it when taking it a few different directions. I will warn those brave enough to try this that the deck is by no means “good” right now, but it does have a very solid foundation and some excellent matchups with Zoo unfortunately not being one of them.

Again, this list is not good as is, which is partially why I audibled to Zoo, but after you play a few games with it, you can definitely get a feel for what works about it it and what doesn’t. The lists that have evolved from this are significantly different, but I gotta keep something tucked away now don’t I?

Alright, well that’s it for this week! Congratulations to all of the new State and Provincial champions out there and good luck to everyone on the upcoming Extended grind. Extended always seems to be the most draining of the PTQ formats, probably because of its huge swings in the metagame. Enjoy the Holiday season everyone! Thanks for reading.

Conley Woods

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  1. yeah, up at the minnesota states i lost first round to a naya aggro deck while playing u/r/w control and quickly got pulled under by round after round of bloody fog decks(the only variance being fog’s slightly more expensive cousin u/w spreading seas). nearly every round went to time. it was grueling and i lacked the fortitude to stick it out past round five. i do love watching the christmas land/new years deck grow up with the meta game. i think your changes really were intuitive and pretty spot on to the field i witnessed up in minneapolis too. thanks for continuing to share your brewing…

  2. hey conley, i was that easy 2-0 with fog. obviously you have a solid plan, but the real reason i think you stomped me so well was that i spent all of game one playing around acidic slime and mold shambler… not really the best plan. and then i just had absolutely no idea what was going on game two. and why didn’t you mention how you mindslaver’d me with markov, then had me time warp you?

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  4. Cagle rarely plays, and Rob is in fact, in some far away universe.

    Markov was sick against Fog. Aside from the Mindslaver into TimeWarp play, I also managed to Mindslaver into Magosi against Raine.

    Thanks guys!

  5. This makes (sad/mad) Seriously GJ you played at states, I’m sure everyone wants to know about t2 for all those type 2 PTQ’s comming up. Then really, just really WTH are you thinking, we made the mistake of proxing up that EXT list, played it a couple rounds vs Zoo, honestly I think I would of prefered testing against a type 1 deck. No seriously. Great I have vamp nighthawks, which go to the bin pretty fast, so essentially you have a 3 CC removal, that you don’t get to pick what goes to the bin, the fact that you get a bear with it makes slightly less terrible, but so far behind the curve, it just lost, to RUBEN zoo, not even Saito Zoo, which would be worse, because the ONLY saving grace is the deck runs Jitte. This isn’t type 2, where you can innovate, run some kooky aqquard creatures, and hope to dominate this format, no this is where the big boys play, innovation is key to change meta games, innovation that can win against a average of 35% of your field. If you lose to Zoo, you won’t top 8, and you sure won’t get a blue envelope. I’m all for going rogue, it has a TON of advantages, but seriously even you (Conley Woods) have to admit sometimes, it’s best to conform, tweak, and perfect, to allow tight play. Unless you got something that’s the nuts.

  6. ^

    What are you talking about? There are a ton of articles about states around all the forums right now, so I hope you’re telling all the other writers this as well. Also note: he said this list is bad, it was just the starting point for whatever it has evolved into. Did you even read the article or just go to the list and proxy it and decide it’s bad? I do hear that reading the “whole” article instead of just looking at lists is pretty good. Also, you are wrong about innovation, look at people like Conley and Wafo-tapa. Jesus, love people who attack and show their own ignorance inside their post.

  7. Lol I was going to defend myself, but I guess the poster above did that for me, not to mention the blatant covering of what you are upset about being written in the article.

    The only reason I posted that list was because at least 100 people have asked me for it via Facebook, Twitter, or Email ever since BDM made a big deal about it.

    I played a Zoo deck at Worlds, in case you didn’t get the memo, I completely understand that sometimes playing the best deck is the way to go. Just because I post a list in an article doesn’t mean I think the World should be playing that. If your reading my articles, it isn’t to see the newest Zoo or Affinity list. You should know that because you apparently clicked on my article and skipped straight to the decklists without reading.

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  9. Wow neat you can spew what the guys said above you. *Golf clap* To make sure you both understand, yes I read it, and yes, I do keep telling people, stop writting about t2, it’s a dead format, states is over with… THANK GOD! And to answer your question, all be it, it sounding retorical, Yup I’m aware how you are always “trying to break the format” and yes I looked extensivley at what you were playing at worlds the day of worlds. Then you go on to say 100 people asked you for a list for extended, then you give them and I quote ” the lists that have evolved from this are significatly different, but I gotta keep something tucked away don’t I ” Now rather then make a lude comment about something being “tucked away” I will articulate my point further. THANK YOU! No seriously, you gave the people a list of cards, most of which out of date. What’s the point, why even bring it up? Why not, not write about it, or facebook the people back, you want to give the list to? I’m not attempting to attack your methodology behind your deck building, I’m calling into question your need to write about extended, with this garbage.

  10. First of all, to many people, Standard is never over. There are 5Ks that will be happening nearly bi-weekly throughout the year as well as FNMs etc. Just because the format does not cater to you does not mean no one cares about it. These are things you need to consider when writing, which you obviously don’t do, so I will accept you statement out of ignorance rather than insult.

    Secondly, I did not write about Extended. I mentioned the format for 2 paragraphs as a transition into further weeks of content about Extended. In the process, I mentioned a deck that everyone was asking for. Replying to 100+ individual posts is much more time consuming and difficult than utilizing the public forum I have available, especially when the subject is on topic. I am amidst finals week, moving to a new apartment, and graduation, so believe it or not, I cannot spend countless hours replying to each person in a personalized manner.

    Lastly, regardless of what the deck can or will accomplish as is, I posted it as a gateway to other ideas. There are a bunch of different directions to take that list, as I mentioned, that can turn it quickly into a powerful deck. I am sorry that you came looking for a handout and did not receive one, but maybe you should try utilizing that “conforming, tweaking, and perfecting” that you were so quick to shove down our throats yourself.

  11. Let me fix your reply for you.

    “You didn’t give me the list of cards you are currently testing which might be good, therefore I hate you and will talk trash and challenge your ability to create a rogue brew capable of breaking the format (secretly hoping you’ll post it now since I challenged you)”

    See, much easier to read and actually gets to the point. You should go this route.

  12. Okay I’m ignorant. I had no idea that the hundreds of people who play t2 were the target demographic. Compared to the thousands that are more concerned with extended. Meh, what do I know? Oh nothing because I’m ignorant! The best part of your responce was “a gateway to other ideas” what a cop out… Seriously Zaiem can you post my new deck idea next week, we’ll call the article “a gateway to other ideas” 52 lands, 4 life from the loam, and 4 sismic assaults. At the end I’ll write how the deck changed alot since it’s intial incarnation considerably, but I’m not going to tell you how. Well Conley, that’s why you get paid to write. Is that asking for a “hand out”? No, at my job if I don’t do my job, and my boss calls into question why, and I tell my boss, “I’m sorry your looking for a hand out” guess what? I’m not employed tomarrow.

  13. I’m pretty sure you got it backwards – Standard is always the most popular format around, thanks to FNM, 5Ks and MODO queues. You, in fact, are the exception, not the majority, when it comes to your focus on Extended. The vast majority of players aren’t trying to go to the Pro Tour, and don’t care to attend Extended PTQs, which is why they’re historically the least attended ones. (Although I wouldn’t be suprised if Sealed ranked lower.)

  14. @ Johan
    Similar to the last PTQ season where we saw article, after article, about limited play, the PTQ season we are in now is 1.X (if it’s the 1.X season the articles are about 1.X, if it’s the limitied season, the articles are about limited, if it’s the T2 season, then the articles will reflect that as well) it’s indicitive of what writters/pro tour players, write about. Given the exception to random formats like EDH. Why you might ask? Is it because I’m the minority? Or am I the majority, as previously depicted? Well I would say the track record for all Magic websites would concur with me.

  15. Replying gives them power o,o Just start not believing they exist they will fade away ^^

    Nice article!

  16. Sadly, I don’t post here much, but I have to give a response to GP here. Conley’s decks are always innovative and new, and with Extended being a rather dull format full of the same decks that were around last season. Rubin Zoo might have “changed things” a slight bit, but its just another Zoo variant, of which there are countless ones. In the end, when people heard that Mr. Rogue had a rogue Extended brew, they were curious as to what ol’ Conley had done this time.

    With that, people read his articles looking for a couple of different things, one of which is his unconventional deck ideas. Why not use this forum to reply to everyone who was curious about the deck? And just because “only 100” people Facebook’d him about the deck doesn’t mean that more people weren’t curious. I know that I, for one, have been looking forward to the list, and I’ve yet to “Facebook” Conley. People read his articles looking for his advice and deck ideas, and honestly this article was another one in that line of thinking. He simply posted a decklist, caveated it extensively with “I’m not advocating this deck, just giving people the decklist they’ve been asking about. So, due to popular demand, here’s the admittedly raw list…”

    Your replies since then have, yes, demonstrated your ignorance. People still run FNM, people will play in the StarCity Games 5k (and TCGPlayer.com 5k in Philly), and those are 32k standard events. Conley’s right: standard is never truly dead. While extended is coming up, switching directly from advocating a deck for states one week (MXL) to talking about extended the next without explaining how the deck did in practice is bad business, since a decklist without results is just that: a decklist. Until its proven differently, that is. And Conley just spent this article explaining that for all the people looking to take home an invitation to the SCG Invitational by winning one of the upcoming 5k’s.

    I don’t see the issue here… other than, well, your ignorance.

  17. @ GP

    Ok, let’s see the breakdown of current websites that people usually visit to read magic articles. Let’s start with this one.

    (this is just the front page)

    If we count Conley’s article as an article on standard then it looks like we have 3 articles currently on the front page set to standard. We have one article set towards a budget way to build an extended elf deck and then an article by Ben Rubin about the various different phases that constructed magic has gone through over the years (or something to that effect).

    Current score = std 3 ext = 1 (i suppose)


    Let’s see, we have PV talking about his worlds experience (mainly focusing on draft+extended since this is the 3rd part of his report) Sure, let’s give you that one as extended. We have Ben Rubin again talking about constructed in it’s various forms over the years, ok. Then we have Manuel B, Cedric P, Kyle S, all talking about hm…. Std.

    Current Score

    Std = 6 Ext = 2

    How about TCG.

    Wow, looks like 5 articles on various standard decks. Well jeez, that puts us at let me add this up….. Std = 11 Ext = 2….. Wow, yeah, you’re right, std is the minority now and Extended is the vast majority. We are all wrong and you are right sir. Have a good day.

  18. @ Patrick
    Yes your correct, states was Sunday and people like Conley are still writting about a irrelevant format. Look in about a weeks time to see the transition happen. Thats the problem I was bringing to light. Seriosuly go play in traffic kid. You missed the WHOLE point of the flame. Oh and BTW as you call it “TCG” or the most of us who have been playing Magic for more then 2 years call it brainburst, hasn’t produced any quality articles in I’d say 2-3 years. If anyone frequents that site, aside for the draft simulator, I’d be freaking blown away.

  19. @ GP

    Lol, you really are an idiot. Your “flame” post was aimed at the now, not the near future. Not that it matters, but I’ve probably played the game longer than you (this doesn’t make me good or better than anyone, plenty of people that I know are better than me and have played for far less time) Yes, I played back when TCG was known as Brainburst, however, is that what it is called now? No, so I referred to it by the correct name. Wasn’t aware this makes me new to magic. Nice logic there, btw, since you have apparently decided to go with childish attacks, please tell me your first language isn’t English because your usage of it is pretty poor. Telling me to play in traffic and calling me a kid, wow, I’m probably older than you too. Go figure, even if I’m not though, age apparently doesn’t bring maturity (at least in your case).

  20. Hey GP.

    Maybe take his decklist and you know, instead of trying it and ditching it. Do what Conley did and try to evolve it. That’s what he posted it for.

    Try thinking for yourself and working on decks instead of begging to be spoon-fed a fully working list. You’ll get a lot better at magic that way.

  21. @ Patrick
    Follow the bouncing ball… T H E P R O B L E M I S T H E N O W! The problem is that writters like Conley are talking about the THEN format, not the NOW format. And you mock my understanding of the English language… If I use sock puppets and act it out, would it help you understand? *Puts socks over his hands for the rest of this, draws a mouth on said socks, jacks the googly eyes from the Geiko money, slaps them on the previously mentioned socks* Okay… now look at what I wrote before, so you can understand..

  22. @ GP

    Apparently I need to respond in a way you can understand, henceforth, all my replies to you will be thus.

    Your Mom…..

  23. I agree with [email protected] drama.

    Also, to the person who flames about Standard not being an impactive format for anything beyond states obviously hasn’t looked at their GP List. Baltimore coming up in 5 and a half months is Standard. Ooops, sorry, you failed.

    This is also ignoring the fact that Regionals is Standard format as well.

    This is a projection of roughly 6 months and I’ve already shown multiple important tournaments where the format will be Standard, and I certainly didn’t have to think too hard. Gratz on failing to the person flaming.

  24. GP,

    if you’re saying wait for the transition in a week’s time, why aren’t you giving the writers (including Conley) a week’s grace to write about extended?

    You’re completely missing everyone else’s point too. You keep saying standard is irrelevant. Everyone else’s point has been standard is NEVER irrelevant. Yes, I would like to read extended articles myself right about now, but I totally understand people wanting to write about standard in the aftermath of states for crying out loud. You know what I’m doing instead of crying about it? Testing, testing, testing.

    Someone said it before, and it will be said many more times in the life of CF, you give people 100% free content, great content at that, and some people will never be happy.

  25. Jesus, will you shut up?

    You’re not the authority on what is and isn’t a relevant topic for an article.

  26. @ Wild Mage

    Fantastic in 4-5 months when the 1.X season is done, the focus will be on T2, I agree. But check that calender, it’s not 4-5 months from now, it’s now.

    @ Patrick

    Sweet, I look forward to seeing your replies, let me get the ball rolling for it…

  27. Hm, on a side note, the Ptq season for extended isn’t even until the first week of January.


    Your Mom

  28. Correct me if I’m wrong GP, but isn’t it still Limited PTQ season? Extended doesn’t actually start for over two weeks.

    In the end it sounds like you really are just looking for some free tech. You’re probably also the same guy who complains and whines about how you’re so much better than the field and everyone else just luck sacked their way into a victory.

    I’ll give you the tech you needed to read in the article.


  29. FNM all around rhe world, the 5k championships and THOUSANDS of standard queues on MTGO….


    …. a few extended ptq’s…

    Guess where more people will be playing?

    Never mind, we have fed the troll enough.

    Extended deck looks an interesting start point, ***cough lark cough***

    Keep up the good work Conley, including the great writing.

  30. Good article Conley! I actually built your Xmas Land deck and Turbo Fog deck for states. I ended up going with the turbo fog after your post-worlds article on how to change xmas land. I just didn’t have the time or cards to update it for states. I went 5-2-1 here in Florida, and considering I’m a rookie, not so bad…

  31. @ GP

    It really takes a lot of nerve for someone that can’t even spell to critique a writer’s work. Oh and this whole time you haven’t made one valid point, so obviously you fail. I will give you credit for your imaginative re-enactments though. You are a douche, but a creative douche apparently.

    *Puts socks over his hands for the rest of this, draws a mouth on said socks, jacks the googly eyes from the Geiko money, slaps them on the previously mentioned socks*

    This sounds like a beginning of a romantic evening for you.

  32. Great article Conley as always. Keep up the good work and good luck with your moving, graduation and finals.

  33. Reveillark in a deck with a fairly high curve already, and Dark Confidant? o_0

    Assuming board is 2 mana sources 1 Confidant, the remaining total manacost is 80, divided by 57 cards. Confidant is already averaging about 1.4 damage per turn – that’s high! And there’s no SDT or anything to mitigate that, plus shocklands and fetchlands hurt.

    I would start by cutting the Ninjas and Stonecloaker, which seem more cute than effective, for something cheap. On another point, I notice the deck is almost entirely creatures – the only things Ancient Zig won’t do are Jitte and Path (and ninja but I really want to axe that card anyway)…hm.

    I suppose you could also cut Confidants for Larks, but I’m pretty sure that would be a mistake.

  34. It’s a good thing being a Magic writer isn’t GP’s job. Because unlike Conley, who’s yet again delivered an article that’s useful, interesting, and fun to read, what GP has to say is none of those things. Lucky for him he doesn’t have a “boss” to complain about the poor quality of his comments!

  35. obv troll is obv. I like the start of the extended list Conley, it certainly has room for improvement as you said, but it gives me hope!

  36. Conley, great article as always… pay no attention to idiots who put GP in their name because that’s the closest they’ll ever get to one… the list certainly looks interesting, and I can see it going plenty of different routes… and also why nassif would’ve had his jaw drop while looking at it

  37. I honestly think Foundry/Sword would fit well into that Extended list. It would give the deck a great amount of long-game threat, the ability to stabilize on a low life total, and the ability to do something productive with the excess mana. I could almost see replacing Nighthawk and Gatekeeper with the little Thopter Engine that Could.

    Nice post, and I may have to play around with this Extended list. I love Ninja of the Deep Hours, and any sort of Ophidian variant that doesn’t have 1 power and no other relevant ability.

  38. @ Conley- Good Brew and good handle on the state of standard. Great Article….

    Nice e-penis contest in the comment section. :rofl:

  39. Hi, Mr. Woo Woo Woods! lol

    Your extended decklist looks pretty sweet. I’m not very good at making decks but I was wondering about a few possible card choices.

    The first thing I was wondering is playing the new Hexmage + Dark Depths combo worth considering? Also, what about maybe playing green instead of blue? Because of mainly Tarmogoyf, Life from the Loam, sac lands, Steppe Lynx, and LftL can snag destroyed copies of Dark Depths. and work great with Lynx. The other possibility is playing (I had to look up the name lol) Flagstones of Trokair with Steppe Lynx, Small Pox, and generally making Dark Confidant draws better and The Goyf bigger.

    Also, and this may sound terrible, what about Korlash, Heir to Blackblade? He can trigger (again lol) Steppe Lynx, smooth draws out, can’t be Chaliced very well, and with Urborg, can still be nasty. This would make Grim Discovery a huge possibility as well!

    Anyway, I love you ideas and are definitely one of my favorite players!

  40. OMG! Extended Magic Christmas Land with Korlash, Urborg, Goyf, Lotus Cobra, Primal Command, Biorhythm, and hell…why not Tooth N Nail!?

    Ok, I promise no more pointless posts lol!

  41. Thanks for all the replies everyone, and for learning to ignore the now obvious troll.

    For the record, not talking more about that Extended list is killing me 🙂

  42. I for one love getting the Standard info, not to mention all the reports on the Regionals which just passed. Not being an American, the first relevant big tournament here in Belgium is.. GP Brussels, Standard format.
    (I work weekends, so most PTQ’s and GPT’s are out of the question).

  43. @GP
    You know, if you don’t like what the article is focused on or the author, you are welcome to skip it and skip the criticism. I, for example, don’t like Mike Flores’ writing style or his articles usually. I will not however sit and bash it at the comments section on a web site. Because it’s pointless. If you are seeking someone’s acceptance of your opinion, then congratulations, you got it! you win! Now you can leave happy.

    @The extended deck posted.
    Looks interesting.

  44. I’m surprised you let this guy derale Conley’s comments thread so well…
    I read Conley’s articles expecting rogue…
    I read Conley’s articles, and get rogue…

    Nothing wrong with that, I’m glad he writes decent articles and posts good records with akward rogue decks, I mean have u guys sleeved up MCL and tried it out? Feels like total jank, but he made it work.

    Props Conley, keep going on Monday Night Magic btw, those are the only episodes I listen to all the way through, and get on LSV’s show via satelite lol.


  45. Maybe the troll is from north dakota…jk, really great to hear how your regionals went. I’m looking forward to your extended deck doing great and then reading on the different forums “I’ve been playing this for months, no fair.” Keep up the good work!

  46. I don’t know extended at all but that list looks so weird. I am curious to see the list that comes from that, no matter how long down the line it has to be.

  47. very interesting article…i just found channelfireball.com so i have no clue who the different writers are other than the names and accomplishments.Any chance you will ever write on legacy?

  48. Yea I will be writing about Legacy once I have some deck advice etc for it.. most likely after my first venture into one of the Legacy 5ks or GPs

  49. Aven Riftwatcher seems like it would interact well with your ninja of the deep hours and improve your zoo matchup. Great with Reveillark too if you are going that way.

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