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As anyone who has tested for a large event like a Grand Prix or Pro Tour is sure to know, quite a few crazy ideas come up. Now try to imagine what I consider a crazy idea and you’re about 5 levels past “normal” crazy. Of course many of these ideas are just plain bad, others have some merit, and others still lead you down a path that begets an even better idea down the line. Currently, Standard is going through some growing pains, as the format tries to determine just what its top decks are, and just what is viable.

We seem to have a stable top 6, but plenty of other strategies are viable and have even made some PTQ top 8s. Everything from traditional powerhouse Blue/White Control to Jund to Open the Vaults is enjoying some success in this young and fresh environment. Today I would like to share some ideas that came up during some brewing that haven’t really been proven, even to me, but they harness a ton of potential and offer some even newer looks at the Standard that can be. Whether they are PTQ ready or even can be with a lot of work, I am not sure, but ideas not shared are ideas not spent, so here ya go.

The big kick that got me onto both of these decks was the synergy that the word “sacrifice” has going for it right now. Clearly with Eldrazi spawn tokens and specialty cards like Mortician Beetle, we have some cool tools to work with towards an ideal sacrifice deck or decks, but piecing them together is a bit tougher. The first list I wanted to try stemmed from the interaction between Eldrazi Spawn tokens and Warp World that everybody and their brother have tried, but this one has a few cool things going for it.

Warp World

Yes, that is Dragon Appeasement, and yes, I will give you a second to read it. Alright, good? No, you’re right, it isn’t good. Not normally, at least. So the concept here is pretty simple, as the deck tries to do what most Warp World decks try to do, and that is cast Warp World. Unlike other versions of the deck from the past though, there are plenty of other game-breaking spells along the way.

Dragon Appeasement is the most outlandish of them, but it is quite good in here. Sometimes you will just use the card as an engine to dig for something like Eldrazi Monument for a win of course, but plenty of other times it will act as your Warp Worlds 5 and 6. In fact, if you flip into an Appeasement off of your Warp World, there is a pretty good chance you will be casting a second Warp World in the same turn due to the sheer draw power it provides, netting you a second Warp World. Of course the card only draws you cards, so you need other powerful spells, but between Warp World, Spawnsire of Ulamog, and Eldrazi Temple, you have plenty of gas, not to mention a full boat of Siege-Gang Commanders waiting in the wings.

Spawnsire of Ulamog is interesting as it serves a hidden role for the deck while being a perfectly acceptable fatty on his own. He is basically Emrakul, if Emrakul gave you an extra turn off of Warp World that is. He is able to fuel Eldrazi Monuments if no Awakening Zone is found, while also reading 2: Draw two cards when Dragon Appeasement is in play. While he is not needed per se, he does serve as a solid finisher that has a ton of synergy here. Other options include things like Vicious Shadows (yes, go read that one too), Emrakul himself, or even just shaving one Spawnsire in favor of a 4th Monument. 20 mana is surprising easy to reach once you have Warp Worlded, or occasionally before, so Emrakul has seen plenty of castings during his day. Not to mention he is a pretty good threat in general out of the board against counterspells or Turbofog. This slot for Spawnsire could be encroaching on the “danger of cool things” a little bit, but he has been pretty good in testing, so perhaps he is the right alien for the job. A slot worth considering though for sure.

Eldrazi Monument is probably the king of the finishers of course, as it also protects your squad from being the target of a hungry Wrath effect of some sort. While you are nearly immune to spot removal, losing the squad in one foul blow does suck. Awakening Zone is a strong recovery tool here, as is smart game play, but Monument is still the best, as it serves multiple functions. Because of this, I have heavily been considering the removal of one Spawnsire of Ulamog in favor of the 4th Eldrazi Monument, but haven’t actually tested it yet. Of course I would advocate doing so, as well as any of the other changes we have discussed. Note that with a Monument and a Dragon Appeasement out, you essentially draw as normal every turn as well.

Beyond your big finishers, the rest of the deck sort of just falls into place once you realize what you are trying to achieve. The most controversial piece of the puzzle is likely Growth Spasm, as it has no synergy with Warp World on the back end, but eight sorceries is still not very much. The power and speed boost it supplies early is likely worth the dissynergy later. I tried cards like Skittering Invasion, but once you begin to dilute the deck with too many spells and not enough permanents you end up with a legitimate problem. 8 is probably about the maximum number you should sit at. If you want to look towards other options for this slot, Joraga Treespeaker is an option, as are things like Trace of Abundance or even Lotus Cobra (although I would advocate a serious mana base change for the latter as more fetch lands are needed.)

Siege-Gang Commander can win games on his own of course and therefore does not need much in the way of introductions. Instead, I will shift slightly from the goblin camp to something with a little bigger teeth.

Sacrifice Time


Again, this is a list with more four-ofs than not. While it is a topic for another time, I find that starting ideas should best be explored with a majority hold on 4-ofs as you need to feel how cards interact and play out. Once you begin to understand that, shaving cards and numbers is the next logical step. Eventually you end up in a place where you are trying out 1-ofs as test cards. I will probably write something on this in the future, but for now, back to the deck.

This deck is clearly more aggressive than the former deck, but it has a lot of combo elements to it as well. At its best this can be just as fast as Mono-Red, while holding different strengths and weakness in other areas. Spot removal is a bigger deal here for example, although we have seen a shift in spot removal recently, moving more towards sorcery speed but versatile answers, like Oblivion Ring or Maelstrom Pulse. Damage-based removal can be played around usually at least.

Another deck just bursting at the seams with synergy though. Obviously the Mortician Beetle fits nicely in a home with eight Nantuko Husks/Phyrexian Ghouls/How many times can they reprint this card with a different names/Vampire Aristocrats alongside the master of sacrifice himself in Sarkhan the Mad. Don’t forget that the bonus applies when your opponent ditches a dude, either on his own accord, or with a little assistance from your Gatekeeper of Malakir.

Next to him though, Pawn of Ulamog does a nice job of fueling a deck that is desperately seeking an engine. This effectively doubles the bonus to any Aristocrat or the like that you have in play, or produces some extra mana if you are trying to ramp into a Sarkhan early. The most filthy scenario involves Bloodghast and some fetchlands of course, allow a single attack from a Bloodthrone Vampire to likely be lethal.

Kalastria Highborn serves a similar function, although at the cost of mana as opposed to gaining of it. Still, some life gain can prove much needed in aggro battles when you are packing a full 24 Vampires. Even Pawn of Ulamog was gracious enough to be bitten in the process. With a sacrifice outlet, a Bloodghast can be just as degenerate with a Highborn out, as I have seen similar game states wreck people in Block Constructed this year.

Mark of Mutiny and Act of Treason are just some spot removal that has extra synergy with the deck and speeds up your clock double time. Tuktuk is just a guy that I felt worthy enough to try out. If he is good enough I can see pushing up his numbers to a 2 of, as he is obviously an insane sacrifice outlet. Don’t forget that his token is legendary though, so playing one on top of another does not net you the Keiga blowout that you would like.

The sideboard is unfinished but I can assure you that 4 copies of Fleshbag Marauder would be found there. I couldn’t fit too much spot removal, (or any, depending on how you look at Threaten) in the main, so you really need to get a lot of sacrifice effects going post board to keep aggro decks off of your life total.

Overall I am not positive that this is worth playing over Mono-Red, but it does offer a much more solid late game and is just infinitely better in race situations as you have blockers and ways to make your life total go up. Things like Kor Firewalker are only mildly annoying rather than game breaking and a Rhox War Monk will often get you excited more than sad. Baneslayer Angel is in the ditto category as well. Even Wall of Omens is not a big deal here, which is a pretty strong point in favor for any aggro deck in this environment that can make that claim. Sarkhan the Mad offers a ton of late game versatility as well, and truly shines in a deck like this.

That said, the manabase is clearly worse here which will inevitably cost you a game or two at some point as you struggle to hit your third black or first red. I tried to iron it out for the best, but until Badlands gets reprinted and you are allowed to run 22 of them, there will always be a few issues.

The bottom line is that while Standard has some cool new brews showing up, like Polymorph or Mythic Conscription, the door is definitely not closed on new ideas that are at least somewhat viable. Remember not to get too attached to an idea that it becomes inbred and takes up all of your time that could be spent working on a winning list, but don’t be afraid to explore that quirky idea you had that woke you up at 3am either. Finding that balance may be tough, but conquering it might just lead to some more wins, which is always the goal. Thanks for reading.

Conley Woods

46 thoughts on “Breaking Through – Rogue For a Rogue”

  1. Awesome article, Conley. I especially like the synergies of the first deck, and the idea of making Spawnsire viable!

    Perhaps instead of Growth Spasm you could use Bloodbraid Elf? It would be hitting Awakening Stone or Nest Invader every time, so that seems like a fairly good bargain as far as permanents go. I guess it messes with the curve though.

  2. Hey Conley; whatks your opinion about the 12 PW deck that won in Atlanta?? Do you think it’s solid?

  3. heh, I really like the rough ideas you have here. lsv can make his jokes about a sacrifice deck, but it looks like you really might have something here especially the deck with warp world.

  4. How about 1 Predator Dragon in the Warp World deck as a quick finisher either pre or post warp?

  5. crazy ideas? try token creation deck with some beastmaster assencion. my spelling may be way off there. sorry.

  6. 3-of or possibly 4-of consuming vapors in the red-black deck? over something like 1 sarkhan,1 act of treason and 1 highborn? sounds good since your fourdrops are empty and your threedrops (counting highborn since you usually leave mana up) are more than full.

  7. Conley, how do you remember these rares that don’t see the light of day for over a year or more? Do you just look through a binder, search through hundreds of cards on gatherer/mtgo, or just have a knack for remembering the text on every card?

  8. hey what do u know,,my husk list i threw up a few days ago.u need to go a little less vampire themed for it to be a bit better

  9. Why no Sarkhan Mad-Man in the Warp World list? surely with Dragon Appeasement he reads: Draw a card, put a 5/5 Dragon into play??

  10. @Steve: the synergy with Sarkhan the Mad is better plus it’s cheaper and you’re never going to play the card unless you have a sacrifice outlet. In other news that RB has some really solid ideas (No Blightning though! Talk about tech =p) too bad Grave Pact isn’t in Standard anymore.

  11. I saw that vampire deck in another site’s forum this week. Was that your creation?

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  13. Have you tried Blade of the Bloodchief in the second deck? It does some pretty insane things.

    Can you imagine:

    Turn 1: Blade
    Turn 2: Bloodthrone Vampire
    Turn 3: Bloodghast + fetch, attack for 5, ending with Bloodghast in play, equip the Blade
    Turn 4: Pawn of Ulamog. Sac Bloodghast 3 times, Sac Pawn of Ulamog, Sac 4 the 4 Eldrazi tokens. Attack with a 33/33.

    Path to Exile, whoops. But you get the idea

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  15. Hah! That’s awesome, a couple weeks ago, maybe a week and a half, I made an Eldrazi Spawn deck that was RGb with Appeasement and was laughed at. You sir, will be quoted! ^_^

  16. these decks are definitely rogue. i like the outside the box thinking here. not sure if either will end up being good enough but i’m gonna try them out for sure. cool article.

  17. You are my hero.

    Warp World is a house, it just took a master like Conley to make it more ridiculous than originally thought.

  18. Dragon Appeasement?! Is that a search for sacrifice, or do you have them all in your head, or do you mentally tag Johnny cards, or…


  19. @Jeyo:

    Predator Dragon can’t devour if it comes in via Warp for the same reasons Clones can’t copy in the same situation. Everything is entering the battlefield at the same time, so when the Dragon’s devour (an “as it enters” ability) checks the battlefield for snacks it doesn’t see any.

    It’s not a horrible plan or anything, just not quite as efficient as it could be.

  20. Wow, Conley. I just looked at that first decklist. That’s freaking amazing. I love it. I’d like to build it and run it at FNM, but I’m missing too many of the cards (Monuments, Temples, Spawnsires, and a decent portion of the SB).

    Any particular reason you’re not playing Trace of Abundance over Growth Spasm though? Seems to do (mostly) the same thing. While you do lose the second permanent you would otherwise get (and the cantrip it might provide), it’s not a bad card to Warp into and it’s 1 mana cheaper, allowing for a more consistent T3 Predator or some such.

    Also, what about Mnemonic Wall? I tested Warp shortly after Rise became legal on MWS (the deck ended up failing), and found that, while the deck was too slow to be viable, once it got going Mnemonic Walls were ridiculous. Any particular reason you chose not to play them?

  21. I really want to cast Dragon Appeasement in a competitive deck. Any list with that card is sweet.

  22. Marcin Sciesinski

    I prefer Ob Nixilis, the Fallen as a win condition for the Warp World. I have already tested Warp World with Dragon appeasment last week, and I liked it that way.

  23. What about a combination of both?

    2 Kalistra Highborn
    4 Bloodthrone Vampire
    4 Bloodghast
    4 Gatekeeper of Malakir
    4 Pawn of Ulamog
    4 Vampire Nighthawk
    4 Vampire Hexmage

    3 Desfigure
    3 Eldrazi Monument
    2 Grim Discovery
    4 Sign in Blood

    4 Marsh Flats
    4 Verdant Catacombs
    4 Crypt of Agadeem
    10 Swamps

  24. six our list was obv better 🙂

    You really need 4 monuments and 4 cobras in a deck like that.

  25. Can’t you stack the triggers the way you want with predator dragon? The warp world resolves with everything in coming into play at once and then the ETB triggers go off once it has finished resolving. As long as you put the dragon’s trigger on the stack before the spawn dudes you can then sack them all to make a huge dragon. I could be wrong though; I never really played warp world and it is a very complex card.

    I still wouldn’t play the dragon though (even if you could?) because if your opponent grabs a BSA with Warp or if he has a removal spell in hand; your pretty much screwed. This isn’t Pro Tour Berlin and your not playing elves.

  26. Yo, Conley, what do you think about executioner’s capsule in Warp World? It’s removal that works off of a Warp and eats BSA, Iona, and Emrakul. Might be better than fleshbag marauder in the board.

  27. @Woot; yeah but if you did that it would be a deck with 4 savage lands and 4 BBE and would have to be called Jund and therefore would make noobs cry.

    We can’t have THAT now can we.

  28. I was trying out a very similar deck to the first one you had up before the prerelease. Mine really sucked though, and mostly just chump blocked. I gotta test both of these out for the nationals qualifier. How’s the win % vs. the top teir decks right now?

  29. @Nicol Bolas Devour is not an ETB triggered ability, it is a replacement effect. You CANNOT devour off of a Warp World.

  30. @xsv: pretty sure you can sac bloodghast 3 times…have it on the board, sac, play fetch, return it, sac, fetch with fetchland, return ghast, sac…3 times

  31. About the black sac deck posted, what about adding a Butcher of Malakir, at least as a sideboard option? Sure, he casts 7 mana, but his effect could wreck people lategame. With Eldrazi tokens flying around, he could even be out earlier. He seems absurdly awesome in a sacrifice deck, especially if a Beetle is out, but I could be mistaken.

  32. Blaze_Krakaros

    What do you know, a WW list that’s almost identical to what I’ve been testing, just with Growth Spasm in the slot that I’ve been testing Ondu Giant and BBE in. My sideboard plan is pretty different, but I’ve been loving the version that I ended on, I have every non-ROE card I need for all the builds, and I mostly just need commons now from ROE.

  33. cromulantkeith

    I agree, the black deck needs persecutor and the blade. Also why are you stretching the mana so much just for sarkhan the mad, and the cute 1 ofs? I would actually think that green could be a great way to go with predator and nest invader.

    Turn 1 blade
    Turn 2 baby husk
    Turn 3 nest invader, equip blade, swing sac both for 9/9 (5/5 nautrally)
    Turn 4 koziliek’s predator, sac all three for a 17/17 (11/11 naturally)

    How’s that for the nut draw?

  34. cromulantkeith

    And if you are adding persecutor/ blade of the bloodchief, if you do splash green for kozilek’s predator/nest invader, how about putting in momentus fall? That’s some serious synnergy with the nantulo husks, the blade of the bloodchief and the abyssal persecutor even!

    How about:

    4 birds
    4 vampire aristocrat
    4 nest invader
    4 kozilek’s predator
    4 bloodthrone vampire
    4 pawn of ulamog
    4 bloodghast
    4 blade of the bloodchief
    4 abyssal persecutor
    3 momentus fall

  35. I think you should really try the deck before recommending color switches and cutting/adding certain cards. If you play a bit you will realize how unnecessary Blade is and how good the red cards are.

  36. in the warp world list, why not Broodmate Dragon instead of the meh enchantment? isn’t better pre and post WW?

  37. Dragon Appeasement.

    Never thought I would see a deck use that. Good job on finding a use for a card I figured would always be chaff. I love brewing and I could never even consider a way to make that even remotely decent. Major props on that one.

    Quick question. Did you in your testing of this Warp World variant find a decent way to use these spawn tokens in a way to just be using Warp World into Seige Gangs or Ob Nixilis. It seemed to me that it might be possible now due to Growth Spasm and the token generators to just go with the traditional kill off Warp World, but I don’t like the Mountain much.

  38. Hey Conley, in your testing did you come across this combo? And did it work out? Fatestitcher + Splinter Twin + Extractor Demon

    4 Extractor Demon
    4 Fatestitcher
    2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
    2 Liliana Vess

    4 Blightning
    4 Dispel
    4 Lightning Bolt
    4 Negate
    4 Splinter Twin
    4 Treasure Hunt

    4 Crumbling Necropolis
    2 Dragonskull Summit
    2 Drowned Catacomb
    4 Halimar Depths
    2 Island
    2 Mountain
    2 Scalding Tarn
    6 Swamp

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