Breaking Through – And After

The “before” came on Saturday in what amounted to the first time I have written an article about a deck with the intention of it going live before finishing playing with the deck. Needless to say, that seemed to work out OK, although I suppose had I done poorly at the SCG Open event, it would have just been another article. This article, however, is the tournament itself and the aftermath, so hopefully it will flesh out anything that was lacking in the previous installment.

Prior to the event, myself, Tucker, and Tom Ma (who you will both hear on an upcoming draft video for which I am deeply sorry), had planned the trip as a road trip. I was going to be on cloud nine, as I was buying a new car earlier in the week and it seemed like a good opportunity to both save some cash and have some fun. Our 4th bailed, but that was fine, so we hit the open road in search of K.C.

Our first stop happened to be in Burlington, Colorado, where I have a bit of history built up. Back at my first ever Grand Prix, we also decided to road trip to Dallas in 2007, and Burlington would be the on ramp that would puncture my side wall with glass, leaving us with a blown tire 15 miles down the road at 1am. Needless to say, the night we spent in a gas station waiting for a tire shop to open was full of all sorts of hijinks, but I digress. This time, Burlington offered us some fuel and the much needed sustenance we all craved.

While we had intended on just grabbing some fast food, Tom pointed out that the Pizza Hut across the street probably had a lunch buffet, so, mise! Unfortunately for us, despite this Pizza Hut being the obvious town gathering spot for just about everyone, the food was basically horrendous in every way. While this might be due to the fact that it was located in podunk town Colorado, just as likely a reason is that it was Pizza Hut, so whatever. Of particular note for this establishment were all of the signs posted around the place.

First of all, the entire Hut was decorated with hunting décor. From moose heads to stuffed wolves chasing stuffed birds, the place looked like some barbeque place in the heart of Texas. To cement this backwoods theme, a “Big Game Hunter” video game machine was there, sporting its bright orange guns and dried pizza sauce every few inches. Placed strategically on the handle of those guns were little signs that read:

“Guns will break if dropped. Security cameras are in place so do not drop or the police will be called.”

Obviously that was pretty harsh for dropping a toy gun. Whatever happened to paying the guy 5 bucks and taking off? We laughed, but then noticed the sign on top of the video game system.

“Children are not allowed to play this game due to children breaking it. If your child breaks this game, you will be punished and social services will be called.”

This owner clearly had issues with his games being broken and he apparently had no idea as to what a reasonable response was. We asked the waitress what the deal was and she said she never even noticed the signs before, but that her boss was a bit of a nut case, obviously. We left and had a pretty smooth ride the rest of the way despite the new attention we seemed to be getting from cops. Expected for sure, but still a little blown away by the lengths they would go just to follow me for 3 or 4 miles.

Upon arrival, we headed straight to Jack Stack, which is a bit of a tradition for us, and met up with the rest of the Colorado crew. About 5 of us were playing the Genesis Wave deck, while the others were all doing their own thing. We ate and discussed sideboards for the various random decks, and then broke up to head to our respective hotels. I wanted to get in a few sideboarded games against Valakut to confirm that a 1/1 split on Mindslaver and Stormtide Leviathan was correct, and Tom Ma obliged me. After beating him resoundingly in about 8 out of 10 games and winning with both Slaver and Leviathan, I was set on the split and we headed to bed.

Our final list ended up looking like this:

(As a side note that will be elaborated on later, Chris Van Meter got his list from us, but he could not find Narcolepsy from the dealers so he ran 3 Wall of Tanglecord instead, which accounts for the 2 card difference between the 2 lists.)

Round 1: Jeremiah Jones- BUG

In game 1 I kept a pretty bad hand against almost any deck, which was probably just me being too afraid to mulligan in R1G1 of the tournament. I had no plays until a turn 4 Jace with a Slime and Primeval Titan being the other 2 spells, and it definitely cost me. He came out of the gates with 2 Lotus Cobras, which is one of the most important cards in the match up, and then countered my Jace, which sealed the game in his favor.

+2 Volition Reins, 1 Mindslaver, 2 Summoning Trap
-4 Spreading Seas, -1 Joraga Treespeaker

Despite the fact that your early acceleration is a back breaker against them, you really don’t want to risk a level up on turn 2, so taking out 1 Treespeaker is fine.

I had a mulligan in game 2 and kept a fairly sketchy hand of:

I hit a Verdant Catacombs and 2 spells off of the Depths, letting me shuffle away the dead cards and play a Battlement. I drew a third one for turn 3, and played the remaining 2 in my hand despite not hitting a 3rd land. I then got Memoricided for Jace the Mind Sculptor, which was a hit, but tapped Jeremiah down so that I could Genesis Wave for 8 or 9 if I hit a land. I missed on the land but flipped 3 Titans, a Slime, a Cobra, a Volition Reins, and 2 lands into play, which was enough to win, obviously.

For game 3, he had a slow start but did manage to Spreading Seas my only green. I got to 4 mana and Jace dug me into green mana. He landed another Memoricide, but it was moot as I had 4 or 5 threats in hand that came down one after the other for the next 3 turns despite him being able to counter one of them. Too many threats was good enough for the game. We did both end up playing at least 3 Jaces this game, which was fun…


Round 2: Joey Zihala- U/W Control

This match was fairly unexciting all around. In game 1 I had a mulligan to 5 that came out of the gates super quickly thanks to a turn 2 Lotus Cobra and turn 3 Acidic Slime. A pair of Titans after that was just too much for him to deal with.

+2 Summoning Trap, 1 Volition Reins, 1 Mindslaver
-4 Spreading Seas

In game 2 I had a turn 2 Overgrown Battlement that was Mana Leaked. I had the Summoning Trap, but it ended up being a complete blank, with not a creature in sight. The lost card caught up to me as he had a second Mana Leak and 3 Cancels for my 2 Titans and Wave that I was able to cast through a Leak, but not through a Cancel. His Colonnades made short work of me as I drew a pocket of lands late in the game.

In game 3 he actually never got the chance to counter anything, which was a bit of a let down as I had a pair of Summoning Traps in my hand to end the game. He was forced to tap down for a Jace, which allowed a Titan to resolve, and then a Genesis Wave shortly thereafter that was able to keep him off of all of his white mana.


Round 3: Joe Cool- Valakut

Yes, this was his real name. Joe had an interesting take on Valakut, with Joraga Treespeaker in the maindeck. He leveled it up on turn 2 with no play, and I was able to resolve a turn 3 Jace and bounce it to set him back pretty far. A turn 4 Slime took Joe off of his only green, as the Treespeaker could not level up, and it was easy sailing from there.

+2 Volition Reins, 1 Stormtide Leviathan, 1 Mindslaver
-4 Joraga Treespeaker

You really can’t afford the tempo loss of having your Treespeaker killed in response to leveling, so it is best to take them out. This game was a breeze though, as he mulliganed to a hand of only Mountains, and I had a turn 4 and 5 Frost Titan with a Mindslaver in hand to end the game without much resistance.


Round 4: Chris Miller- BUG w/ Acidic Slimes

This match up was a little stranger than normal BUG, as I predicted a Slime on turn 3 due to the way he was playing with Lotus Cobra. I had my own Slime to respond with, and the game went long with me taking out his manlands, and him fighting back with more mana acceleration. Some Titans resolved on my side though, and I was able to pull ahead and eventually seal the deal.

+1 Mindslaver, +1 Summoning Trap
-2 Spreading Seas

Between the Slimes and the Nest Invaders I saw in game 1, along with a lack of Mana Leak, I was not sure on how many, if any, counterspells he ran, as I know he had to make room somewhere. I did not want to bring in Volition Reins because of the Slimes obviously.

It didn’t matter, as I mulliganed into a 2 lander with a Cobra that was quickly dispatched by a Doom Blade, and my second Cobra ate a Smother. Chris then dropped back to back Slimes after I finally hit my 3rd land drop to set me back to 1 mana and effectively end the game.

Game 3 was more interesting, as it was a back and forth for much of the game. Eventually Chris got down a Grave Titan off of the back of 2 Lotus Cobras, but my Frost Titan locked it down and Jace bounced a token for me to make sure my Titan would not die in combat. I hovered at around 3 life for most of the late game, just trying to play defensively and not die to a Tar Pit or Cobras. I finally got off of my 4 lands and began to drop threat after threat, including fetching plenty of Khalni Gardens with my Primeval Titan to stabilize and put the game out of reach for Chris.


Round 5: Michael Nielsen- Boros

This round was covered on camera so for the video version, go here. I won the roll and mulliganed to 5 against what I soon found out was my worst match up. I ended up keeping a hand of Scalding Tarn, Forest, Jace, Primeval Titan, and Genesis Wave, but a Goblin Guide on the first turn from my opponent not only drew me a land, but allowed me to draw a Battlement for my turn 2 play. Michael ended up not attacking with his Guide again before playing a Mystic, which cost him 2 life as I would not have blocked. I played a Cobra into fetchland and Jace the following turn, and messed up with what I put on top as for some reason I blanked and forgot that a Guide attacking a planeswalker still triggers, which was obviously just a punt on my part. The game dragged on a turn as he got a Sword of Body and Mind into play and hit me down to 8. I untapped into a [card genesis wave]Wave[/card] for 6 that was fairly unexciting but hit a [card acidic slime]Slime[/card], which is what I needed. The 2 Cobras in the Wave let me play a Jace and [card]Brainstorm[/card] into a second Slime, hitting a [card]Journey to Nowhere[/card] that was played on my [card]Primeval Titan[/card], and I was able to shut down all of his red sources the next turn to make it impossible to burn me out from 6 life and secure the game for me.

+4 [card]Obstinate Baloth[/card], 2 [card]Narcolepsy[/card], 1 [card]Wall of Tanglecord[/card], 2 [card]Ratchet Bomb[/card], 1 [card]Volition Reins[/card], 1 [card]Mindslaver[/card]
-4 [card]Joraga Treespeaker[/card], -4 [card]Spreading Seas[/card], -3 [card]Genesis Wave[/card]

For game 2 we both mulliganed and Michael had the double [card]Goblin Guide[/card] draw on the play, but no second land. I drew 3 lands from 4 attacks with them, but played a turn 2 [card]Ratchet Bomb[/card]. A turn 3 [card overgrown battlement]Battlement[/card] into a turn [card jace the mind sculptor]Jace[/card] to make sure he didn’t draw a 2nd land. Another fateseal next turn with a [card]Frost Titan[/card] to lock down his only mana was all she wrote.


Round 6: Scotty Kelley- Valakut

Game 1 was rather uneventful as Scotty literally went land go for the first 3 turns, leaving him with Mountain, Forest, Mountain. I made another mistake here, as I ran out a [card acidic slime]Slime[/card] on my turn 4 as opposed to a [card]Primeval Titan[/card], and I knew the mistake as the spell left my hand, announcing that I would let him get a free [card]Harrow[/card] that turn. I had just drawn the Titan and got too tunnel visioned into the Slime play. Obviously, to reward my poor play he didn’t have the Harrow and the game ended without him casting a spell.

+2 [card]Volition Reins[/card], 1 [card]Mindslaver[/card], 1 [card]Stormtide Leviathan[/card]
-4 [card]Joraga Treespeaker[/card]

Game 2 was quite the blowout. Scotty led with some lands and a [card]Cultivate[/card], but I had the turn 2 [card]Overgrown Battlement[/card] off of Forest Island into turn 3 double Battlement again, with an Island into a turn 4 [card]Stormtide Leviathan[/card]. Scotty made some more mana and passed. I reinforced the board with a [card]Frost Titan[/card] just in case the Leviathan were to die, and he simply played 3 [card harrow]Harrows[/card] on his turn before extending the hand.


Round 7: Chris McCord-Boros

I was not so fortunate this round against Boros. In game 1 I thought I was going to stabilize after he played a [card sword of body and mind]Sword[/card] and I was able to [card acidic slime]Slime[/card] it, but he had too many [card]Spikeshot Elder[/card] activations to drop to a low life total. I took control of the board and cut off his second red mana so that his Elders were useless, but I was sitting at a dangerous 3 life. A [card]Lightning Bolt[/card] off the top of his deck was all she wrote for me.

+4 [card]Obstinate Baloth[/card], 2 [card]Narcolepsy[/card], 1 [card]Wall of Tanglecord[/card], 2 [card]Ratchet Bomb[/card], 1 [card]Volition Reins[/card], 1 [card]Mindslaver[/card]
-4 [card]Joraga Treespeaker[/card], -4 [card]Spreading Seas[/card], -3 [card]Genesis Wave[/card]

Game 2 was not as exciting, as Chris came out of the gates fast and had a [card]Squadron Hawk[/card] to refill his hand after emptying it. I had the means to take care of all of his ground troops temporarily, but it was moot as the Hawks pecked me to death shortly thereafter.


Round 8: Nolan Chaney- BR Vampires

To be perfectly honest, I don’t remember much about this match. I know I was favored and won 2-0 according to the coverage, but that is about it. I will post the Vamps board plan here though since it won’t be in the next section with Gerry.

+4 [card]Obstinate Baloth[/card], 2 [card]Narcolepsy[/card], 1 [card]Wall of Tanglecord[/card], 2 [card]Ratchet Bomb[/card]
-4 [card]Joraga Treespeaker[/card], 1 [card]Jace the Mind Sculptor[/card], 1 [card]Lotus Cobra[/card], 3 [card]Genesis Wave[/card]


Round 9: Gerry Thompson-BR Vampires

This match was covered by the coverage staff so I will simply direct you there. In summation, basically a very good match up for me although Gerry was pretty nifty with leaving in [card viscera seer]Viscera Seers[/card] after board to dome me from 15 with a [card kalastria highborn]Highborn[/card], as most people took the card out due to it being a bad turn 1 play. For the full rundown, I will direct you here.


Round 10: Christian Valenti- Mono Black Vampires

Christian was on Mono Black Vampires, which is a totally unknown match up for me but is most likely a tougher one than RB Vampires, especially since a full set of [card captivating vampire]Captivating Vampires[/card] is tough for me to beat. Luckily my breakers looked solid, so I drew into 3rd place overall in the Swiss.



It was at this point that I found out the top 8 and that I would be playing against Chris Van Meter. I had no idea what Chris was on, so I went to ask friends. Poszgay told me he was on UG and that it looked just like my deck, but I wasn’t sure what to make of this as I had not given him the list and was unaware of anyone else running Wave around that record. I went back to the Colorado contingent and asked if anyone had given out the list to additional people and was told Tom Ma had done so in exchange for a Legacy deck. I quickly got on the phone with Tom and found out that he did in fact give the list to Chris. I was a little upset at the time (at Tom) but have since talked with him and everything is cool now. Needless to say, I had not tested the mirror and came up with a board plan and game plan very quickly before sitting down for the quarterfinals, which would be that night despite the semis and finals being 2 hours before the Legacy open the following day.

Quarterfinals: Chris Van Meter- U/G Wave (73 card mirror)

This one is on camera so I won’t go into specific plays, especially since there were so many complex situations going on that describing them would be insane. Instead, I will point out a few things.

1- I missed a lethal attack 1 turn before killing him in game 1, as I failed to send in the squad which included 2 [card joraga treespeaker]Joraga Treespeakers[/card] and 3 [card lotus cobra]Lotus Cobras[/card] that sat on defense. It was going to be nearly impossible for me to lose the game anyway, but it was still an oversight due to the near 60 permanents in play between the two sides.

2- The game plan was always to have a [card joraga treespeaker]Treespeaker[/card] or [card lotus cobra]Cobra[/card] in your opener, which happened neither time for me, but my plan to keep him off of mana via [card]Narcolepsy[/card] and [card jace the mind sculptor]Jace[/card] did come to fruition for game 2 which was definitely a strong way to play.

3- Due to Chris not having [card]Narcolepsy[/card], he had to bring in [card]Volition Reins[/card] which is much worse in these matchups. Not only is it triple blue, which can be tough to acquire through [card tectonic edge]Tectonic Edges[/card] and [card acidic slime]Acidic Slimes[/card], but it is also 6 mana, making it more prone to getting Slimed itself. Narcolepsy, on the other hand, is intended to hit [card joraga treespeaker]Treespeakers[/card] and [card overgrown battlement]Overgrown Battlements[/card], but can still do a little bit of work on a Titan should that come up.

The sideboarding for the match up went like:

+2 [card]Narcolepsy[/card], 1 [card]Mindslaver[/card], 1 [card]Stormtide Leviathan[/card]
-4 [card]Spreading Seas[/card]

That night we picked up Christian Calcano to take him back to the room in addition to our 3 people who stayed the night prior. We didn’t really get the chance to eat due to getting out of the sight around 1:30am and having to start the rest of the top 8 at 8am, so we swung by a gas station and I resorted to my grade school days and ate a Lunchable, which was the greatest ever for a starved and tired individual.

We awoke to the sight of 4 inches of snow on the ground, which was going to be fun to navigate through. We didn’t get the chance to grab breakfast as a result, but made it to the event site with 20 minutes to spare.

Semifinals: Landon Doty- BR Vampires

Another match covered in detail here. This match was a little tougher than the typical Vamps list, as he had [card]Bloodthrone Vampire[/card] and [card]Mark of Mutiny[/card], which are both easier to play through mana denial. That said, I won on a mull to 5 on the draw in game 1, and game 2 only escaped me due to some insane top decked [card]Blackcleave Cliffs[/card] 2 turns in a row for Landon. He played well though, just not a good match up for him.

+4 [card]Obstinate Baloth[/card], 2 [card]Narcolepsy[/card], 1 [card]Wall of Tanglecord[/card], 2 [card]Ratchet Bomb[/card]
-4 [card]Joraga Treespeaker[/card], 1 [card]Jace the Mind Sculptor[/card], 1 [card]Lotus Cobra[/card], 3 [card]Genesis Wave[/card]

Finals: Pat McGregor- Boros

Once again, this one is covered as both a text feature match and in video form which I will link here. The match went the opposite of my round 5 feature against Boros, in that Pat had very good draws while I was lacking in them. The match is pretty difficult regardless though. I still felt pretty good about everything and the split we made for the top 4 net me more money than a straight second place would have anyway.


I definitely could not complain about my finish, especially considering the match up once I did make it to the finals. Now it was time to get a Legacy deck finished in the 20 minutes before the event started. I will not post my list here, because it was… well, awful, so just take my word on it. In fact, in the 9 matches that were played with the deck between 4 people, the only wins came in an unfortunate mirror match during round 1 and then to an opponent not showing up in round 3. Needless to say, you win some, and you lose some.

After scrubbing out of the Legacy tournament as a group, the Colorado crew decided to head to Gates Barbeque where the rest of the guys had gone last night during rounds 9 and 10 of the Standard portion. The food was quite good, but much more backyard style than Jack Stack, although more affordable to be fair. After exploiting a little bit of the “Decimal Do-We?” system (a rating system for assessing women on a 1-10 scale with decimals involved) and arguing ferociously about the sometimes 3 to 4 point difference among the table, we headed back to one of our hotels for some spirits and a draft.

We decided to mix it up a bit and do a 4 on 4 team rochester draft grab bag style. Essentially, before every pack was opened, the player would reach his hand into a bag and take out a random pack to open. The pack breakdown was 12 Scars of Mirrodin boosters, 6 Darksteel boosters, and 6 Fifth Dawn boosters, so there were some crazy interactions to be had. For example, I ended up with a [card]Furnace Celebration[/card] deck with 2 [card conjurers bauble]Conjourer’s Baubles[/card], 2 [card panic spellbomb]Panic Spellbombs[/card], a [card wayfarers bauble]Wayfarer’s Bauble[/card], and [card]Arcbound Ravager[/card]. The best was a [card]Krark-Clan Ironworks[/card] that essentially turned every artifact I had in play into a free [card]Shock[/card].

Meanwhile, on the beverage side of things, Tucker got to go into his first liquor store since he turned 21 less than a month ago and buy some beer. He emerged proud, with his chest puffed out exclaiming that he had beer for us all. For some reason, he thought that a 6 pack would support the 8 of us, which is ludicrous and even more so considering that when the beer was inspected closer, it was actually Coronitas, which are 7 oz versions of Corona. We obviously used this to make fun of him for the rest of the night despite that task never coming with much difficulty in the first place.

After my team won, we headed to bed and then woke up to another snow fall. His time the snow was still on its way down as we had to drive Calcano to the airport. That hour long detour ended, and we were back on the road in the midst of said blizzard. Every mile there seemed to be a different car in the ditch or pulled over, but we kept trucking. My car is a rear wheel drive sports car, but it seemed to be doing fine in the snow, enough to be passing most of the convoys of trucks along the way. We actually made it about 350 miles going between 50-60 miles per hour and then stopped in Hays, Kansas. I-70 was closed about 100 miles down the road so we knew we were going to have to crash somewhere for the night, and Hays was the biggest city along the way.

The stay was fairly uneventful other than our restaurant trip. I decided to look up some place good to eat in this alien town and settled on Whiskey River steakhouse. We got all dressed, went outside and jumped in the car then busted out the GPS while we let the car warm up. We began to pull out to the street but stopped and argued about where the GPS had us going. We sat there for easily 5 minutes debating on which way to turn before finally saying screw it and getting on to the street. We drove all of 10 seconds before turning our heads to see Whiskey River steakhouse literally attached to the hotel we were staying at. A fail, but a memorable one.

As for the deck itself, I don’t really see a reason to change any cards assuming that the format remains the same. Granted, that is unlikely, but there isn’t a ton of time left in this format anyway, so I can see it staying pretty much the same until then. If you are worried about Boros, some extra slots need to be dedicated to it out of the board, but personally I think leaving that match up as a 30-70 or whatever is probably safe as you need to have a bad match up somewhere and Boros isn’t hugely popular.

Overall it was a fun weekend, and if we can block Legacy from our minds, I didn’t do too bad. I won’t be in San Jose, so expect to see me next at GP Atlanta. As for what I will be playing there? I wish I could tell you… Thanks for reading.

Conley Woods

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  1. nice result.. I bought two dozen g waves online I hope they gain a little value… of course it is just pennies and dimes stuff, but you have to start somewhere…..

  2. Hyperlinks were removed from the article which makes it look a lot stranger during rounds in which there were a feature match, I will see if I can get them reinstated. My apologies as I was told they would stay there and the writing looks absent otherwise.

  3. I, for one, would like to know more about the Decimal Do We? system. You can’t just leave us in the dark, Conley.

    Also, I think Conley needs a nickname. Seems everyone but he and Brad have one (FFfreak is no nickname, it is easier to say his actual name!).

  4. Fun Stuff! I especially like the part where the steakhouse was attached to your hotel.

    Brave of you to run the deck leaked! Grats on your finish!

  5. No reason to side out Viscera Seers when I’m boarding in Demons, and you can’t really beat Highborn/Bloodghast/Seer anyway.

  6. @ GerryT

    I agree and in retrospect it seemed correct, I had just not run into that board plan in testing prior to that match so it caught me off guard. BTW your match run down was one of those hyperlinks that was removed without me knowing, so it seems shorter than it should be 🙁

  7. Great deck and article, but I was just wondering why the the mindslaver was there, and was brought in frequently. Did I miss something in the explanation?

  8. Gerry T is pretty to brave to go the Demon plan against a deck with possibly as many as 4 Jace 2 Narcolepsy 2 volition Reins. If you’re boarding Demon in against that I guess you’re boarding it in against UB Control since they have a similar number of answers to a resolved demon.

  9. It’s odd that we had 3 U/G decks in the top 8. I was piloting the only non Wave U/G deck but our decks did mostly the same things.

    To help vrs boros and etc I think Contagion Clasp or even Engine is an option. I don’t know how great of an option they are though. My deck ran 7 Walkers so Clasp seemed fine. It allows Venser to ultimate 1 turn earlier which can be massive and blinking clasp with venser is obvious fun.

    I liked your list and I think a mesh of your anti-aggro and mine would increase my decks %’s vrs vamps and Boros. After playing Masticore i really liked him in my deck. It was added to my deck as I was short a Frost Titan and I wanted an out to Elf Lords. Masticore is pretty sick.

    The Mind slaver is awesome though. That’s definitely being added to my SB.

  10. I really wasn’t sure how to sideboard as I did not do any testing prior to that tournament (even though I doubt I would have played a lot of games against UG Wave, but who knows). I also saw you bounce a Demon with Jace in the coverage against Gerry, so maybe I just got scared and didn’t want to risk an all in plan that you had an easy trump to (you also had Narcolepsy). Obviously Gerry knows what he is doing more than I do, but I didn’t feel like I wanted to side in a card that seemed risky.

    I did get extremely lucky and really gambled on my three one drop one land hand, but I was tired and had no idea what I was doing in that matchup other than I had to beat you up really fast. Getting the two Blackcleave Cliffs in a row is a lot more humorous looking back on it (I was too tired to realize those were my only outs until you pointed it out after the game). You were fun to play against and you were a nice guy during the top 8. Something I value very highly as a quality of Magic players. Congrats on the finish, but sorry you couldn’t take home the trophy!

    If I ever need any sweet tech, I will just ask Tom to ship it.

  11. Great article Conley. Still couldn’t believe Neilson didnt swing with Guide first before playing Stoneforge…. it may not have mattered much but still, EVERY POINT MATTERS!

  12. Oh, also…Gates is awesome. I am glad you got to try out some of the KC BBQ. I have a Gates about 5 minutes away from my house. I am kind of surprised I haven’t had a heart attack yet.

  13. Need more info about a) the car b) the decimal game c) traded the decklist for a legacy deck? lolwut?

  14. Why does Mindslaver come in versus Boros? The only thing I can see is to take control of their Spikeshot Elder and have him ping all his teammates. Is that the reason?

  15. >Tom Ma obliged me. After beating him resoundingly in about 8 out of 10 games and winning with both Slaver and Leviathan, I was set on the split and we headed to bed.

    Oh my.

  16. Slaver comes in because you absolutely need to take out those 11 cards and Slaver has some uses like when they are sand bagging burn or have an elder or fetchlands, etc etc and you get to suicide their guys away. You essentially don’t have more than 9 great cards against them in the board so you turn to the B squad stuff which has uses but is far from the ideal card against them.

  17. Fun fact: each of those guns on that buck hunter is worth roughly a JtMS, a Primeval Titan, and Frost Titan combined when it comes to replacing them.

    I really like how focused the deck is in comparison to the Travis woo version from a couple months ago. I so miss the sudden ob nixilis wins, but the smoothness is a welcome trade.

  18. I know Chris McCord in real life. It sucks that you lost to him. Good job, though, and I really like your deck.

  19. oh Mr Conley give us some rouge deck……………. will you
    this time around your deck is a pile of hot-glue-gunned mythic rare with some spice, that is not exciting at all…………….
    at least give us a deck that most people can afford (in my county with the same amount of money you can buy a moped –a)

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