Blood Sun

Blood Sun is the most exciting Rivals of Ixalan card for Eternal formats.

Just by reading its name, you can identify the allusion to Blood Moon, a an incredibly powerful Eternal card. Today we’ll explore its possible uses and some of its rulings, since the card can lead to some weird scenarios.


Moon Stompy

Moon Stompy is an old archetype Legacy archetype, originally called Dragon Stompy, but now there are no more Dragons to be seen. Just some 4-mana planeswalker and a ton of Moons! I covered this deck a few months ago, and now thanks to Blood Sun it got a huge boost. A turn-1 Blood Sun will be similar to a turn-1 Blood Moon since fetchlands or Wastelands make up about 50% of most deck’s mana bases.

Whereas it’s worse turn 1, it’s a fine card to draw later in the game when your opponent is locked down already and you need to shut the door, since it cantrips!

Drawing the second/third Moon effect is very bad, but you have to resolve the first. And now you’ll get to do it way more often (remember to mulligan accordingly).

Here’s the classic question—is this deck better than Mono-Red Sneak Attack?

I think so. Mono-Red Sneak Attack is super clunky and I sort of hated it when I played it. It can be explosive and win on turn 1, but since it has no cantrips it will fizzle often and I’d rather play Moon Stompy since it’s slightly more stable. Of course, Blood Sun can easily fit in there too since you aim to drop a Blood Moon or a Chalice of the Void on turn 1 anyway, so adding Blood Sun to the mix will be still very good.


I don’t think Moon Stompy can be effective in Modern, since there are no Ancient Tombs or City of Traitors to get it into play as early as turn 1.

Blood Sun will still be a fantastic card against most of the field if you build your deck around it, but you can even use it defensively:

R/G Tron

Longtime readers know my hatred for Modern Tron, and don’t worry, I haven’t changed my mind. I have to put out content though!

Blood Sun shuts down fetchlands, Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle, Ghost Quarter, and Field of Ruins. The matchups versus U/W and B/G are good, but you can sometimes lose to their 4-of Field of Ruins, and this will be an efficient way to prevent it—you even draw a card!

It does shut off a small part of your lands—Sanctum of Ugin most of all—and it doesn’t combo very well with Oblivion Stone and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, but it might be worth working around that to protect your Tron lands.

Is this version better than regular B/G Tron? R/G Tron was the go-to Tron color combination for a very long time. Grove of the Burnwillows is much better than any other land for fixing, but Fatal Push and Collective Brutality are appealing interactions. We’ll see if Blood Sun is enough to make Tron return to its roots.

Various Rulings

Click to enlarge.

Last week, after Blood Sun was released, I saw a document about it in an Italian group. I shared it, and it quickly became very popular because the card creates some weird scenarios. I’ll go over it again with some more clarifications:

Blood Sun will only let the mana abilities of the cards work. Everything else in the textbox is deleted.
Creeping Tar Pit will be an Underground Sea, and Boros Garrison an R/W Sol Land.
• Cyclelands will still cycle and filterlands will still filter.
City of Brass and Glimmervoid will add any color without any downside.
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Dryad Arbor, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, and Ancient Tomb will be unaffected.
City of Traitors and Lotus Vale will get a huge bonus because they won’t cause a trigger at any time and they will just add 2 colorless and 3 of any color forever.
• Some lands are trickier, because it’s relevant if they entered the battlefield before or after Blood Sun was in play. Cavern of Souls and Unclaimed Territory won’t be affected if they were in play before Blood Sun, and they’ll just add colorless after. Gemstone Mine and Vesuva won’t be affected if they’re in play before Blood Sun, and they will not add any mana or be able to copy anything if played after.

Hopefully, I cleared up any doubts that you had about this card, which seems like a good addition to some archetypes for Eternal formats!

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