Biagio Ruocco Wins Grand Prix Lyon

583 players descended on Lyon, France to participate in the Standard Grand Prix at MagicFest Lyon. Theros Beyond Death is no longer new to the scene and the metagame has developed in the wake of the Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa’s Worlds victory with Azorius Control. Grand Prix Lyon put this new meta to the test.

The Top 8 had an aggressive bend to it, with two copies each of Mono Red and Rakdos Aristocrats. There were also two copies of Bant Midramp alongside a copy of Sultai Midrange  and a copy of Temur Reclamation. Reclamation was pegged as one of the better decks going into the weekend and Quentin Leroy made it all the way to the finals with the archetype. There he ran into Biagio Ruocco on Mono Red. The red deck was the most popular strategy in Lyon and Ruocco helped to put it into the conversation for best deck of the weekend with his Grand Prix victory.



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