Barren Glory Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Barren Glory Brew Off!

This new series has been a huge success and I’m happy to get so much community participation.

While there can only be one winner, I hope that everyone who tried has learned new important lessons to grow as a deckbuilder.

After all, the primary goal of this series is to help raise the deckbuilding level of the community.

Barren Glory Combos

Barren Glory is a challenge to make work—you need an empty hand, an empty board, and an untap step.

People approached this challenge from many angles and produced many creative combos and decks.

The most common submissions used One With Nothing to discard the hand and Greater Gargadon to sacrifice the board.

These are efficient ways to empty your hand and board, but I am more excited by methods that HAPPEN to empty my hand and board, rather than going way out of my way to do it.

All you need is 18 mana to play Barren Glory, Oblivion Ring it, and play a Worldfire!

I like this as a win condition, but if we’re going this route we need an engine that can reliably produce 18 mana. Try to survive and cast these spells off lands and you’ll be disappointed.

Important question, how do we RELIABLY generate 18ish mana?

Bonus points to those that skipped the Oblivion Ring step and went for Obliterate.

Karn as a victory condition is pretty hilarious. You need 7 mana, +4 to exile your Barren Glory, untap, +4 yourself removing an instant, untap, ultimate Karn, restart the game with Barren Glory, MULLIGAN TO ZERO, and win!

This is an awesome win condition and I’m all for it, but it takes a lot of work from mythic Karn to make this work. Karn needs to be protected through 2 combat steps and you need to survive whatever the opponent is doing as well.

It’s an appealing option, but I’m more intrigued by other options that are both more convoluted and more competitive.

Cast Barren Glory, untap, cast Death Cloud for X=more than you have lands, win!

This is a reasonable option if you like midrange, which is not my personal favorite. There are certainly competitive options using this combination but I want to go crazier.

Using a Lost Auramancers combo to find a Barren Glory is sweet. Although you still need a plan for emptying your hand and destroying your lands. This is still a pretty exciting combination.

If you like convoluted, Enduring Ideal is a great option. It’s a many-step process that I will leave to your imagination, but this does work.

I’m excited by the idea of sacrificing lands without Greater Gargadon. This way you aren’t reliant on drawing your outlet. You have it naturally built into your deck.

If you empty your hand with rituals it’s possible to win with Barren Glory starting on your second turn!

Krark-Clan Ironworks as a mana engine combined with Mindless Automaton to meet Barren Glory victory conditions is awesome.

Time Sieve and Ugin’s Nexus both work here as well. If you use an all-artifact mana base there is potential for a fast non-interactive combo deck, but fighting through disruption will be difficult.

Barren Glory Winner

While there were 200 awesome submissions, only one winner will receive the $25 in CFB store credit.

I went about picking the winner based on the requirements stated in the article.

Presentation, uniqueness, and competitiveness were equally important.


Runner-Up #1

The fastest and most consistent combo deck was submitted by James Ferry.

Through the Breach + Hellcarver Demon can be accelerated out on the 1st turn for a 2nd-turn Barren Glory win.

James Ferry’s Through the Breach Glory

This deck lost points for not being cost sorted. Presentation is important!

I plan on playing a version like this for myself. Through the Breach + Hellcarver Demon is seamless, fast, and fun.

Runner-Up #2

The best control deck was submitted by Pedro Traila.

Pedro’s version empties its hand by simply casting spells, and these spells help to ensure you stay alive naked for a turn waiting for Barren Glory.

Mana Seism as your sacrifice outlet works great for putting Barren Glory out as early as the 4th turn.

Pedro Traila – Mana Seism Glory

Again, this deck was not submitted cost sorted. I know I am very picky about this, but I have the rules for a reason and I hope it’s better next time around.

This deck looks great though if you are looking for a control deck.

Barren Glory Winner 1st Place

Jack Kerns – Horseman’s Glory

“Hi Travis, I call this deck Horseman’s Glory! It’s a Modern version of the Legacy 4 Horseman deck using Warp World that wins with Barren Glory. Here’s my list:

The game plan is to ramp/clog up the board early with permanent based mana acceleration in the form of Oracle, Wood Elves, Lotus Cobra, and Simulacrum until you can drop a Warp World (or Rune-Scarred Demon to tutor for it). Once Warp World is cast, the apocalypse begins. Warp World wants to hit either an Eternal Witness/Mnemonic Wall to return it to hand, or another Demon to search for another Warp World (Loaming Shaman can shuffle it back into the deck). With Lotus Cobra making mana through land drops and Wood Elf/Oracle triggers, the mana generated off of a Warp World should allow you to chain Warp Worlds together indefinitely. This loop is performed any number of times until Worldfire is in hand (Solemn/Oracle and Demon dig for the Worldfire) and Barren Glory is on the field under an Oblivion Ring. The kill combo is the simple Worldfire + Barren Glory, though the setup is a bit unorthodox, and fairly consistent. It’s similar to the 4 Horseman deck in that theoretically, it’s possible to infinitely recur Warp World getting Eternal Witness and 8 lands each time (you’d have to be VERY unlucky for that to happen). I hope you enjoy the flavor of the wacky world ending weirdness of this deck!”

This is a winning submission.

The deck is presented with enthusiasm, the deck is cost sorted, and the convoluted game plan is explained in 244 words which falls under requirements.

The deck itself is awesome. It looks competitive, is certainly unique, and I imagine super fun.

This is a deck I am excited to build and try for myself!

Barren Glory Brew Off

Once more I want to thank everyone has participated in this series making the first week a huge success. I hope that it has been worth your while even if you weren’t selected as the winner.

Check back later as we continue this series with another crazy brew round!

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