Bant Company with Eldritch Moon

For as long as Collected Company is still in Standard, expect to see it over and over againI love Bant Company, and for my PT Eldritch Moon preparation I’ll be working to find the best version of it.

Let’s examine the new cards that could bolster this archetype, and then close with updated deck lists for Bant Company and Bant Humans.

Spell Queller

Spell Queller is an insane addition to this deck. It provides a completely new tool for the deck, and now leaving mana up for Collected Company not only means representing a tapper, a bouncer, or some planeswalkers, it also means countering any 4-or-less-cost spell!

Spell Queller is not only that, it’s also an evasive creature in a format where clogged boards are commonplace in the Bant mirror or GW matchups. A flyer to get rid of planeswalkers or to apply pressure is exactly what you needed.

People tend to think that Spell Queller is just a 1-for-1’d once they kill it, but it still provides a nice tempo swing and some extra damage. It is certainly worse than Reflector Mage, but it’s going to be a 4-of in any Bant Company build.

Thalia, Heretical Cathar

Thalia’s stats are great. A 3/2 first strike with a relevant ability is no joke. Unfortunately, there are so many better options available for Bant Company among the 3-drops that I think Thalia will only be played in 1 or 2 copies.

Tamiyo, Field Researcher

There’s a lot of hype around this card—maybe even too much. I don’t think this card will see play in this deck for as long as Collected Company is legal.

It’s expensive and sorcery speed, and that’s not where you want to be in this archetype since you want to have very few noncreatures and this one doesn’t justify the tradeoff.

It can be great if you are racing (with the -2 ability) or it can be good paired with Sylvan Advocate (with the +1 ability) to net extra cards as both an attacker and a blocker, but overall I expect it to be mediocre with so many more appealing options on the bench.


As I said for Tamiyo, you should really think twice before adding a noncreature card to your deck, and this one, to me, is one of the worst options. It definitely creates a nice tempo swing when it bounces an expensive spell, but it can also be a bad Echoing Truth, which makes it an unexciting card.

I wouldn’t play this card main deck or sideboard in any configuration of Bant Company.

Heron’s Grace Champion

Here I’m only talking about Bant Humans, and I’m not so sure of my feelings on this one. It was insane at my prerelease in a deck full of Humans—does that count?

Even if it doesn’t, Heron’s Grace Champion is an all-star in a race and a nice surprise card that can help bluff Collected Company or other instants when passing the turn with 4 mana up.

I love instant-speed cards in Company decks, and that’s why I like the Champion.

Bant Company

With the arrival of Spell Queller, you can finally bury Eldrazi Displacer forever. You don’t want to overload on 3-drops and Displacer makes you add a Wastes, which is very painful for a mana base that’s already precarious.

I chose to play only 2 copies of Bounding Krasis because I had to make a cut, and I want to have 2 Nissa, Vastwood Seers in my main deck. I love the card because it helps the deck to function better and always hits land drops.

Bant Humans

Bant Humans hasn’t gained a lot, but I would like to cut Eldrazi Displacer from this deck as well, since not only does the problem of the mana base come up again, it’s also very anti-synergistic with Heron’s Grace Champion and Thalia’s Lieutenent.

I’ve never liked Bant Humans much. I’ve always preferred Bant Company, especially now that Spell Queller is a card I can really abuse.

Good luck in your Standard events this weekend!

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