Bant Collected, Displaced Humans

How do you make a tribal Human deck better? You add some Eldrazi, obviously!

I love Eldrazi Displacer. The card is seriously fun to play, completely absurd, and I’ve even seen it creep into Vintage. Standard, Modern, Eternal, Commander, whatever: if you can find an opponent, you can put Displacer into your deck!

Speaking of Displacer popping up everywhere—let’s talk about how it got into this Bant Humans Company deck!

Ann Arbor—Displace is Da Bomb

I worked with the Ann Arbor guys again for #GPMinn and at first it looked like I was going to be the freeloader.

After I hit Silver last week, I wasn’t highly motivated to go hard at Magic. My flame burned a little too bright the past few weeks and I needed a break from the grind. I decided to spend the week taking it easy and spending much needed time with my girlfriend and family.

Note that “taking a break from the grind” still culminated in driving roughly 11 hours each way to #GPMinn (#priorities #gameon).

A few of my teammates, Andrew Elenbogen and Stu Parnes, had already determined that Bant Humans was a busted-in-half deck. I hadn’t really played much with the list but once I started looking at all of the various flavors of Bant Collected Company, I became convinced that adding Eldrazi Displacer to the Bant Humans deck would be insane.

Basically, everybody agreed that Knight of the White Orchid was the weakest card and so we made a clean swap of Knights for Displacers. The trick became figuring out how to have a “Wastes” mana base that could also support Thraben Inspector. The cost of the mana wasn’t too great and the upside of adding Displacer was so high that it made perfect sense once we set out to do it.

Eldrazi and Humans Living Together—Mass Hysteria!

The deck turned out to be pretty fantastic and put one of the three people who played it, Andrew Elenbogen, into the Top 4 and qualified him for PT Sydney. Congrats to Andrew on a great tournament!

Bant Displaced Humans

Andrew Elenbogen, 3rd place at Grand Prix Minneapolis

The Bant Humans deck is already a known commodity in Standard.

Collected Company and Thalia’s Lieutenant were already two of the best “strategies” in Standard and it was only a matter of time before they joined forces!

Q: What happens when aggressive beatdown meets cascading card advantage?
A: You win. A lot.

Speaking of cards that bring the beats and refill the grip…

“My grip overfloweth…”

The thing that is so great about Bant is that running it out of threats via removal feels like an impossible struggle. There are so many cards that are threats and draw more cards!

More Human than Humans

Eldrazi Displacer may not be a Human but it sure has a ton of synergy with the Human cards in Standard! He’s also a nice source of recurring card and board advantage in the late game.

There are a few amazing enters-the-battlefield triggers in the Humans deck already which really pushes Displacer’s ability in the deck. If you haven’t experienced the joy that is displacing your own Reflector Mage, I strongly recommend trying it out.

The other combo that came up a lot and was extremely powerful was to Displace Thalia’s Lieutenant to put +1/+1 counters onto all of your Human creatures. Over and over and over again…

The Eldrazi Displacers shined in both of Andrew’s matchups against Yuuya Watanabe’s Bant Humans (playing for Top 8 and again in Top 8).

In both matches, both players spewed tons of creatures onto the battlefield and were able to pump them up with Lieutenants. But it was the Eldrazi Displacers that ultimately broke up the ground stalls. In one game in Top 8, Yuuya had approximately 10 creatures in play with roughly 40 power and conceded because Andrew’s Displacers spelled inevitable game over.

The fact that the card generates recurring card and board advantage is pretty huge especially in creature-based matchups where the board is prone to stalling out.

In my experience in Standard, if 1 player has an Eldrazi Displacer and the other can’t kill it, the game typically ends horrifically for the person without one.


I also love that the sideboard is a bunch of Negates and more threats!

Bant is great. Negate is great. Max is great.

I could even see sideboarding a 4th Negate since it typically comes in when you want to board out your Dromoka’s Commands.

Another spicy gem from out of the bulk box! Unfortunately, you can’t Company into it, but there are a lot of situations where you can play this card against opposing Cryptolith Rites and essentially evacuate their entire team and attack uncontested for lethal.

Profaner is also great at bouncing a ton of GW Tokens creatures and making all of their planeswalkers vulnerable for one turn.

You also get to bring in the premier threats for the type of matchups where they really shine. Neither card is great against enough decks to warrant a spot in the main deck, but each card is so exceptional against certain decks that I’m happy to bring them in. Stu and Andrew identified that these cards were key to have in high quantity in the sideboard.

You really want Avacyn against Collected Company mirrors. You really want Gideon against Languish decks. And so, you have them!

It’s always fun to come up with some technology and see it work when put into practice. There is no better feeling in Magic than coming up with a cool idea, figuring out how to make it work, and then having yourself or a friend succeed with it.

Not that you needed much of an excuse to want to play with Eldrazi Displacer, but the card is great in this deck!

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