AspiringSpike’s New Capenna Prerelease Recap

Prereleases are a big part of my history with MTG. My first ever Magic event was the Return to Ravnica prerelease that my friends took me to back in 2012. I randomly selected the Selesnya guild kit and ended up loving how the colors were great at flooding the board with tons of tokens. I was convinced that Grove of the Guardian was the best card ever printed, and I did my best to build a Standard deck built around the two copies that I opened. That pile of green and white cards I opened eventually evolved into a Selesnya Aggro deck that I played every weekend of that Standard format. In that time frame, I would carefully comb the new cards from following set releases looking for good green and white spells that I could use to upgrade my list. I remember being ecstatic to open not only an Advent of the Wurm but also a copy of Voice of Resurgence in my Dragon’s Maze booster packs. 

At least once, every Magic player should enjoy the simple fun of playing with new cards for the first time, talking to your friends about what cards are obviously broken and which ones are unplayable nonsense, and building your collection. This simple fun was something I looked forward to every set release, and I made plenty of fond memories over the years sharing these moments with friends. 

However, over the years as most of my friends started to drift away from MTG, and the vast majority of my interaction with the game became more serious, professional and competitive, I started going to fewer and fewer prereleases until I stopped all together. So with the release of Streets of New Capenna I wanted to make an effort to more casually enjoy the cards like I used to. I hit up the old group chat, and  my friends Matt, Danny, Tony and I all decided to go to the Saturday morning prerelease at one of my favorite local game stores in Dallas: Common Ground Games.

Going into the event, my only goals were to have fun and to spend some quality time with friends that I don’t get to see often enough. I wasn’t sure what family I wanted to choose. I was leaning towards Riveteers as I was hoping to open their charm for Jund Midrange in Modern, but I didn’t have a strong preference overall. My choice was made easy when I was told that the only boxes left were Brokers, and since I was the first of my friends to arrive, they also joined the Brokers guild. 




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