Announcing Team CFB

I’m proud to announce the launch of Team CFB today. ChannelFireball has always been focused on team-building and community, and launching an Esports team is the next step. When forming this team, we looked at which players represent the ChannelFireball values, and we are very happy with our roster. From fierce competition to community-building and entertainment, our team has many facets, and we are excited to introduce to each of the members I’ll introduce today.

The Members of Team CFB

Luis Scott-Vargas (LSV)



I’m going to be the co-captain of the team, along with William “Huey” Jensen, and I’m looking forward to bringing you more of the content that I’m passionate about. As always, I balance competition (I’m still in the hunt for a Magic Pro League slot this year) and having fun, which I do all the time on stream, in videos, and in articles for this very website. I’m also a Hall of Famer, and even have the (ridiculous) ring to prove it.

William “Huey” Jensen


Huey Jensen Team CFB MTG

As co-captain, Huey is responsible for keeping certain elements of the team under control (read: me). He’s always in contention for the title of current best player, and his stream gives everyone the opportunity to see into the mind of one of the game’s greats. Plus, he has an awesome dog named Lyra.

Jeffrey “sjow” Brusi


Sjow Team CFB MTG

Sjow streams more hours than I knew existed, and manages to keep the quality level top-notch while doing so. I’m very excited to have the privilege of teaming with him.

Gaby Spartz


Gaby Spartz Team CFB MTG

Gaby is a veteran Magic streamer, and as a community-builder is second to none. She brings the perfect mix of humor, competition, and entertainment to the team, though she can be quick to judge my incredibly funny jokes.

Reid “The Bones” Duke


Reid Duke Team CFB MTG

(Okay, he’s not actually called “The Bones” by anyone but me, but I’m the one writing this.)

Reid is an incredible player and asset to the community, and I’m proud to have him on the team. On the other hand, I do owe him four Stronghold Shocks that he lent me for MC 1, and now I definitely have to return them.

Martin Juza


Martin Juza Team CFB MTG

Martin is one of the original members of Team ChannelFireball, and has contributed a ton toward our understanding of Limited ever since. Some of us may have been slower to learn than others, but him teaching me that the mulligan button exists definitely helped, and he now gets to help the world at large via his excellent stream.

Andrea Mengucci


Andrea Mengucci Team CFB MTG

Andrea is an outstanding player and deserves to be on the team for #menguccicuisine alone, but his love for Vintage and Legacy is really what sealed the deal. Of course, the Invitational win is incredible too, and he’s a fantastic addition for all those reasons and more.

You can check out www.teamcfb.com for the roster and social links for all the team members, and you can continue to find all of their content (plus new additions like MagicFM) right here on ChannelFireball.com. We are excited to compete in this new arena, and look forward to an awesome year!


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