Announcing Jumpstart

Update, April 20, 2020: Due to ongoing issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, Jumpstart‘s release date has been moved to July 17, 2020. The product will release on MTG Arena on July 16 and the cards will be available in Magic Online Treasure Chests starting June 25.

Coming this summer, Jumpstart is a new booster product that mashes up Constructed and Sealed Deck. Announced today, the set will be sold in 20 card boosters built around a theme. The idea is that you can take two boosters and shuffle them together with lands and have a deck to battle other Jumpstart players. Some themes listed include Garruk, Unicorns, Doctor, Cats, and Pirates. Not all boosters around the same theme will contain the same cards – there are 121 different possible booster packs available. Each pack will also contain a basic land with on-theme art.

Jumpstart is a set comprised of nearly 500 reprints as well as 37 new cards. These cards will be legal in Commander, Legacy, and Vintage. They will also be legal in Historic when Jumpstart comes to MTG Arena. One in three Jumpstart packs will have an extra rare.

Jumpstart will have a Prerelease June 20-21. The set will release to tabletop on July 3.


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