MagicFest Video Coverage By ChannelFireball

I know you’ve all been eager for an announcement about coverage, specifically about MagicFest video coverage, and we at ChannelFireball have been eager to talk about it too. We’ve just reached an agreement with Wizards of the Coast and we’ll be broadcasting coverage of select Grand Prix in 2019, starting with MagicFest Los Angeles next weekend!

Coverage will be available at twitch.tv/channelfireball and we’re committed to bringing you a polished, high-quality product. We’re open to feedback and will be looking to improve and adapt wherever we can—we want to make the kind of video coverage you want to watch.

Our coverage team for MagicFest Los Angeles will consist of two commentary teams; myself and Riley Knight, and Marshall Sutcliffe and William “Huey” Jensen. We also have Vincent Chandler, better known as PleasantKenobi on the internet, acting as a floor reporter and our person on the ground. If something interesting or cool happens in the hall, we’ll know about it and we’ll cover it.

We’d like to thank Wizards of the Coast for subsidizing some of the video coverage expenses; for others interested in directly supporting coverage, we’ll be revamping the ChannelFireball Twitch Channel with new subscriber options, with all proceeds going back into improving the coverage broadcast.

We’re working with Wizards of the Coast to finalize the full list of the events that’ll have video coverage. As soon as we know, you’ll know. Until then, we hope we’ll see you over at twitch.tv/channelfireball!

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