According to Webster – M10 Draft #7

Pack 1 pick 1:


Giant Spider, Gravedigger, Divine Verdict, and Goblin Artillery are the best cards. Mind Rot and Deathmark are also fine cards, though not as good as the cards in the other group. Mind Rot can be devastating; if you’ve ever had two played against you in back-to-back turns, you know what it’s like. Other times, Mind Rot will just nab two lands from their hand. Deathmark is good enough to play maindeck when you’re not playing green or white also. Giant Spider is the best green common because it’s big enough to fight off most of the ground creatures while beating every common flyer. The major problem with taking Giant Spider first is that you’re giving yourself a reason to commit to green which is one of the worst colors; green spells aren’t as good as the other colors. Spells play more of a role in determining who wins the game than creatures. Gravedigger is very good. It’s going to bring back your Shivan Dragon, generate +1 card advantage when creatures trade one-for-one, or just prevent trading with a large creature like a 4/4 turn into a two-for-one. Black is one of the better colors; taking Gravedigger is a good start to securing a position in it. Divine Verdict is mediocre removal, but removal nonetheless. It’s expensive and situational. Leaving mana open to cast it defensively can lead to falling behind on the board if your opponent gets the read on you and just plays more creatures without attacking. Your need to play a creature increases every turn to the point of you being outnumbered so much that Divine Verdict won’t accomplish enough at that point. Other times, Divine Verdict will function efficiently enough. There’ll be only one creature that’s bigger than your creatures. If it attacks/blocks, you’ll use Divine Verdict to kill it. White is also a good color; it’s deep like black. Goblin Artillery is the best card; it provides board control for multiple turns. Two damage is enough to invalidate many creatures. Goblin Artillery isn’t as effective if you’ve taken a lot of damage before it becomes active. You won’t be able to fire off as many shots. It’s also not as good against green because their creatures are large. You’ll be able to trade one-for-one with their creatures while taking three damage in the process. Goblin Artillery is very good when combined with black giving you access to life-gaining cards like Child of Night, Tendrils of Corruption, and Consume Spirit, though the mana in that deck is very intensive because you need two mountains early along with lot of swamps. Another problem with Goblin Artillery is that red is a shallow color. Also, its best spells require a heavy commitment to red. Despite the shallowness of red, Goblin Artillery is the best pick because it provides the most virtual advantage. It’s a card that requires immediate attention; some decks will straight up lose to it.

My pick: Goblin Artillery

Pack 1 pick 2:


There are many decent cards here. Mind Control is leagues beyond decent; it’s unfair. The tempo swings Mind Control generates wins games. There are very few games where resolving Mind Control doesn’t lead to anything less than giving you a significant fighting chance to win.

My pick: Mind Control

Pack 1 pick 3:


Essence Scatter, Armored Ascension, and Stormfront Pegasus are options. Having been passed Mind Control, taking blue cards becomes more attractive. A friend of mine refers to Essence Scatter as the blue Terror. While it’s not quite the same card, it functions very similarly. You have to have Essence Scatter in your hand and leave mana open to use it which is much worse than Terror which can be drawn after a creature has resolved and still be used to kill it. Essence Scatter won’t be as useful if the opponent resolves a good creature and you draw it afterwards. Leaving mana open to play Essence Scatter isn’t going to be too hindering most of the time because it’s only two mana. Armored Ascension and Stormfront Pegasus are both good white cards. Armored Ascension turns a creature into a Nightmare. If left unchecked, it will end the game quickly. Considering that we have Goblin Artillery and Mind Control, both cards that we want to play in different colors, it would be better to entrench ourselves in blue if possible because Mind Control is so amazing. If Essence Scatter were something else much worse, taking Armored Ascension would be a better choice because it leaves us open if red dries up. However, that isn’t the case because Essence Scatter is very good.

My pick: Essence Scatter

Pack 1 pick 4:


Negate, Ice Cage, and Ponder are the blue options. Ponder and Negate can usually be picked up late; both are playable. Negate is especially good because it stops so many powerful cards like Fireball, Overrun, and Mind Control. Ponder is good when you’re looking for a specific card because it sees four cards whereas Divination only sees two. Ice Cage is fine removal, but can fall apart if the opponent is playing cards like Blinding Mage, Oakenform, Armored Ascension, Sparkmage Apprentice, etc. Ice Cage is fine most of the time. Gravedigger is the only good non-blue card. It’s a powerful card. Between Ice Cage and Gravedigger, the weaker card is Ice Cage. Ice Cage is situational one-for-one removal whereas Gravedigger ranges from one-for-one to two-for-one trades. While taking Gravedigger would put us in a third color or out of red, it’s a better option than Ice Cage and Negate. Negate isn’t worth picking up this early and Ice Cage is also a card that can be picked up late. It’s important to not overload on Ice Cage/Illusionary Servant because it will be very hard to beat decks that have lots of permanent targeting cards.

My pick: Gravedigger

Pack 1 pick 5:


Red doesn’t appear to be open. Warpath Ghoul is a vanilla creature that can be picked up late. There are better cards available like Divination and Weakness. Divine Verdict may mean that white is still open as an option. Weakness is removal which generally is better than card drawing spells. However, it’s very mediocre because it doesn’t kill much on its own. It can kill Merfolk Looter which is important. Weakness also can significantly slow down an offensive while not affecting your creature summoning because it’s so cheap to cast. Divination is better than Weakness. Card-drawing spells are important because they allow you to get ahead of the opponent. While not every extra card drawn is going to be a spell, card-drawing spells will advance you through the dead draws faster into the live ones whereas the opponent will be stuck with their one draw per turn. Weakness is a card that I wouldn’t want to play more than one of whereas Divination is a card that I would happily play three of. It would be better to take Divination because if another copy of whatever we pick comes around, Divination is going to be more useful than Weakness.

My pick: Divination

Pack 1 pick 6:


Another Divine Verdict means white is open. We could jump into white without losing much or we could continue with blue/black. Black is offering Diabolic Tutor and Drudge Skeletons as options. Drudge Skeletons is okay, but will wheel often. It’s best in black/blue when you’re evading the opponent’s creatures with flyers. Diabolic Tutor is only as good as your best cards. It’s not very good when you don’t have a powerful card to search for. Mind Control qualifies as a powerful card. It’s hard to gauge how good Diabolic Tutor will be so early in the draft. Thankfully, we’ve got a sweet card already. Even though there are late Divine Verdicts floating around making white an attractive option, black appears to be open. There’s no guarantee that white will end up being more open than black in pack three. In pack two, it’s more likely that white won’t be open because we’ve already passed several packs with good white picks; because of those reasons, it’s better to stay in black and take the Diabolic Tutor.

My pick: Diabolic Tutor

Pack 1 pick 7:


Serpent of the Endless Sea is not very good. It often won’t be able to attack and requires a heavy commitment to Islands to make it bigger than a 3/3. Paying five mana for a 3/3 wall is undesirable. Vampire Aristocrat is mediocre; it’s okay when setting up blocks where one creature chumps and then gets eaten by it before damage to make it bigger.

My pick: Vampire Aristocrat

Pack 1 pick 8:


Mind Rot is good. When timed properly, you’ll be able to make then discard two spells which is awesome.

My pick: Mind Rot

Pack 1 pick 9:


Another Mind Rot is good. Multiples make them more devastating. In the late game they’ll snag combat tricks and other spells to clear the way to ensure whatever you’re planning isn’t stopped by the opponent.

My pick: Mind Rot

Pack 1 pick 10:


Ice Cage is the only pick for us. We’ll happily play it.

My pick: Ice Cage

Pack 1 pick 11:


My pick: Angel’s Feather

Pack 1 pick 12:


My pick:


Pack 1 pick 13:


My pick: Serpent of the Endless Sea

Pack 1 pick 14:


My pick: Disorient

Pack 1 pick 15:



Our deck would have been better as blue/white than blue/black. However, we’ve still got the beginnings of a good deck. We’ve got a lot of nice spells but are lacking with creatures. We only have Gravedigger and Vampire Aristocrat. It would be good to get some real removal. We only have Ice Cage and Essence Scatter at the moment.

Pack 2 pick 1:


Dread Warlock, Divination, and Child of Night are the options. Child of Night is more likely to wheel whereas Divination and Dread Warlock won’t. Neither creature is awesome. They’re both okay, but won’t provide enough reach when in play to trump drawing two cards with Divination.

My pick: Divination

Pack 2 pick 2:


Mind Rot is good, but three is excessive. One of the problems with Mind Rot is that it won’t directly affect the board. If the opponent has a fast draw, you won’t necessarily live long enough to take advantage of the two-for-one; that’s where defensive creatures like Wall of Bone, Drudge Skeletons, and Horned Turtle come in; they help ensure you get maximum value from playing good spells like Divination and Mind Rot. I would happily play two Horned Turtles in a deck. Wall of Bone is an upgrade most of the time.

My pick: Wall of Bone

Pack 2 pick 3:


Warpath Ghoul and Sage Owl are the two choices. Neither creature is spectacular. Warpath Ghoul is efficient. It trades with most creatures that are four or less mana. Sage Owl is less effective in combat, but is a flyer. Currently we have no flyers, which isn’t the best. Sage Owl’s ability is not to be overlooked. It helps dig for whatever will best help your board. Having flyers is important because it allows you to attack unfairly.

My pick: Sage Owl

Pack 2 pick 4:


Snapping Drake is the best card; it outclasses Kelinore Bat easily.

My pick: Snapping Drake

Pack 2 pick 5:


Looming Shade is the only card to take. Zephyr Sprite just doesn’t do anything in our deck unlike a faster aggressive deck with Trumpet Blast.

My pick: Looming Shade

Pack 2 pick 6:


There are many cards we want here. Merfolk Looter is the best by far; it functions like Divination but is much better because it provides more card-filtering over multiple turns.

My pick: Merfolk Looter

Pack 2 pick 7:


Duress is okay. However with two copies of Mind Rot, we probably won’t include it in the deck.

My pick:


Pack 2 pick 8:


Ice Cage is the only card we’ll play.

My pick: Ice Cage

Pack 2 pick 9:


Celestial Purge isn’t a card we want to play against.

My pick: Celestial Purge

Pack 2 pick 10:


My pick: Tempest of Light

Pack 2 pick 11:


My pick: Giant Spider

Pack 2 pick 12:


My pick: Pacifism (What the!? – LSV)

Pack 2 pick 13:


My pick: Wurm’s Tooth

Pack 2 pick 14:


My pick: Shatter

Pack 2 pick 14:


Pack two was below average. We should have been able to get more cards. We’ll need to have a good pack three to make a good deck.

Pack 3 pick 1:



Air Elemental is one of the best ways to bounce back from pack two. It’s one of the best creatures we could have opened.

My pick: Air Elemental

Pack 3 pick 2:


Tendrils of Corruption is excellent removal. The life gain turns games around.

My pick: Tendrils of Corruption

Pack 3 pick 3:


This is an interesting pick. Our creature base is very thin. Phantom Warrior is a good creature. Sign in Blood is excellent card advantage. Even though we only have eight creatures, Sign in Blood is going to be better for the deck than Phantom Warrior. We need to make sure Tendrils of Corruption and Looming Shade are excellent. Phantom Warrior’s mana cost makes us need to play more Islands than Swamps. Sign in Blood helps centralize the deck’s manabase around Swamps as well as draw into more cards.

My pick:

Sign in Blood 

Pack 3 pick 4:


Rise from the Grave isn’t very good in our deck. While we have two Mind Rot and Essence Scatter to help its targets, our limited removal doesn’t. Ice Cage doesn’t work with it at all. We really need to take a creature. Bog Wraith is better than Horned Turtle and Coral Merfolk. It is excellent against black decks and is fine against everything else.

My pick: Bog Wraith

Pack 3 pick 5:


Wind Drake is what we’re looking for. It’s an okay flyer.

My pick: Wind Drake

Pack 3 pick 6:


Coral Merfolk and Merfolk Sovereign are our choices. While Merfolk Sovereign is going to be harder to cast than Coral Merfolk, it’s more likely to get played if we pick up another Merfolk Looter or Coral Merfolk whereas it is unlikely we’d play Coral Merfolk at all. Coral Merfolk just doesn’t affect the board well enough.

My pick: Merfolk Sovereign

Pack 3 pick 7:


Unsummon is mediocre. It’s good with Gravedigger and the two Armored Ascensions we know are in the draft as well as its normal uses.

My pick: Unsummon

Pack 3 pick 8:


Negate is an excellent card to have maindeck. It stops the powerful spells that win games.

My pick: Negate

Pack 3 pick 9:


Sage Owl isn’t a card we’re going to play two of. Disentomb will be useful if we get paired against a deck with lots of removal. We’ll be able to use Disentomb to get back Bog Wraith, Snapping Drake, or Air Elemental.

My pick: Disentomb

Pack 3 pick 10:


My pick: Coral Merfolk

Pack 3 pick 11:


My pick: Telepathy

Pack 3 pick 12:


My pick:


Pack 3 pick 13:


My pick: Levitation

Pack 3 pick 14:


My pick: Tome Scour

Pack 3 pick 15:




Deck construction is a bit odd compared to other draft decks. There are slightly more blue spells than black; however we’ll be playing with slightly more Swamps than Islands. The reasoning behind this is because we need to make sure that Looming Shade and Tendrils of Corruption are never bad cards to play. Additionally, I am not going to include Coral Merfolk/Merfolk Sovereign over Unsummon and Sage Owl. The utility provided from Unsummon and Sage Owl seems more useful than the vanilla bodies for combat.

Round 1:

Game 1:

We keep a hand that needs to draw some lands (Islands specifically) to win (Vampire Aristocrat, Looming Shade, Gravedigger, 2 Ice Cage, and 2 Swamps). We are on the draw though and should be fine because of it. Evil is the first to act with Silvercoat Lion on turn two. The lion is able to slash at us once (G: 18) before it runs into our Vampire Aristocrat on turn three. Evil rushes to mount another offensive. Rhox Pikemaster is the next creature he summons.

We still haven’t drawn into an Island yet. With no fourth land, we use Sign in Blood (G: 16) to find on instead of playing Looming Shade. The shade is a powerful creature, but it’s very weak when you don’t have lots of mana floating around to sink into it. Sadly, that is the case here. We find another Swamp to make the Tendrils of Corruption we draw be very good; however, the two Ice Cage, Divination, and Essence Scatter are looking helpless just like us.

Evil commands his Rhox Pikemaster to attack. Defenseless, we can only block with our face (G: 13) and look on with weary eyes as Evil summons a Siege Mastodon. Tendrils of Corruption reclaims the life taken by the pikemaster (G: 17). Razorfoot Griffin takes the place of Evil’s Rhox Pikemaster. Siege Mastodon tramples upon us (G: 14). We can only summon Looming Shade. The shade pales in comparison to its opposition. All cards in our hand are blue with the exception of Gravedigger.

Evil’s forces attack again. We can’t block profitably with Looming Shade yet and must take the damage again (G: 9). A second Rhox Pikemaster enters the fray. We must discard on our turn: a Sage Owl. Evil attacks with everything. We know our fate is sealed. We go through the motions and block Siege Mastodon. Looming Shade becomes a monstrous 5/5. Divine Verdict destroys the shade before its damage can be done. We perish along with our Looming Shade.

Sideboard: nothing.

Game 2:

Our hand has lands of both types this time (2 Islands, Swamp, Vampire Aristocrat, Diabolic Tutor, Divination, and Negate). Again, Evil is the first to act with Elite Vanguard on turn one. The quick soldier gets in one attack (G: 18) before Veteran Armorsmith shows up to battle. Our Vampire Aristocrat would have no trouble with dispatching the vanguard, however the armorsmith is a bit too tough to handle; Evil attacks us with it (G: 16) and summons Griffin Sentinel.

We summon Snapping Drake to help alleviate some of the pressure. Evil summons Rhox Pikemaster and attacks with his other two soldiers. Both Snapping Drake and Vampire Aristocrat defend; the vampire sneaks in front of the armorsmith while the drake swoops down upon the vanguard. Vampire Aristocrat grows larger as it devours the Snapping Drake before damage. The larger vampire tears the Veteran Armorsmith limb from limb.

With the offensive stopped, we take advantage of the respite with Divination and freeze the Rhox Pikemaster in an Ice Cage. Evil still has an army of soldiers lurking in his hand. Veteran Swordsmith makes Elite Vanguard a bit more dangerous as it and Griffin Sentinel attack us (G: 12). Sign in Blood (G: 10) gives us Gravedigger which recovers our fallen Snapping Drake.

Evil sends in his Elite Vanguard, Veteran Swordsmith, and Griffin Sentinel. Our actions are repeated from last turn. After the dust has settled, Evil’s Veteran Swordsmith is no more (G: 9). Evil has had enough of our vampire’s blood frenzy. He summons Undead Slayer to end the creature’s reign of terror.

Mind Rot takes the remaining cards from Evil’s hand: Divine Verdict and Siege Mastodon. Our Snapping Drake is summoned once again ready to do battle. Evil uses his Undead Slayer to exile Vampire Aristocrat. Pacifism enchants our Snapping Drake as Evil’s Griffin Sentinel and Elite Vanguard slash at us (G: 6). Diabolic Tutor gives us Tendrils of Corruption. The Tendrils of Corruption consumes the Elite Vanguard (G: 10).

Evil retakes three of the life we gained back with his two creatures (G: 7) and summons Razorfoot Griffin. We summon Sage Owl and see four lands staring back at us. Oh how we fought bravely. We’ve reached the end of the road. With no plays for the next four turns, we’re dead on the board. We have been defeated.

Happy Drafting.

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