A Throne of Eldraine Limited Bucket List

In Throne of Eldraine Limited, there are a lot of sweet combos to assemble, decks to draft, plays to make, or interactions to explore. This article collects 20 of them (in arbitrary order).

1. Exploit Maraleaf Rider to the fullest

Maraleaf Rider

Usually, you’ll sacrifice one Food to Maraleaf Rider so that it forces a favorable trade with a 3/3. But if you have more Food lying around, then you can sacrifice a whole bunch of them to create a Lure effect. This can allow you to set up a lethal alpha strike.

An even better trick is to give Maraleaf Rider menace with Ogre Errant. Suppose your opponent controls a 3/3 and a 5/5 as their only blockers and you have sacrificed a single Food to Maraleaf Rider. Then if you attack with Maraleaf Rider and Ogre Errant, the only legal block that satisfies all requirements is to double-block Maraleaf Rider. This is a sweet rules quirk that your opponent may not see coming.

2. Control Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey

Seven Dwarves

The probability to have at least seven copies of the card Seven Dwarves in a draft is quite low—about 0.7%—and the subsequent probability of drafting and drawing all seven would be even lower. But it’s not impossible, so it obviously belongs on the bucket list.

By the way, as Magic rules manager Eli Shiffrin announced: “In Limited, if you’re so outrageously fortunate to draft eight Seven Dwarves, you can still only put seven in your main deck.”

3. Have a Troll with no downside

Clackbridge TrollHushbringer - Extended Art

This is a combo involving two rares, so it won’t often be assembled. It’s also not worth building around because Clackbridge Troll is already a very powerful card on its own. Nevertheless, it does get even better when your opponent is Goatless.

4. Deal 21 damage on turn 4

Irencrag FeatSundering Stroke

This is a sweet combo, although it’s risky to put in your deck because drawing Irencrag Feat without Sundering Stroke can be a little awkward. I might want a second Sundering Stroke or several Merchant of the Vale before putting Irencrag Feat in my deck. However, the potential is there.

5. Fling your opponent for double-digit damage


Both instants are relatively weak on their own. A trick that only works on blocks isn’t great because your opponent may have mana up for an instant-speed removal spell. And a burn spell that requires you to sacrifice a creature is card disadvantage. So most of the time, I would run neither Righteousness nor Fling.

But together, the damage output is considerable. If I had a trainwreck of a white-red deck that was short on playables and looked like it would have trouble closing out the late game, I would surely try out this combo.

6. Use Wishclaw Talisman as Demonic Tutor

Wishclaw TalismanElite Headhunter

There are several ways to make sure your opponent will never get to use Wishclaw Talisman. The easiest is to put the tutor ability on the stack, hold priority, and then sacrifice the artifact to Elite Headhunter or Malevolent Noble in response.

Alternatively, you could just fetch Brazen Borrower and bounce the artifact before your opponent gets to use it.

7. One-shot your opponent with Syr Konrad

Syr Konrad, the GrimForever Young

The text on Syr Konrad doesn’t deserve a prize for elegance. I don’t know why it has three disparate instances for when it triggers. But I do know that if you put everything on top with Forever Young, then that counts as creatures leaving the graveyard, and therefore Syr Konrad will trigger. I particularly like this combo to punish the mill decks who do all the setup for you.

8. Beat the mill deck with a deck larger than 40 cards

Folio of FanciesMerfolk Secretkeeper // Venture Deeper

Mill is a real archetype in Throne of Eldraine Limited, and Folio of Fancies is much better than most people gave it credit for. However, milling 60 cards is much more difficult than milling 40 cards, so I’ve already beaten several mill players by simply boarding in 11 mediocre spells from my sideboard and 9 lands. Even this may reduce your average card quality, a huge deck size will matter more against dedicated mill strategies.

In Ranked draft on Arena, after facing mill decks half of the time, I’ve actually registered 44 card-decks because my 24th and 25th cards were on par with my 23rd card. I wouldn’t recommend this for normal drafts, but if opponents can draft Merfolk Secretkeepers too easily on Arena, then playing more than 40 is an option if you don’t take too much of a hit in card quality.

9. The deadly Trebuchet

Torbran, Thane of Red Fell - Extended ArtBrimstone Trebuchet

Pinging your opponent for one a turn is not the fastest clock, but pinging three damage a turn is hard to race. This is a powerful combo that can simply win games.

Throne of Eldraine Limited

10. The black-red “draw-2”deck

Mad RatterStormfist Crusader

Normally, the “draw your second card” payoffs and enablers are found in blue-red. But there is one exception: Stormfist Crusader. This two-drop enables your “draw 2” spells every single turn basically for free, so it’s actually one of the best enablers around. If you pick it up, don’t just think red-black Knights but also consider drafting cards like Mad Ratter.

And, by the way, once you have Mad Ratter, keep on the lookout for Piper of the Swarm because that is an absurd combo too.

11. A walking Weapon Rack

Animating Faerie // Bring to LifeWeapon Rack

Amusingly, if you turn Weapon Rack into a creature with Animating Faerie, then you can put its counters to work right away and possibly attack with a 7/7. Oko, Thief of Crowns works similarly; then Weapon Rack will be attacking as a 6/6 Elk.

12. Use Shepherd of the Flock as an adamant mana fixer

Shepherd of the Flock // Usher to Safety

Suppose you control 2 Plains and 2 Swamp while holding Shepherd of the Flock and Locthwain Paladin. Then you can tap all your lands for mana, Usher to Safety a Swamp into your hand, replay the Swamp, and cast Locthwain Paladin with adamant.

14. Give wings, then cut them

Faerie Guidemother // Gift of the FaeFell the Pheasant

You can use Faerie Guidemother to free someone Trapped in the Tower. Another unusual use is to give an opposing creature flying so that you can kill it with Fell the Pheasant. This is not a bad combo to get more removal into your green-white deck.

14. Opportunistically kill Wintermoor Commander

Opportunistic DragonWintermoor Commander

Opportunistic Dragon is a great creature, but if it dies, then normally the stolen permanent will return to the owner. Except when the Dragon stole Wintermoor Commander. Since the stolen creature loses all abilities, Wintermoor Commander’s toughness becomes zero and it will die immediately.

15. Put everything into the Oven

Witch's Oven

The combo with Cauldron Familiar is well-known. In addition, you can go nuts and build an army of Sorcerer’s Brooms, continually bring back Deathless Knight or Feasting Troll King, or simply provide all the fuel you need for Trail of Crumbs or Bog Naughty. The artifact is surprisingly powerful in a G/B Food deck.

16. Cast an Adventure with Covetous Urge

Covetous Urge

This card is just weird. It’s easy to miss that you can choose a card from their graveyard, and it’s not intuitive how this interacts with Adventures.

Well, if you exiled a creature that has an Adventure with Covetous Urge, then you can choose whether to cast the Adventure side or the creature side. If you cast the Adventure, then you (not the card’s owner) may cast the creature later. However, when casting a creature that was exiled after an Adventure, you can’t spend mana as though it were mana of any color anymore.

17. Call a judge for Forever Young

Forever Young

No matter what MTG Arena may have you believe, you do not have to reveal the order to your opponent.

18. Get screwed over with Lucky Clover

Lucky CloverOrder of Midnight // Alter Fate

Copying an Adventure is mandatory, which can be a problem with Order of Midnight. If there is only one creature in your graveyard, then the copy resolves and the original is countered due to lack of a legal target. As a result, Order of Midnight goes to your graveyard. Don’t let this happen to you!

19. Sacrifice Midnight Clock to Malevolent Noble

Midnight Clock - Extended ArtMalevolent Noble

When the twelfth hour counter is put on Midnight Clock and the “draw seven” trigger is on the stack, you can sacrifice it to Malevolent Noble. This way, Midnight Clock is not exiled and actually shuffles back into your library, which can be valuable against those annoying mill decks. Also, you even get a free +1/+1 counter.

20. Draft all the mono-color decks

Yorvo, Lord of GarenbrigGadwick, the WizenedAyara, First of LocthwainTorbran, Thane of Red FellLinden, the Steadfast Queen

Mono-color archetypes are well-supported, and some of the very best decks in the format are mono. Hence, starting your draft with Clockwork Servant, Scalding Cauldron, or a hybrid card to stay open and to see what color may be the most open is a valid strategy. You haven’t explored the full depth of Throne of Eldraine Limited until you’ve drafted mono-color decks of all colors at least once.


I hope you enjoyed this Throne of Eldraine collection and were able to derive some inspiration. If you have any additions or stories of your own, then don’t hesitate share them in the comment section below!


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