What’s the Play?

Hello! Welcome to another What’s the Play article! I’ll present you with some interesting situations with a poll to let you choose the play that you would make. Then, I’ll post another article elaborating on the play I would make.

Scenario #1

You’re playing Modern U/W Control against an unknown opponent. This is your deck list:

You’re on the play, and this is your opening hand.

Scenario #2

You’re playing a U/G deck in Hour of Devastation Limited:

You’re on the play, and this is your turn 4:

Scenario #3

You’re playing B/G Delirum with Grim Flayer and Winding Constrictor against the U/W God-Pharaoh’s Gift deck. It’s game 2, you’re on the play, and your opponent mulliganed to 5. Your hand is:

Situation #4

You’re playing a U/G/r ramp deck splashing for removal spells. You have a reasonable amount of late game. You’re on the draw, your opponent led with Swamp, and this is your turn 1:

Scenario #5

You’re playing an aggressive B/G deck in Hour of Devastation Draft. Your colors are spread evenly and your deck is quite cheap. This is your opening hand:


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