4C Leovold Deck Guide

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know about my love for Eternal formats, and you definitely know about my recent affair with 4C Leovold in Legacy:

4C Leovold

The deck is the old Czech Pile, that now has been renamed (thankfully), and the deck list is established—it’s what almost everyone plays online.

Hymn to Tourach has taken over for Counterspell, since midrange is more popular and getting a 2-for-1 is better when all of the spells are great.

Kolaghan’s Command is the new sheriff of Legacy, and has made Death & Taxes fall out of metagame, and Stoneforge Mystic in general. I’ve never been a fan of Stoneforge Mystic, and now I will never register a deck with her in it, just because of this one spell that has grown so much in popularity.

I used to play 2 main deck and 1 sideboard, but after two events I noticed that I was always boarding it in, so I might as well play 3 copies of it and cut Abrupt Decay.

Tarmogoyf is extinguished (rightfully), so Kolaghan’s Command almost kills everything you need to kill (aside from Blood Moon).

Diabolic Edict is one of the few ways that you can deal with an instant Marit Lage and I like one in the main deck for Gurmag Angler and True-Name Nemesis. The other 2 in the sideboard are also great for Sneak and Show, and I board them in often.

There’s one card choice over which many players are divided, however: Wasteland.

You often see 2 Wasteland in the place of 2 Scalding Tarn, but I’m still in the 10 fetchlands and 10 dual lands camp since the deck is very mana hungry, and I can’t afford to miss a color because I have a Wasteland.

There aren’t many decks that Wasteland is great against (Grove of the Burnwillows and Dark Depths), so I’d rather be solid against everyone than tuned against a small percentage of the metagame.

The sideboard choices vary wildly—there are some obvious slots like Flusterstorm and Surgical Extraction, and some slots where you can get creative.

I’ve been a fan of Liliana, the Last Hope. In two weeks you can have Liliana of the Veil and Liliana, the Last Hope in play together, and that’s a great upside for her. She’s amazing versus Death & Taxes, but she’s also great versus Grixis decks.

On Sunday at my local event I had a choice between turn-3 Leovold or turn-3 Liliana, the Last Hope versus Grixis Control, and I chose Liliana to play around Pyroblast, which he had along with Lightning Bolt. I ended up getting a huge amount of value out of my planeswalker, rebuying Leovold multiple times for an insurmountable advantage. Not to mention, it’s a wonderful answer to Young Pyromancer.

I would board in Liliana in the mirror and in every grindy matchup where you need a planeswalker to get card advantage.

Hydroblast was another cool addition. I needed an answer to Blood Moon, and it’s a nice way to counter Kolaghan’s Command, Red Elemental Blast, and Young Pyromancer in the mirror.

Sideboarding Notes

Normally I include sideboard plans in my articles, but when talking about Legacy, it is better to discuss how matchups play out and which cards are good or bad, since everyone has their own list and you can’t really make a proper sideboard guide for Legacy.

Control Decks (4C Leovold, Grixis Control, Miracles)

These matchups are obviously grindy, and whoever generates more card advantage wins. Leovold, Emissary of Trest is your best threat, and you have to protect it from Red Elemental Blast.

Beware of Blood Moon versus Grixis and Miracles.

I’m not a fan of Force of Will in the matchup, mainly because of Red Elemental Blast. I would never want to trade a FoW for a REB. Ever.

Flusterstorm isn’t fantastic either. I would board it in only against 4C Leovold because of Hymn to Tourach—not always, but definitely on the draw.

On turn 1, don’t get overeager with your Ponder if you already have a play. Let’s say your hand is lands and spells with a Hymn to Tourach. I wouldn’t bother to Ponder on turn 1 since there’s basically nothing you are looking for there. Meanwhile, in the late game, you know better which cards to look for, so you’ll select for them more effectively with your fetchlands.

I would leave some spot removal in for Deathrite Shaman versus 4C Leovold and for Young Pyromancer versus Grixis Control, such as a Fatal Push or two, but I’m definitely cutting Diabolic Edict.

I would leave in Toxic Deluge against both since you never know if they play True-Name Nemesis, or you can just 2-for-1 them, even sniping a Leovold without giving them an extra card.

Combo Decks (Sneak and Show, ANT, Reanimator)

These matchups are good. I always feel confident against combo with this deck, as you have a lot of discard and a lot of counters. Your clock is slow, but if you pick apart their hand consistently, you’ll eventually find a beater.

Spot removal is awful in general (Fatal Push, Lightning Bolt, Toxic Deluge, Kolaghan’s Command), but Diabolic Edict is great against Sneak and Show and Reanimator.

Leovold is once again insane, and you can even fight a Griselbrand with it.

Chalice of the Void Decks (Eldrazi, Moon Stompy, 4C Loam)

3 Kolaghan’s Commands mean that a Chalice of the Void isn’t as deadly as it used to be, and having 2 basic lands also means that Wasteland and Blood Moon aren’t as devastating. This matchup really depends on how fast they are.

Against Eldrazi, I would love to have a Wasteland for their Eye of Ugin, as that’s one way they can go big and kill you in the late game, but against the others I would rather just draw my colors to dodge Wastelands and Moons.

You don’t really sideboard much here. I would keep all the FoWs and trim a couple of Leovolds against Eldrazi and Moon Stompy for some Diabolic Edicts.

And that’s the end of my deck guide about the best and most fun deck in Legacy at the moment. I hope you have a blast playing with it—I do!


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