40 Land Brew Off Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 40 Land (60%+) Challenge!

Incredibly I received almost 200 submissions, highlighting the power of land-heavy decks in surprising and creative ways.

Unfortunately there are too many good ideas to highlight them all, which seems to be a good problem to have. If your deck didn’t get featured, at least it contributed to the the collective hive mind and we’re all smarter for it.

Let’s dive in.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt was the most popular card used, for good reason. The higher the land ratio, the more absurd. With 40/60 lands, Treasure Hunt draws on average about 3 cards, but with 50/60 or more lands it starts to get crazy.

It’s worth noting that Day’s Undoing makes a pretty big Treasure Hunt style big draw.

Zombie Infestation

Treasure Hunt + Zombie Infestation + basics is a hilarious functional deck that’s cheap, though you can spice it up with active lands like Creeping Tar Pit, Faerie Conclave, and Contested War Zone.

Kyle Cance’s Zombie Hunt ~88% Lands

Red Spells

Treasure Hunt goes nicely with red burn spells like Molten Vortex, Lightning Storm, and Seismic Assault make nice options.

Here’s an example of one of these All-In Treasure Hunt Decks.

Eric Millington’s All-In Land Combo

Seismic Assault

Seismic Assault isn’t just good with Treasure Hunt! It’s a huge combo with Life From the Loam and also works well with playing buckets of lands.

Here’s a highly streamlined Seismic Assault deck.

Benny Machado

Seismic Assault also plays well in more aggressive shells with creatures:

Guilherme Rinco’s 40-Land Aggro-Loam


Speaking of Seismic Assault, this card pairs well with Swans of Bryn Argoll in a 40/60+ land deck. Each land draws 2 more cards. Rinse and repeat until you draw the deck. A bigger deck with more lands works better—more fuel to shoot the opponent for 20.

Here’s an unconventional RW version:

Diana Maribel Mafla Ortega’s Modern R/W Seismic Swans Combo

Summer Bloom

Also very popular was Summer Bloom. In a land-heavy deck this provides an absurd speed boost. We’re used to seeing this in Amulet of Vigor style combo decks but there’s so much more to it.

My absolute favorite Summer Bloom submission uses cascade for additional Summer Blooms to ramp into a quick Polymorph for Emrakul or Scapeshift. This deck is totally absurd!

Welkin Uttaro’s Summer Bloom Cascade

This is an incredible idea for a deck! Really gets my brain going.

40 Land Challenge Winner

I love a good combo deck, especially if it’s something competitive that I’ve never seen before. This next deck is all of that and more in a 38/60 land shell. Yes, it’s not quite a 40-land deck but it fits within the 60%+ strict requirement and does so brilliantly.

I am a big fan of Jeskai Ascendancy combo. I have spent a lot of time thinking about various ways to combo off with this card—but I’d never thought of using it in a land combo deck!

Bob Blukozen’s Loam Ascension

“This deck highlights an incredibly powerful interaction that I have not seen used before.

The Jeskai Ascendancy deck had to reliably chain together spells to be effective, and took the obvious approach of jamming the deck full of cantrips. What if there were an easier way?

Enter Life From the Loam.

Two Loams, or a Loam and a Flame Jab, combine with mana dorks or manlands to fill your hand with lands and loot toward a Seismic Assault/Flame Jab. Casting a Loam/Jab lets you return a Loam from your graveyard with the loot off Ascendancy, and net some number of lands to your hand.

If you don’t assemble this combo (which is far easier than it might sound), the deck can just put together Loam + Assault for the kill, supplementing that with Faithless Lootings to dredge back multiple Loams.

The deck can afford to carry extra lands to support Seismic Assault since our Ascendancies don’t need as much support as in the more traditional Ascendancy combo.”

Congrats to Bob Blukozen on earning the $25 ChannelFireball store credit for this masterpiece. Thanks to everyone else who participated to continue to make this series a success.

Join back next week for another deck building challenge, along with a certain surprise guest.



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