30 Card Legacy Brew Fest

Winner-take-all Magic: the Gathering tournaments produce an interesting phenomenon where one player leaves satisfied and the other hundred leave disappointed. You’d think 2nd place would be a good emotional result, but many consider it to be the worst possible finish. I see some truth in this, as I am myself still haunted by a 2nd place PTQ finish from 2009.

So we see that from an emotional utility perspective, competitive Magic tournaments have an awful payout. Thus, many players opt into more casual play experiences.

I’ve found that my own Brew Off column has been unintentionally mirroring the winner-take-all experience. One satisfied winner, hundreds of (understandably) disappointed losers.

The format has not had a good emotional payout. Thus, I am opting us into a more casual play experience together.

The Brew Off series has been killed to be brought back to life this week in the new BREW FEST series.

EVERYONE who participates in the Brew Fest is a winner! External incentive has been replaced by internal reward—growth and learning from a fun theoretical challenge and contribution to a greater community effort. If you participate, you will learn something, and you will do it with others.

I hope you understand this change. I myself am very excited about it. While we might see fewer store-credit-motivated submissions, I suspect the following “results” article will have a much better emotional payout than the previous “winners” articles.

I am still going to follow up by picking some of the more interesting submissions to showcase diversity in “solutions,” and inevitably some cool brews that are deserving of the spotlight will be left as diamonds in the rough. So it’s not a perfect fix, but overall I think this will run much more smoothly.

30 Card Legacy BREW FEST

The 30 Card Modern Brew Off submissions article was exceptionally popular. I know it was a lot of fun to theorize about this alternative hypothetical format, myself included. I’ve also been getting a lot of requests to do Legacy, so that seems like a fun next step to test out the new format.

The idea with this is to see what kind of impact one controlled tweak to the rules would have. How would a change of context shake things up? With 30 card decks, what previously unused cards will rise up to dominate the format? I’m interested to find out!

When building your deck, an important point of consideration is the metagame. What decks are we playing against? Conventional 60 card Legacy decks? Or other 30 card submissions?

I think it makes the most sense to assume that we are playing against other decks built from the same rule set, so it makes sense to consider the metagame as the other 30 card deck submissions. Thus I suspect we will see levels of metagaming similar to what happened in the 30 card Modern challenge.

30 Card Legacy Submission Guidelines

  • Plays 30 cards
  • Otherwise Legacy legal
  • Cost sorted for ease of reading
  • Posted here in the comments by Sunday night

I will be doing a results article to analyze the metagame that develops as well as highlight the variety of submissions that come in. While I have built a lot of decks in my time, I don’t consider myself to be a Legacy expert, so I will be taking the position of a fan rather than a judge.

Thanks to everyone who chooses to participate in this new Brew Fest series. I think the slight modification will make for a better emotional pay out for all of us in the results article.

I’m excited to see what you cook up in the comments!


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