3 Brews that Didn’t Make the Cut for Pro Tour Magic Origins

Magic Origins is one of the core sets with the most Standard potential I’ve seen in a while. Once the spoiler, was complete I had my mind filled with new deck ideas. In one of my last articles I went over how I would update the already dominant strategies, but didn’t tell you about a few brews I had in mind.

BG Leap

Options for main deck and sideboard included: Whisperwood Elemental, Shambling Goblin, Dictate of Erebos, Reclamation Sage, Nylea’s Disciple, and Doomwake Giant.

It is one of the very first decks I put work into, with the interaction between Courser, flipped Nissa, and Evolutionary Leap giving you a way to basically find every single card in your deck. Collected Company into Nissa and Liliana is pretty spicy as well.

The Leap deck would rarely lose any grindy-based matchup, as if you get late in the game you have some sort of inevitability. The problem I found was mostly that it didn’t do anything particularly powerful, leaving me to wonder whether this is just a bad RG Devotion. It generates more value than Devotion, but Dragonlord Atarka and Whisperwood Elemental steal games out of nowhere and I just came to the conclusion that even if card advantage is great, you need to be doing something extremely powerful if you expect to regularly go to the late game.

It left me thinking that you probably don’t want Evolutionary Leap as a build-around card, but rather as way to out-grind some matchups.

Temur Goggles

Turn-5 Goggles, turn-6 Revel of the Fallen God swing for 16… Awww yes!

This deck is a blast to play. A few notes on the cards:

Wild Slash and 2 Magmatic Insight are mainly to have a card to play when you cast Pyromancer’s Goggles on turn 5. I went with Wild Slash over Fiery Impulse to have some incidental burn that goes to the face so you can combine that with the 16 damage Revel and Crater’s Claws usually deal.

Steam Augury is pure gas when copied and fills the graveyard for Treasure Cruise.

Savage Knuckleblade was originally a way to turn on Crater’s Claws and obviously is just a great creature.

The issue with this deck and most red non-aggressive strategies these days is that the removal is too conditional and bad in general. Jace gives you some selection and rebuys cards that are good in specific matchups at least.

I was thinking of another version where you are simply blue/red and play counterspells instead of the red removal, but you lose Revel of the Fallen God and Crater’s Claws, leaving you with Master the Way and Riddle of Lightning revealing Treasure Cruise as win conditions, which is probably statistically awful.

As long as nobody runs artifact removal and you have a good sideboard to adapt your removal suite, this deck has a chance at being a real contender. It had reasonable matchup against both Abzan and RG Devotion in my testing!

UW Command Control

The idea was to build around Ojutai’s Command to bring back good creatures. I started off with 4 Harbinger of the Tides and 4 Knight of the White Orchid, but quickly realized that the body on those creatures is so small that it makes them irrelevant in the current format.

However, Knight of the White Orchid’s ability was serviceable to cast Elspeth earlier and get back into a game where you were on the draw. Jace can get rid of him in a game where you are on the play or against an opponent who stops making land drops.

Again, when you are not playing black in Standard, your removal kind of blows. Swift Reckoning and Last Breath are mediocre, yet necessary. Jace’s +1 ability at least works well with Last Breath which is nice. Valorous Stance is definitely your better answer in a format filled with Courser of Kruphix, Whisperwood Elemental, Siege Rhino, and Dragonlord Atarka.

Fated Retribution is something you should have in the sideboard against RG Devotion if you consider playing this deck, it will demolish them.

Other Ideas that Didn’t Go Through

This is the section where I tell you about decks I thought about, but never got to test them due to lack of time or actual excitement about the idea.

Ascendancy Combo: Just like at the beginning of Khans of Tarkir, adding Reclaim.

Strength of the Fallen Aggro: Similar to what Stephen Madden played at the last Pro Tour, add Herald of the Pantheon and Evolutionary Leap.

Mono-White Devotion: With new cards such as Archangel of Tithes and Knight of the White Orchid.

Sultai Reanimator: Using Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy, to discard huge creatures and bring them back with Necromantic Summons. Whip of Erebos is also sweet with Jace.

That’s it for now, I’ve some more work to do until the Pro Tour tomorrow, wish me luck and thanks for reading!

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