10 Game-Winning Infinite Combos with War of the Spark

War of the Spark contains a lot of cards that enable all kinds of sweet combos. Some are close to competitive. Other are more questionable. But all are them are fun to consider. In this article, I will describe 10 such combos that either go infinite or win the game right away.

1. Famished Paladin + Sorin (Standard)

Famished PaladinSorcerer's WandSorin, Vengeful Bloodlord

By granting Famished Paladin lifelink, it can repeatedly ping and untap for infinite damage and infinite life.

Although this combo was available before (for instance, with Squire’s Devotion), Sorin makes it more competitive as he can bring back Famished Paladin if your opponent had a creature removal spell.

2. Blasting Station + Kaya’s Ghostform (Modern)

Blasting StationRenegade RallierKaya's Ghostform

The plan is to have Blasting Station on the battlefield, Kaya’s Ghostform in the graveyard, and revolt enabled. If you then cast Renegade Rallier, you can bring back Kaya’s Ghostform from the graveyard, sacrifice the creature to ping the opponent, bring everything back, untap Blasting Station, and loop. The end result is infinite damage.

3. Walking Ballista + Vraska (Modern)

Walking BallistaBasilisk CollarVraska, Swarm's Eminence

If you have Walking Ballista on the battlefield with two +1/+1 counters and give it deathtouch, Vraska enables infinite damage. You remove a counter, ping, regain a counter, and loop.

A three-card combo is rarely competitive, but it might work in a Hardened Scales shell that already has Ancient Stirrings to dig for some of the pieces.

4. Nahiri + Captain’s Hook Combo (Standard)

Slimefoot, the StowawayTeysa KarlovPitiless PlundererPitiless PlundererCaptain's HookNahiri, Storm of Stone

My kingdom for a Nantuko Husk. Alas, we don’t have any proper zero-mana sacrifice outlets in Standard right now, so we have to jump through some hoops involving Saproling Pirates.

The idea is that via Teysa Karlov and two Pitiless Plunderer, you create four Treasures when a creature dies. Since Slimefoot requires 4 mana to create a creature and drains your opponent when a Saproling dies, all you need is a zero-mana way to kill off your own creatures. A zero-mana equip of Captain’s Hook supplies this, so once you start with two Saprolings on the battlefield, you get infinite drains.

5. Casual Turn-2 Kill in Standard

NeoformIncubation DruidBolas's Citadel

Starting with Breeding Pool and Llanowar Elves on turn 1, you can Neoform into a powered-up Incubation Druid on turn 2. That is already a very powerful line to have access to in Standard.

But if you feel like winning the lottery, then it is theoretically possible to win the game on turn 2. Blood Crypt and Samut’s Sprint give Incubation Druid haste, two Stony Strength ramp you into Bolas’s Citadel, four Depose // Deploy grant enough life and enough permanents, and then an activation of Bolas’s Citadel with 10 Mayhem Devil triggers will seal the deal.

It is truly the most convoluted and luckiest turn-2 kill in Standard. Assuming that all cards are 4-ofs, the probability of casting turn-2 Bolas’s Citadel this way is approximately 0.001% and the probability of subsequently having exactly these five cards on top of your deck is approximately 0.0002%. Multiplying both, I got to roughly 1 in 67 billion. If anyone manages to accomplish this in a game, they really deserve the win.

6. Flux Channeler + Triple Pentad Prism (Modern)

Pentad PrismPentad PrismPentad PrismFlux ChannelerMystic Speculation

You have to start with three Pentad Prism on the battlefield, each with charge counters, as well as Flux Channeler. Then every noncreature spell you cast effectively generates 3 mana, which matches the buyback cost of Mystic Speculation. This means that you can cast as many Mystic Speculations as you want, allowing you to stack your deck in any order you choose.

Afterwards, you can cast a cantrip, generate mana along the way, and win with Grapeshot. If you’d like to build a Modern deck out of this, then don’t forget to include Everflowing Chalice and Astral Cornucopia as well for Flux Channeler synergy.

7. Ral + Double Expansion (Standard)

OptRal, Storm ConduitExpansion // ExplosionExpansion // Explosion

Step 1: Cast any cheap spell, such as Opt, then copy it with Expansion.

Step 2: Expansion #2 targeting Expansion #1.

Step 3: With the copy, target Expansion #1.

Step 4: Ping 1 damage with Ral, Storm Conduit.

Step 5: Copy Expansion #1, ping, target Expansion #1, and loop.

Infinite damage!

The fact that Ral works on copies is rather unusual for this type of ping effect. Since both Ral and Expansion // Explosion are reasonable cards by themselves, you can build a normal-looking Standard deck that will usually play a normal game of Magic but that can threaten a combo kill out of nowhere. Basically just like Splinter Twin, except that you need more combo pieces to make it work.

8. Tezzeret + Double Guardians of Koilos (Standard)

Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge - Foil Buy-a-Box PromoGuardians of KoilosGuardians of KoilosCabal Paladin

Step 1: Have Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge on the battlefield, along with five artifacts (e.g., Treasure tokens or Thopter tokens)

Step 2: Cast one free Guardians of Koilos, bouncing another Guardians of Koilos.

Step 3: Trigger Cabal Paladin to deal 2 damage every time.

Infinite damage!

I am not sure there is enough artifact support to turn this into a competitive Standard deck, but Sai, Master Thopterist and Mox Amber are still legal. It’s also worth noting that Karn, the Great Creator can single-handedly fetch two Guardians of Koilos from your sideboard, so the consistency of the combo might be close to acceptable.

9. Jace + Leveler Combo (Modern)

Jace, Wielder of MysteriesLeveler

Jace curves nicely into Leveler, which allows you to get rid of your library to set up a game-winning +1 activation.

Although Laboratory Maniac was already legal in Modern, it was too easily Lightning Bolted and it also required an extra card draw effect to win right away. Setting up the combo with Jace is much less vulnerable.

10. Infinite Bolas

Oath of TeferiNicol Bolas, Dragon-GodJace, Cunning Castaway

Oath of Teferi means that you can activate loyalty abilities twice, and the rules treat Jace’s -5 as “make two copies of this card.”

So you can cast Nicol Bolas, activate his +1 ability, and then leech Jace’s -5 ability. This creates two copies of Bolas, and then the same process turns them into four, eight, sixteen, and so on. That’s the unlimited power that the Dragon-God was after, and if you keep activating his own +1 ability along the way every time, your opponent is left with no cards in hand and no permanents on the battlefield.

What’s your favorite combo with War of the Spark cards?


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