CFB Lite – Keep or Mull

We asked Team CFB to help with a mulligan decision one of the non-pro members of our team faced.

Playing Mono-Red Aggro, they drew a hand that didn’t have a lot of early creature aggression, but plenty of removal.

Keep or Mull Sample Hand

The full list is below, to give you some more information. This is on the play, versus an unknown deck. Let us know in the comments what you’d do!

Standard Mono-Red - James Keating


Team CFB’s decisions:

Reid Duke

I would keep because this hand is excellent against decks with small creatures. It’s less-than-perfect against non-creature decks, but it’s difficult to mulligan a hand like this against an unknown opponent, when you’re not sure what you should be looking for.

Gabriel Nassif

I’d keep because you have a functional hand and red doesn’t mulligan very well. Also Seth would SNAP keep

William Jensen

Keep. If shock is good in the matchup you’re playing, the hand is great. I’ll take that chance over potentially mulliganing a great hand away.

Martin Juza

Currently, Standard seems full of Omnath Ramp. Against that deck, Shock is not exactly where I want to be. I need to try to get under them with Embercleave and beat them before the can start getting all the Omnath triggers and gaining 8 life a turn.

You can make a case that even against Omnath, you have enough burn to take it out. Well, the problem with that is that you can’t play a reactive game against that deck. Omnath is a 4/4 that draws a card when it comes into play. If you want to use 2 removal spells to get rid of it, then that’s a horrible exchange for you in general.

This brings me to another point and that Shock is probably not a great maindeck card right now, at least not in full 4 copies, exactly because of the reason that it’s not all that great against Ramp decks. If the format was all aggro creature mirrors then this would be the perfect hand. Bonecrusher Giant is a 2-for-1 and Shocks are great to get rid of their early drops as well. Given that this deck is constructed this way, I think it means that you are expecting smaller ceratures from most of your opponents and in that case you have to keep.


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