Brad Barclay Wins the Zendikar Rising Championship

Brad Barclay of Scotland had a historic weekend at the Zendikar Rising Championship. A repeat World Magic Cup competitor (with a Grand Prix Top 8 to his name) Barclay went undefeated in Historic with Azorius Control across both the Swiss and the Top 8. It was the story of the tournament, doubly so since many had written Azorius Control off as not up to snuff in the current Historic landscape.

The Top 8 featured six different players on either Sultai or Four-Color Midrange. Widely viewed as one of the best archetypes in the format, the following players brought it to battle on the Sunday satage:

  • Luca Magni on Four-Color Midrange
  • Andrea Mengucci on Four-Color Midrange
  • Jan-Moritz Merkel on Sultai Midrange
  • Gabriel Nassif on Sultai Midrange
  • Brad Nelson on Four-Color Midrange
  • Tomas Pokorny on Four-Color Midrange

The two who didn’t? Barclay on Azorius Control and Autumn Burchett on Goblins. The two rogues met in the Upper Finals where Barclay and his Cast Outs knocked Burchett and their Herald’s Horns to the Lower Bracket. There Burchett met Andrea Mengucci and dispatched him to meet Barclay in the Grand Finals.

Burchett was able to take a game off of Barclay in each of their Grand Finals matches but it was not to be. Their Goblin deck was well positioned for the field, with Herald’s Horn providing a steady stream of card advantage. However Barclay came prepared and between Wrath of God for swarms and Shark Typhoon to eat attackers, the Scotsman emerged victorious. Burchett had a fantastic weekend, putting themselves at the top of the Magic Pro League standings and cementing themselves as one of the best in the game today.

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