Austin Bursavich wins the 2020 Season Grand Finals

Magic‘s 2020 Partial Season has officially drawn to a close. The ultimate event – the 2020 Season Grand Finals – ended with a dominant archetype on top. Going into the tournament, Omnath Adventures was the deck to beat. The deck took the old Temur Adventure shell and layered Omnath, Locus of Creation on top of the dynamic duo of Edgewall Innkeeper and Lucky Clover. The deck took down five of the Top 8 slots which ensured that no matter what, Sunday was going to be an adventure.

Austin Bursavich had teamed up with fellow Top 8 competitor Aaron Gertler and 9th place finisher Allen Wu for their build of Omnath Adventures. Bursavich fell to Hall of Famer Raphael Levy (also on the deck of the tournament) in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals. Gertler avenged his teammate in the Upper Semifinals before knocking Gabriel Nassif (again, on Omnath Adventures) to the Lower Bracket Finals. Then  Gertler had to wait.

On his journey, Bursavich first had to take out Emma Handy on Gruul Adventures. He then dispatched Handy’s testing partner (and Mythic Champion) Autumn Burchett, also on Gruul Adventures. Bursavich then got his own revenge by defeating Raphael Levy before taking out Gabriel Nassif in the Lower Bracket Finals.

Then in a tale as old as tournament Magic itself, Bursavich had to square off against his teammate in the Grand Finals. There, Bursavich managed to win back-to-back matches and emerged victorious. Congratulations Austin Bursavich, your 2020Season Grand Finals champion!

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