Announcing Secret Lair X The Walking Dead

Today we got more information about the next Secret Lair. The Drop – Secret Lair X The Walking Dead is a crossover with the long-running zombie apocalypse cable TV drama. The Drop will be available from October 4-12, coinciding with the start of AMC’s The Walking Dead weekend. The drop will be print to demand and will sell for $49.99 US. Unlike other¬†Secret Lair drops, this item will include mechanically unique cards which will be legal in Eternal formats (including Commander).

The “mechanically unique” element of this drop has segments of the Magic community concerned. It was not that long ago that True-Name Nemesis became a Legacy staple and drove the price of its product through the roof. Given that these cards are part of a licensing deal, if any of them break through it could create repercussions down the road with regards to card availability.

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