10 Post-Ban Standard Decks

Now that we have what feels like a brand-new Standard, it’s time to start looking at new decks. First, here’s my reaction to the bans this morning, bans I was very happy to see. The format got a refresh, and there are plenty of sweet cards that now get a chance to shine.


Let’s start with aggro decks. Embercleave is one of the best cards still standing, and even though not every aggro deck will be playing it, plenty will.

Mono-Red Aggro

Standard Mono-Red Aggro Deck List - LSV

Gameplan: Believe in the Cleave. This deck looks to curve out and slam with a big Embercleave (ideally on Anax), with burn spells to back it up. It’s got Phoenix of Ash for extra lategame threats, and five double-faced lands to help prevent flood.

This is one of the first places to start with the new format, and some form of Mono-Red is bound to be good.

Mono-Green Aggro

LucasG1ggs won the MTGO Standard Challenge last week with Mono-Green, and the list looks quite good for the new format.

Standard Mono-Green Aggro Deck List - LucasG1ggs

Gameplan: Attack the opponent with gigantic monsters, using fight spells to clear the way.

This is another deck that gains a lot from the spell-lands, with eight of them helping protect it from flood. It also has a little more disruption than you might expect, as both Scavenging Ooze and Gemrazer provide some nice interaction.

Gruul Adventures

This is an update to the list that Autumn Burchett used to Top 8 the Grand Finals, with Embereth Shieldbreaker leaving and some slight sideboard tweaks replacing it.

Standard Gruul Adventures Deck List - LSV

Gameplan: This combines Embercleave and red removal with large green monsters, making a fast deck with plenty of interaction.

There are a lot more synergies in this deck than the other aggro decks, as it’s got the adventures package, landfall combos, and more. It gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to creature size and burn spells, with the main drawback being that it’s a 2-color deck that needs GG and RR to use all its cards.


Let’s move on to midrange, where you’ve got a combo of aggression and reaction all rolled into one. This first deck is poised to be one of the best post-ban decks, as it struggled against Adventures but was quite good otherwise.

Red/Black Midrange

Standard Rakdos Midrange Deck List - LSV

Gameplan: Kill everything the opponent plays while pressuring them with Escape cards and good cheap creatures.

This deck is solidly midrange, as the 20 removal spells probably tell you. This deck would straight up not function without spell lands, as the eight extra removal spells that it gets to slot into its manabase are critical. Not only do they cover more bases, it’s how a slow RB deck can avoid flooding out.

I really like this deck post-bans, and there are plenty of ways to customize it as well.

GB Adventures

Standard GB Adventures Deck List - LSV

Gameplan: Generate card advantage via Edgewall Inkeeper and Adventures, while pressuring the opponent with powerful 3-4 cost creatures.

This deck plays a lot of removal and a lot of card draw, which is a nice combination. It’s a little soft to Bonecrusher Giant, but has plenty of ways to get back its creatures and keep the value engine going.

Dimir Aggro Rogues

Standard Dimir Aggro Rogues - LSV

Gameplan: Pressure the opponent with cheap rogues while disrupting them with counters and removal. Zareth San and Rankle are your heavy hitters, with Nighthawk Scavenger as a solid backup.

This is the more aggressive of the Rogues decks, with Merfolk Windrobber and Zareth San firmly putting this on the midrange side rather than the control side. There is another list later in the article, with this being the more proactive one.


Control decks are one of the biggest beneficiaries of the bans, as it’s now legal to try and control the game. Lucky Clover was nearly impossible for control to beat, and Omnath was no slouch either, so getting to play a classic control deck is a treat. There are a bunch of ways to approach control – let’s take a look.

Dimir Control

Standard Dimir Control Deck List - LSV

Gameplan: Control the game by countering or killing everything the opponent plays, then drawing a bunch of cards.

Dimir Control has a ton of powerful tools, and can answer anything the format throws at it. You can adjust this deck based on the metagame, and it will reward you for doing a good job of your predictions.

Grixis Control

Standard Grixis Control Deck List - LSV

Gameplan: Same as Dimir control, but with more threats in the form of Bonecrusher Giant and Kroxa.

Grixis control gives you the classic exchange of worse mana but more powerful cards. Bonecrusher Giant and Kroxa are both fantastic, and potentially worth the increased mana requirements.

Azorius Control

Standard Azorius Control Deck List - LSV

Gameplan: Combine Yorion with ETB effects in a controlling shell, using wraths and counters to answer threats.

Yorion is still a fantastic card, and the combination of Glass Casket and Skyclave Apparition gives you some good stuff to flicker. This deck has a lot of sweet combos, and getting Elspeth Conquers Death is a fantastic bonus.

Dimir Rogues Control

Standard Dimir Rogues Control Deck List - LSV

 Gameplan: Get the opponent to 8 cards in graveyard, after which all your cards become much stronger. Control the game like a traditional control deck, sometimes with a milling victory.

This is similar to what Seth Manfield played at the Grand Finals, though with Ruin Crab over Vantress Gargoyle. It’s a nice synergy control deck, and has a lot of pieces that fit together nicely.


Good luck tackling new Standard, and make sure to sign up for CFB Pro to read deck guides for decks like these and more!


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