Analyzing the November League Weekend

Last weekend we witnessed the second League Weekend. Check out the full analysis and statistics for that weekend from Frank Karsten.

Deck Guide Update: Esper Doom

The ever changing Esper Doom deck in Standard seems to always be in the top 10. Check out the latest updates by Andrea Mengucci.

Deck Guide: Standard Mono-Red Ugin

This deck uses Irencrag Feat to play Ugin, the Spirit Dragon to win. Check out how this combination works in this deck guide.

Deck Guide – Mono-Green Food

Step 1: Food. Step 2: Creatures. Step 3: Gain Life. Step 4: Win. Check out the details to these steps in this great deck guide by Huey Jensen!

Standard Mardu Yorion Deck Guide

Esper Yorion has done so well that Mardu is trying to one-up it! Check out this Mardu Yorion Deck Guide by the one and only Luis Scott-Vargas.

Deck Highlight: Standard RB Sacrifice

Tired of those pesky Mill decks? This RB Sacrifice deck is the ultimate rival for those decks, thanks to Kroxa, the ultimate escape artist.

Naya Control Deck Guide

Not your typical deck in the current format, Naya Control is still loads of fun and has a lot of potential. Check out the guide here.

Standard UW Yorion Deck Guide

Yorion is ruling the world of Standard thanks to LSV. Martin Juza covers how to play the Azorious version to win your next event.

What to Play in the Arena Open

Still not sure what to play in this weekend’s Arena Open? Martin Juza has a few best of 1 decks for you to try!

Deep Dive: Standard Esper Doom

Mengu loves Esper Doom, and so will you once you finish this ultimate guide to one of Standard’s most unique decks!

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