Modern 4c Omnath Uro Deck Guide

Previous bannings in Modern shook up this Uro deck. How does the deck hold up now with Omnath, Locus of Creation instead?

Modern Orzhov Storeforge Deck Guide

New decks pop up in Modern every once in a while despite being an older format. Check out this deck guide on the new Orzhov Stoneforge.

Modern Death & Taxes Deck Guide

One of the oldest decks in the Modern format recently got a new upgrade, thanks to Zendikar Rising. Check out this deck guide to see how playing this deck is now!

Modern Bant Spirits Deck Guide

Skyclave Apparition from Zendikar Rising has made its way to Modern, not only in Humans, but also in this updated Bant Spirits deck guide.

Modern Oops All Spell Deck Guide

Oops, we did it again! All spells, no creatures, but we’re still winning! Check out this deck guide by Reid Duke on this Modern Oops, All Spells deck!

Zendikar Rising in Modern

Zendikar Rising has the potential to make an impact on Modern, Reid gives you his picks for what cards are going to make the biggest splash

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