CFB Group Puts Power in the Hands of Retailers with New Marketplace

Superstars of Sports inc, dba ChannelFireball.com, is proud to announce its merger with BinderPOS. Together the companies will form the CFB Group and launch a collectible marketplace in Q2 of 2021, starting with collectible games such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon and Flesh and Blood. 

Existing collectible marketplaces are focused solely on profit maximization for the marketplace. The ChannelFireball Marketplace will be the first of its kind to be designed by a brick and mortar retailer and ecommerce company focused on building a marketplace bridging the gaps between retailers, collectors, players, influencers and publishers by creating positive experiences for all. 

“CFB Group knows that Local Game Stores are the key to this industry’s growth, our platform and business model are designed around the mission of helping the LGS community thrive and grow.” 

Superstars of Sports, Inc has been part of the collectible industry since 1993 and launched its marquee brand, ChannelFireball, in 2009. Since then, ChannelFireball has exploded into a massive content platform, top Magic esports team, global events coordinator and leading gaming retailer. 

BinderPOS entered the market with its ecommerce platform in 2018 and has grown to a customer base of over 400 retailers with dozens more joining every month, delivering products to tens of thousands of satisfied customers around the world. 

“As a longtime retailer and influencer-based company with extensive relationships to gaming manufacturers, ChannelFireball is excited to merge with BinderPOS and bring their state of the art technology to its customers in a marketplace that serves and benefits everyone”

This merger brings together one of the strongest brands in collectible gaming with the industry’s fastest-growing ecommerce platform to develop the first marketplace of its kind – by retailers, for retailers.  CFB Group is also excited to announce the first LGS Con – an online conference for the collectible and hobby industry. LGS Con will feature big name industry professionals, game publishers and educators to bring a day of talks on everything your store needs to succeed in the hobby space. Retailers and other interested parties can register for LGS Con here.  CFB Group is committed to placing power back into the hands of retailers and small business owners and delivering an experience that is fresh, exciting and reliable to our entire community. If you’re a retailer interested in joining BinderPOS and being one of the first on the new ChannelFireball Marketplace, book a demo here.

There is a flat fee of 8.95% for sales on the marketplace, BinderPOS customers will have a reduced fee of 7.95%.

Credit Card transactions fees will be 2.9% + $0.30.

At launch ChannelFireball’s e-commerce operation will be rebranded to FireballX and become a seller on the ChannelFireball Marketplace. The new brand commits to selling singles at the ChannelFireball Marketplace market price or above and will be treated the same as all other sellers on the Marketplace.

Channelfireball.com credit will carry over to the Marketplace and continue to be given out through the buy list, You Box We Buy, CFB Pro and promotions. This credit will be good for all seller listings on the Marketplace.

There will be a series of sneak peek videos released as we get closer to launch. Sign up above for the Marketplace newsletter to stay in the loop.

The marketplace is launching with sellers from the United States.  We are establishing the infrastructure to expand into additional regions.

To ensure our marketplace provides an excellent customer experience peer to peer sales will not be allowed.

In order to be a seller on the marketplace you must have a legally registered business, but you are not required to have a brick and mortar location.

The Marketplace will launch with singles and sealed products for Flesh and Blood, Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.

The ChannelFireball Marketplace will not offer fulfillment services at launch.

You do not need to be on BinderPOS to be a seller on the Marketplace, however, BinderPOS customers will receive a 1% discount (paying 7.95% instead of 8.95%) on Marketplace fees.

Sign up above to express your interest in joining the Marketplace. This will also sign you up for our Marketplace newsletter so you can stay up to date on Marketplace news.

BinderPOS customers will be able to automatically sync their inventory to the Marketplace. Sellers on other platforms will have access to an inventory management system for uploading and managing their inventory on the Marketplace.  Marketplace sync API's are available, contact [email protected] for more imformation on API's.

Individual sellers will set their own prices for items they are offering for sale on the Marketplace. Market price will be determined by a Marketplace wide analysis of sales quantity and prices across all the sellers on the Marketplace

The ChannelFireball Marketplace will not have automatic pricing at launch, but BinderPOS customers can access the automatic pricing tools native to the BinderPOS platform and sync to the Marketplace.

Yes, the ChannelFireball buylist and YouBoxWeBuy will continue as it does today through FireballX. Our plan is to transition these programs towards sourcing products for all the sellers on our marketplace.

Sellers are able to set their own shipping rates for items on the Marketplace.

The Marketplace will collect and remit sales tax on all Marketplace sales to the proper agencies.

Yes, the Marketplace will allow you to limit where your items are offered for sale.

Yes, you will be able to view sales and mark items shipped directly on your BinderPOS dashboard and have status and tracking reflected in Marketplace.

Articles and videos will continue to expand into new products that are featured on the Marketplace.

CFB Pro will continue to provide strategy content, deals and perks. Credit generated by CFB Pro+ will be valid for all seller listings on the Marketplace.

*We will continue making updates to this F.A.Q. as we get closer to launching the marketplace. Subscribe to the marketplace newsletter above to stay current with all the ChannelFireball Marketplace News. Interested in becoming a BinderPOS user? Head to www.binderpos.com to book a demo today!
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