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5 pillars of the channelfireball marketplace



You should never have to guess what fees you’re paying per sale. Every Pokémon retailer on the ChannelFireball Marketplace has the same flat fee percentage. Our flat fee structure is designed with retailers like you in mind, with NO hidden fees.



You need to know where your money is going. The ChannelFireball Marketplace is committed to complete transparency with every Pokémon retailer. You will receive payout reports on demand for each sale noting the breakdown of all fees paid.



The ChannelFireball Marketplace will only permit businesses like yours that have a business license and resellers certificate on the Marketplace—no more competing with backpack traders driving the price and quality of Pokémon products down.



You have a new marketing team! All of the reach and loyal Pokémon customers ChannelFireball has grown over the years are now yours. The ChannelFireball Marketplace is designed to drive Pokémon customers to your store via our marketing, without you lifting a finger.



Always have YOUR Pokémon inventory with YOU. On the ChannelFireball Marketplace you never have to worry about where your Pokémon inventory is or where it's going. We want you to have your cards on hand to make the sale wherever and whenever possible.

Marketplace Features

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a flat fee of 8.95% for sales of singles on the Marketplace.

Credit card transactions fees will be 2.9% + $0.30.

At launch ChannelFireball’s e-commerce operation will be rebranded to CardShop Live and become a seller on the ChannelFireball Marketplace. The new brand commits to selling singles at the ChannelFireball Marketplace market price or above and will be treated the same as all other sellers on the Marketplace.

ChannelFireball credit will carry over to the Marketplace and continue to be given out through the buy list, You Box We Buy, CFBPro and promotions. This credit will be good for all seller listings on the Marketplace.

There will be a series of sneak peek videos released as we get closer to launch.

The Marketplace is launching with sellers from the United States. We are establishing the infrastructure to expand into additional regions.

To ensure our marketplace provides an excellent customer experience peer to peer sales will not be allowed.

In order to be a seller on the Marketplace, you must have a legally registered business but you are not required to have a brick and mortar location.

The Marketplace will launch with singles and sealed products for Flesh and Blood, Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.

The ChannelFireball Marketplace will not offer fulfillment services at launch.

You do not need to be on BinderPOS to be a seller on the Marketplace.

BinderPOS customers will be able to automatically sync their inventory to the Marketplace. Sellers on other platforms will have access to an inventory management system for uploading and managing their inventory on the Marketplace. Marketplace sync APIs are available, contact [email protected] for more information on APIs.

Individual sellers will set their own prices for items they are offering for sale on the Marketplace. Market price will be determined by a Marketplace-wide analysis of sales quantity and prices across all the sellers on the Marketplace.

The ChannelFireball Marketplace will not have automatic pricing at launch, but BinderPOS customers can access the automatic pricing tools native to the BinderPOS platform and sync to the Marketplace.

Yes, the ChannelFireball buylist and You Box We Buy will continue as it does today through CardShop Live. Our plan is to transition these programs towards sourcing products for all the sellers on our marketplace.

Sellers are able to set their own shipping rates for items on the Marketplace.

The Marketplace will collect and remit sales tax on all Marketplace sales to the proper agencies.

Yes, the Marketplace will allow you to limit where your items are offered for sale.

Yes, you will be able to view sales and mark items shipped directly on your BinderPOS dashboard and have status and tracking reflected in Marketplace.

Articles and videos will continue to expand into new products that are featured on the Marketplace.

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