A Pick Order List for Core Set 2021

It’s time again for Frank Karsten’s Pick Order List! Join him as he walks through the archetypes of M21 and decides which cards should be your pack 1, pick 1’s.

Reid’s Guide to Legacy: Combo Decks

You can’t enter a Legacy event without facing combo decks, and Reid’s latest Legacy Guide covers everything you need to know about them.

We All Shrine On

It looks likes spoiler season isn’t ending anytime soon, which means the Commander deck brews just keep on coming. Check out Eric levine’s recent brew for a Sisay Shrines deck.

Orzhov Rats Deck Guide

This week, we have a surprise appearance from a new deck: Orzhov Rats!

Modern Golgari Yawgmoth – Deck Guide

Golgari Yawgmoth combines a resilient combo with a toolbox of threats and answers to be flexible, even in the tumultuous Modern metagame.

News Round Up: Week of June 12

This week Wizards announced a major change to the 2020-21 World Championships, furthering frustrating the professional Magic community.

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