Magic: ManaStrike Released on Mobile

The latest Magic mobile game has been released. Magic: ManaStrike uses the characters and lore of Magic: The Gathering in a real time player-vs-player strategy experience. Produced by Netmarble, ManaStrike gives players the opportunity to select a Planeswalker and cards to create a “deck”, which is then used to battle other players. While free-to-play there are options available to purchase items.

ManaStrike is the latest in a line of Magic mobile games. Magic: Duels and Magic: PuzzleQuest are two previous entries into the market. Where Duels attempted to replicate the play experience of Magic: The Gathering,  PuzzleQuest used Magic lore as a background for a series of puzzles.

Magic: ManaStrike is currently available in the Apple AppStore and on GooglePlay.

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