Deck of the Day – Ascendancy Rally

Last weekend’s Grand Prix in Brussels showcased the power of Rally the Ancestors decks. This archetype has seen a degree of small success in various other places, but it truly dominated the Swiss rounds at the Grand Prix.

The biggest knock on the deck would have to be the mana—playing a GB deck with Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy while splashing for the double-white Rally is not always the most realistic, even with Battle for Zendikar mana bases.

If you want to improve the mana, cutting a color is a great place to start. Jace is an excellent card and certainly fuels the deck, but not always being able to deploy him on turn 2 (plus the sometimes prohibitive financial cost), has some players sour on him. Sidisi’s Faithful is an excellent addition to the deck, but isn’t entirely necessary.

Cutting blue streamlines the deck and allows the pilot to play value creatures that generate Scions. This allows for an excellent “combo kill” finish by sacrificing creatures to Nantuko Husk and draining opponents with Zulaport Cutthroat. This combo ends the game quickly with Rally the Ancestors, or at least floods the board with lots of 1/1 creatures. These creatures also combine phenomenally well with Fleshbag Marauder/Merciless Executioner.

If that wasn’t enough, Abzan Ascendancy pumps your creatures and provides both flying threats and blockers. Jeskai can be a close matchup thanks to the aggressive clock of Mantis Rider, but players rarely have the tools to actually grind the Rally deck out. Abzan Ascendancy is an excellent tool to make sure your life total stays high while you grind out value and eventually combo off.

Ascendancy Rally

MTGO Standard League 5-0 by CHEESYBURRITO

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