Yuta Takahashi’s Historic Izzet Phoenix – Deck Highlight


Historic Izzet Phoenix by Yuta Takahashi




I just stumbled across this Historic Izzet Phoenix list from Yuta Takahashi and I think I’m in love.


Unholy Heat is the best card in Historic and Dragon’s Rage Channeler is not too far behind. Smoldering Egg has potential to be the Historic Thing in the Ice and I’m really curious to see how it plays out in this deck. 


Sprite DragonArchmage's CharmDelver of Secrets // Insectile Aberration

Cutting Sprite Dragon is interesting because this deck is playing so many cheap cards, but it looks like Yuta’s focus is on more value cards with a full playset of Archmage’s Charm instead. 

The nice thing about Izzet Phoenix these days is that there are so many different ways you can build the deck. Not only would Sprite Dragon be completely reasonable, you could also try to fit Delver of Secrets here pretty easily. At some point, you would need to start cutting other creatures to make sure you still have enough spells for Delver and Phoenix, but that’s the beauty of it – trying to find the perfect mix and balance of everything.

I’ll be working on an Izzet deck guide tomorrow, which you can expect to see here on Friday. This deck will certainly be on the top of my list of all the different versions to try to make sure I understand the archetype as well as possible! 


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