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Wurm enjoyers rejoice: your delivery is at hand. For too long has the Wurm tribe languished, leaderless, relying on clunkers like Grothama, All-Devouring for leadership. No longer! Baru, Wurmspeaker is here to lead a new generation of Wurm decks to their ultimate destiny: that destiny being, of course, smashing opponents to tiny little bits with enormous green monsters.

Baru, Wurmspeaker

This week’s weird tribal deck comes from Zillabrony13, who was very quick off the mark in putting together this list in the wake of Baru being previewed. Much of the deck builds itself, of course, as there is only a limited selection of Wurms to choose from, and a lot of them follow in the… well, not the footsteps, as they’re Wurms, but the tracks, I suppose, of the mighty Craw Wurm: they’re big vanilla creatures without much going for them except big stats. Thankfully, however, there are some spicier options, and those are the ones that Baru will be juicing up for us!



Baru Wurm Tribal by Zillabrony13

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The Wurm suite contains some real heavy-hitters. Wurmcoil Engine is an all-star, Engulfing Slagwurm is a nightmare in combat, Elderscale Wurm will keep you alive through thick and thin and Panglacial Wurm is… really confusing from a rules perspective, holy moly. I do like how the curve stops at eight, however, as tempting as it might be to go all the way up to Worldspine Wurm. It shows a good amount of discipline with deckbuilding, and I think it’s the right call. 15 mana might well be a million. 

Rampant GrowthThought Vessel

Because all these Wurms are expensive, the low end of the curve needs to be filled with something else, and what better to fill it with than ramp spells to accelerate out our big boys? All the two mana ramp, from Rampant Growth to Thought Vessel, is particularly useful with a four-mana commander, as it means you can consistently cast Baru on turn three and go from there. 

Wurmcoil EnginePatriar's SealEmerald Charm

Speaking of Baru, this commander is no joke. Not only is giving Wurms +2/+2 and trample just absolutely bonkers (think of a Wurmcoil Engine with trample!), his activated ability is somewhat self-sustaining once you get it going. Without any Wurms out, the first activation costs the full eight mana, sure, but after that the 6/6 you generate cuts the cost down to just two. It gets better, too – this deck includes cards like Patriar’s Seal and Emerald Charm in order to untap Baru and use his ability multiple times a turn.

Momentous FallReturn of the WildspeakerRam ThroughBeast Within

With Momentous Fall, Return of the Wildspeaker, Greater Good, Hunter’s Insight and more, this deck has robust options for card advantage, plus excellent (for a green deck) interaction in the form of Ram Through, Khalni Ambush and Beast Within. The finishers are top-notch, as well – just in case a bunch of +2/+2 Wurms with trample wasn’t enough, you can always wait for Sandwurm Convergence to take over, or just beat ’em all to death with Overwhelming Stampede!


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