Wolf Tribal in Commander with Tolsimir! – EDH Showcase

While Werewolves are a fan-favorite tribe, regular Wolves – the non-were kind – are a little overlooked. It’s surprising, too, because War of the Spark’s Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves really does live up to his name in providing an incredible commander for the Wolf tribe, as showcased by this Wolf tribal list by cjswinko

There is no lack of powerful Wolf cards from over the years, and when all of them gain you life and give you the option of picking off a smaller creature when they come into play, their power level only rises. On top of that, there are a couple of sweet support cards that provide even more utility to the Wolf tribe – check it out!




Tolsimir Wolf Tribal by cjswinko

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As I mentioned, there are lots of powerful wolves from throughout Magic’s history. Cards like Wolfir Silverheart, Nightpack Ambusher and the classic Watchwolf have seen Constructed play in their time, and they’re back once more to leap into the fray again. Even unassuming cards like Young Wolf and Ferocious Pup are hugely useful in this deck, with their ability to generate more than one body.

Master of the Wild HuntKessig CagebreakersWolfcaller's HowlHowl of the Night Pack

Speaking of which, there are also plenty of ways to make Wolf tokens in this list. 2/2 Wolves have been part of Magic for a long time, and cards like Master of the Wild Hunt, Kessig Cagebreakers and Wolfcaller’s Howl will quickly fill the board with lupine tokens. Right up the top end of the curve, cards like Howl of the Night Pack threaten to create a huge Wolf army out of nowhere – perfect for the many utility cards that support the tribe. 

Howling MoonHowlpack ResurgenceSylvan AnthemWilt-Leaf Liege

Cards like Howling Moon and Howlpack Resurgence are typically associated with Werewolf decks, but they work just as well in wolf decks, too! Powering up your threats with extra stats or trample will help a giant token army get through, and there’s even Sylvan Anthem and Wilt-Leaf Liege to juice up their stats even further. 

Mirari's WakeGavony TownshipSwords to PlowsharesTolsimir Wolfblood

This deck is almost completely mono-green, but the white cards manage to pack a real punch. Mirari’s Wake, Gavony Township, Swords to Plowshares and the mighty Tolsimir Wolfblood round out the deck nicely, providing extra power and utility that isn’t always available in mono-green. Plus, you get an extra copy of Beast Within, thanks to Generous Gift. Worth it.

Between life gain and interaction built into this deck’s commander, a robust token generation suite and plenty of sweet wolves filling out the creature contingent, Tolsimir has a lot to offer anyone looking to run with the Wolves. If you’ve got an overlooked tribe you’d like showcased, let me know! Send in your lists via Twitter DM, I’d love to see them. 


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