Why Splash One Color? Add White for Alchemy Naya Werewolves


Alchemy Naya Werewolves



For today’s deck highlight I pulled this Alchemy Naya Werewolves deck list from Untapped.gg. 

Why limit yourself to mono-green when the mana is good and you can easily splash more colors? We have the classic core of Tenacious Pup into Werewolf Pack Leader, but splashing red and white allows us to add cards like Reckless Stormseeker and Inquisitor Captain into the deck. 

Inquisitor Captain has been tearing up Historic, so I’ll jump on any chance to add it to my Alchemy creature deck as well if the mana can support it. Without the snow mana base, we lose access to Blizzard Brawl, which is huge in a format where Dragons are super popular, but Fateful Absence and Brutal Cathar are solid replacements. 

I like that Stormseeker and Brutal Cathar add a different angle of attack to the deck. Mono-Green is normally just a bunch of creatures with some removal spells, but it’s really hard to come back from a losing board position because your cards don’t really have any special abilities. Stormseeker giving you haste and Cathar exiling your opponent’s blockers should create a nice swing in the game even if you’re playing from behind. 

I also like that Ranger Class looks much better in this deck than in Mono-Green, which often runs cards like Esika’s Chariot and Wrenn and Seven, so you’re usually much less than 50 percent to see a creature at the top of your deck. 

Is this deck Tier 1? I’m not sure, but adding Inquisitor Captain should definitely make it better. 


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