Who Needs Ragavan or Murktide Regent? – Modern Blue Moon


Modern Blue Moon by Zeg



Modern is a sweet format, and I like how many different takes there are on each strategy. Today I want to highlight one way to build UR Control – this list opts against Ragavan, Murktide Regent and other threats in favor of more card draw, more counters, and a robust Snapcaster package. Let’s take a look at Blue Moon!


Header - The Game Plan

Control the game with various types of interaction and try and lock the opponent out with Blood Moon while you’re at it. Finish slowly and painfully with Snapcasters or a planeswalker.

This is a classic control deck, and reminiscent of how Blue Moon decks have been built for the last five or so years. There are new additions, to be sure, but the overall strategy of counters, removal and card draw is a tale as old as time. It’s also a strategy that has stayed relevant, as interaction plus a way to profit from that interaction is a great combination.


Header - Key Cards

This is the primary advantage engine in the deck. Snapcaster plays as a removal spell, counterspell, card draw engine and more, all for just two mana (plus the spell’s cost). These have fallen out of favor recently, thanks to some control decks playing Chalice of the Void over one-drop spells, but this deck goes all-in on Snappy, and it works out. Fire // Ice is also a nice addition for Snapcaster, as it increases the flexibility on an already-flexible card.

Why is it when blue decks cause trouble, it’s always you two? Charm and Counterspell go hand in hand, since the mana base for one basically works for the other, and both are extremely powerful. This is how blue decks answer everything and everything, with Charm even acting as card draw when needed.

Did someone ask for interaction? Bolt and Fire kill early plays quite well, and Ice gives you play against every deck. Icing a land on upkeep is a very satisfying play.

Blood Moon is an impactful card, and completely shuts down some decks. Everyone is aware of Blood Moon, but it can still catch people off guard, especially in game one. It also hoses decks that use lands to win, like Primeval Titan decks or Saga decks.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Be on the lookout for burn wins. Bolt, Snap, Bolt does a surprising amount of damage.
  • Fetch Islands unless you have to get Steam Vents – you don’t want Blood Moon to hose you as well.
  • Sunken Hollow helps play Engineered Explosives for three.


Header - A Blood Moon Rising

This deck is less explosive than the Murktide versions, but in the right metagame, can do quite well. Good luck, and hope your draws are snappy.


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