Who Needs Expressive Iteration? MTG Legacy Jeskai Delver


Legacy Jeskai Delver by TrueHero



Izzet Delver is the unanimous best deck in Legacy, but that doesn’t mean other Delver of Secrets shells won’t work. Jeskai Delver certainly worked in the hands of Marco Vassallo, aka TrueHero, an Italian streamer who went all the way to first place with this new take on the Murktide Regent/Daze deck.

StifleTrue-Name Nemesis (Timeshifted)Esper Sentinel

Esper Sentinel is certainly a card we aren’t used to see in Legacy, especially in fair decks, but it plays very well in combination with Daze, Wasteland and Stifle, since your game plan isn’t go big with Expressive Iteration and Mystic Sanctuary, like it is for Izzet Delver, but it’s instead to imprison your opponent and forbid them from playing their expensive cards.

Playing a blue fair deck without Expressive Iteration might seem a tough call, but it worked for TrueHero, who didn’t need them to go over the top of the opponent thanks to Murktide Regent and True-Name Nemesis, a creature we haven’t seen in a long time but still gets the job done against other blue decks.

In the sideboard we see three Winter Orb and two Court of Cunning, some much needed tools for the control matchups which might be way harder for this deck than Izzet Delver’s because of the lack of Expressive Iteration. However, those five cards certainly will certainly shift the matchup in your favor.


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