Who Needs Chatterstorm? Play Pauper Cycling Storm! – Deck Highlight


Pauper Cycling Storm by Bryant_Cook


Chatterstorm has just been banned from Pauper, but the storm mechanic keeps showing up in the Pauper MTGO Challenge thanks to Bryant Cook, who took the second place this weekend with Cycling Storm!


Reaping the GravesSongs of the DamnedDrannith Stinger

The deck uses Reaping the Graves as draw engine, Dark Ritual, Cabal Ritual, Lotus Petal and Songs of the Damned for mana and Drannith Stinger as a win condition.

Reaping the Graves is a draw engine since this deck plays 24 creatures with cycling, and they’ll help make Songs of the Damned as big as it can get.

I’ve seen versions of Cycling Storm playing Manamorphose and Sulfur Vent. However, Bryant went for a Dimir version with Dihada’s Ploy, Tolarian Winds and Mystical Teachings to help smooth out the deck and make it more consistent.

This deck will obviously struggle against countermagic, and that’s why you have Duress, Pyroblast and Dispel in your sideboard. Since your draw engine is a storm card though, you can sometimes manage to go off around them if you have enough Rituals between Cabal Ritual and Songs of the Damned.



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