When in Doubt, Mill ‘Em Out! Alchemy Jeskai Mill

Alchemy Jeskai Mill by Tyler Traxler




This Jeskai Mill deck caught my eye in a recent Set Championship Qualifier. Tyler Traxler made Top 8 with, going 6-3 overall. Mill is not something I’m used to seeing much on the Alchemy or Standard ladder, but this list proves it is a viable archetype. 

Dual StrikeGalvanic IterationTasha's Hideous LaughterMaddening Cacophony

Your goal is to stall as long as possible using Fading Hope, Sunset Revelry, Doomskar and Burn Down the House and quickly mill your opponent using Ruin Crab, Maddening Cacophony and Tasha’s Hideous Laughter

Red gives you access to Expressive Iteration, which provides consistency, but more importantly Galvanic Iteration and Dual Strike, which can make any of the mill spells suddenly lethal. 

I’m a bit skeptical of the mana base where you’re trying to cast double-colored spells from three different colors early with only 12 duals and no card selection other than Expressive Iteration

Silundi Vision // Silundi IsleJwari Disruption // Jwari Ruins

Depending on how important Dual Strike is for this list, I think it could be worth considering looking for different options that wouldn’t be as hard on the mana. If you could find a way to fit more single-colored sources in the deck, Silundi Vision could be a nice DFC to run. Jwari Disruption is a possibility as well, as it does a great job slowing the opponent down. 

I wouldn’t really expect this deck to be Tier 1, but if you are looking to have some fun with something your opponents won’t expect, it could be a good choice!


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